Review: Love Spun & Tilt-O-Whirl spinning "tongue" rabbit vibrators by Evolved Novelties

[Image: close-up of Evolved Novelties Tilt-O-Whirl and Love Spun side view among giant gold Easter egg, fake plants, and magenta sequins]

Receiving oral while get­ting pen­e­trat­ed is among the most enjoy­able of past-​times. I'm no stranger to using sex toys with a part­ner! So what hap­pens when a vibra­tor com­bines both? Evolved Novelties' Love Spun and Tilt-​O-​Whirl dual stim­u­la­tion vibra­tors do just that. These rab­bit vibra­tors each fea­ture three sep­a­rate motors:

  • Tongue-​like flaps that spin as "fans" on the cli­toral arm for oral sex simulation
  • Moving tex­tures in the shaft— think beads and spi­ral­ing waves
  • Traditional vibra­tions in the slight­ly curved and flex­i­ble tip

Despite the appar­ent unfa­mil­iar­i­ty of these designs, the tech­nol­o­gy is noth­ing new. The LoveHoney Sqweel Classic, a clunki­er external-​only unit with rotat­ing "tongue" tabs, orig­i­nat­ed around 2009. (Yep, over a decade ago.) You can get its suc­ces­sors, the Sqweel 2 and the minia­ture Sqweel Go, from SheVibe. Fun fact: the Sqweel Go was my first pow­ered sex toy ever, back in 2014.

[Image: close-up of Evolved Novelties Tilt-O-Whirl and Love Spun spinning clitoral licking wheels side view]

I don't know pre­cise­ly when the Evolved Novelties Love Spun came out, but I've seen it around since 2015. Both the Love Spun's and Tilt-O-Whirl's cli­toral stim­u­la­tors are quite com­pact, most close­ly resem­bling the Sqweel Go's size.

Their wheels' flaps are about a cen­time­ter long and slight­ly curved to slide over the skin (with some good lube, of course). One spins par­al­lel to the cli­toris, and the oth­er per­pen­dic­u­lar to it. Both ori­en­ta­tions have pecu­liar­i­ties and drawbacks.

That rais­es a ques­tion: how usable are any of these rab­bit vibra­tors' func­tion com­bi­na­tions? The Evolved Novelties Love Spun boasts 8 vibra­tion set­tings, 3 bead speeds, and 3 spin­ning func­tions, for 72 con­fig­u­ra­tions. Its sib­ling, the Tilt-​O-​Whirl, has 8, 5, and 5, respec­tive­ly, for a prod­uct of 200. And that's not includ­ing the option of turn­ing a motor off!

These fig­ures sound impres­sive until you real­ize that they're oppor­tu­ni­ties to please and to dis­ap­point— a risk inher­ent to rab­bit vibra­tors. Find out which com­bi­na­tions I liked and which ones I loathed.

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Love Spun and Tilt-O-Whirl anatomy alignment

The good news is that the cli­toral arms on the Love Spun and Tilt-​O-​Whirl are high­ly flex­i­ble. You can push them back all the way and (BOING!) they'll spring to their rest­ing posi­tions. That means that your clit-​vag gap is most­ly irrel­e­vant to whether the tongue wheels will reach the right spot. Alternatively, a per­son with a penis can insert one (or more, I guess) of these vibra­tors anal­ly while their balls get "licked."

[Image: the Evolved Novelties Tilt-O-Whirl is purple with light ribbing on the shaft, while the Love Spun is SERIOUSLY STUDDED]

However, for me to get prop­er pres­sure and posi­tion­ing, I have to hold the cli­toral stim­u­la­tor in place. As such, my hand isn't in the most com­fort­able posi­tion to thrust. That's not a sig­nif­i­cant draw­back to me, but it's not effort­less the way the We-​Vibe Nova's tight-​but-​adjustable clamp­ing is.

What does mat­ter, though, is how deep you insert. My G‑spot is on the shal­low side— we're talk­ing about 1.5 or 2 inch­es inside. While I can use the Love Spun or Tilt-O-Whirl's slight­ly hooked head in my G‑spot, the 5‑inch insertable length works best with deep­er pen­e­tra­tion in my A‑spot. Otherwise, the wheel doesn't make con­tact with my clit for dual stim­u­la­tion. Depending on your anato­my, though, your mileage may vary.

Consider in con­trast the Nova's shaft, which is short­er and more steeply curved. It tes­sel­lates more neat­ly against my G‑spot while still press­ing firm­ly against my clit.

Evolved Novelties Love Spun vibrator functions

So let's say I'm using the Evolved Novelties Love Spun as a dual stim­u­la­tor, insert­ed all the way in. In such sce­nar­ios, G‑spot or shal­low vagi­nal sen­sa­tion comes not from the head but from the 8mm beads on the shaft. Again, rab­bit vibra­tors with beads aren't a new con­cept— as any­one who has watched Sex and the City could tell you.

A unique dual stimulation vibrator with beads

[Image: pink Evolved Novelties Love Spun rabbit vibrator side view among fake plants]

What's dif­fer­ent about the Evolved Novelties Love Spun is that the studs under the sil­i­cone slide up-​and-​down the shaft, rather than spin­ning. It's like the Blush Wellness G Ball's flick­er­ing ball on steroids. What's more, the Love Spun's beads pro­trude far­ther and stim­u­late a far broad­er sur­face area than the G Ball and the b‑Vibe Rimming Plug 2, whose beads are con­fined to the neck.

There are twelve beads total on the Love Spun, divid­ed into four columns of three. The cen­ter studs? They don't move much beyond in-​and-​out pul­sa­tion in their sock­ets. The top and bot­tom rows alter­nate mov­ing toward and away from the cen­ter. This motor spans a good 2.5" of the shaft, for a smor­gas­bord of inter­nal stimulation.

You can, of course, adjust the Love Spun's angle to tar­get the sen­sa­tions. Tilt the handle:

  • Backward to stim­u­late the per­ineal sponge
  • Forward to rub the inter­nal cli­toris and G‑spot via the front wall
  • In small twist­ing motions to get a com­bi­na­tion of both

And yes, as with the Wellness G Ball, you can use the Love Spun's shaft exter­nal­ly for a cli­toral mas­sage! Overall, the lin­ear bead motions are delight­ful. I wish more toys had some­thing like it. If it's the stud­ded sen­sa­tions that you seek, I'd rec­om­mend the Love Spun over the G Ball.

As for the Love Spun's vibrations and clitoral stimulator? Well…

[Image: a look at the Evolved Novelties spinning tiny tongue-flicking clitoral wheels from above]

I like the first set­ting on the Love Spun's clit-​licking wheel a lot, but it's the only one (out of three!) that I find usable. For me, going under my cli­toral hood is a car­di­nal sin; there's too much friction.

When the wheel spins down on my clit, it stays over the hood— as it should. When it spins in the oth­er direc­tion and push­es up, it lifts the veil. I'm over­stim­u­lat­ed. It feels scratchy for me, even with lube. The first set­ting only goes in the "cor­rect" direc­tion, the sec­ond only the "wrong" one, and the third switch­es back-and-forth.

No, thanks. If you crave the flap­ping sen­sa­tions of tiny tongues against your cli­toris, I sug­gest you stick with the external-​only Sqweel Go or NU Sensuelle Trinitii. That way, you can con­trol the ori­en­ta­tion and direc­tion. They have more steady speeds and some pat­terns, giv­ing you more ways to play effec­tive­ly.

It's also a good thing that the Love Spun's motors are inde­pen­dent­ly con­trolled, because the vibra­tions are use­less. There's buzzy, and then there's "Is this thing on?" Or worse, "Is someone's phone going off in the dis­tance?" They wouldn't make a dif­fer­ence when turned on, but I like con­serv­ing the bat­tery for what mat­ters, thank you. And the Evolved Novelties Love Spun's strength is decid­ed­ly in its linear-​moving beads.

Evolved Novelties Tilt-O-Whirl dual stimulator

[Image: purple Evolved Novelties spinning oral sex simulator rabbit vibrator]

Rotation direc­tion also mat­ters on the Tilt-​O-​Whirl, but for a dif­fer­ent rea­son. Remember: it spins side-​to-​side instead of up-​or-​down. So when I turn it on, it tends to migrate over my labia majo­ra, like a tiny toy car tra­vers­ing. On a steady speed set­ting, it's mere­ly a mod­er­ate both­er— if the wheel tends to roll toward my left labia, I can con­sis­tent­ly push it to the right to cen­ter it on my clit.

But the third option (out of five) spins back-​and-​forth. Slowwwwly towards the left. Sloooowly towards the right. Baaaack. And fooooorth. Two words: Y THO. It's use­less. And the fourth is a pat­tern with too long of a pause between move­ments to get me off. Yawn.

The Evolved Novelties Tilt-O-Whirl's vibra­tions are as use­less as sibling's. Worse, its undu­lat­ing shaft's motions just get… lost. It's like my vagi­na grabs on to it, keeps that part still, and the spin­ning trans­fers to the han­dle. And the waves don't pro­vide any mean­ing­ful sen­sa­tion since they lack the def­i­n­i­tion that the Love Spun's shaft beads have.

[Image: Evolved Love Spun next to Blush dildos and a fuckton of lube]

My verdict on the Evolved Novelties Love Spun and Tilt-O-Whirl

The Evolved Novelties Tilt-​O-​Whirl is use­less. I don't even have the ener­gy to con­struct a sick burn about it.

As for the Love Spun, I'd more read­i­ly rec­om­mend it, but not nec­es­sar­i­ly in a heart­beat. If it's the lit­tle tongues' lick­ing you want, get a Sqweel Go or NU Sensuelle Trinitii for freer posi­tion­ing, more set­tings, and a small­er price tag. If you want a robust G‑spot vibra­tor, there are so many supe­ri­or options, like the BMS Factory Pillow Talk Sassy.

Maybe pair the Sassy with the Sqweel Go. It would cost more than the Love Spun, and you'd have to use two hands, but it would give a far more plea­sur­able all-​around "sur­round sound" experience.

If you know your body well and seek the beads' pin­point pres­sure, though, then fuck yes. Get the Evolved Novelties Love Spun at SheVibe.

Review: Love Spun & Tilt-O-Whirl spinning "tongue" rabbit vibrators by Evolved Novelties 1


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    Is the Love Spun noisy? Would you say the low­est speed of the beads is slow or fast? Does it hurt to thrust the Love Spun because of the pro­trud­ing beads?

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