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3 reasons why I want more body piercings featured image banner

3 reasons why I want more body piercings in 2019

New year’s resolutions should be fun! The more high-spirited you are about them, the more likely you are to get them done. Fortunately, the process of modifying one’s appearance can be just as fun as showing off the results...

Desirables Dalia Porcelain G-spot Dildo Review featured image banner

Desirables Dalia porcelain G-spot dildo review

Centuries from now, archaeologists will excavate my tomb and find sex toys. Thousands of sex toys— some in mild decay, and others entirely intact. My Blush Gaia Eco biodegradable vibrator might break down, but my njoy Pure Wand, Eleven,...

Zolo Twist Anaconda Cup Review featured image banner

Zolo Twist Anaconda penis masturbator cup review

“Best orgasm I’ve had in a while just now using the stroker,” my boyfriend texted me on Christmas morning. “It lasted a while and was intense. Maybe partly because I’m still a bit stoned… I think it was how...