Review: LuzArte Jollet polka-dot dildo with Magic Wand attachment

The iconic polka-​dot LuzArte Jollet dildo is perfection, both aesthetically and as a pleasure product.

I get ques­tions about LuzArte's eye-​catching designs EVERY time they're in my pho­tos — even if there's only a brief cameo.

Polka-dot LuzArte Jollet silicone dildo — original vs. wand harnessable version

It's for the same reason:
  1. The Jollet is often sold out at Spectrum Boutique.
  2. I link to it over and over again in my lists of best toys and gifta­bles.

Every part of my vagi­na loves the LuzArte Jollet. G‑spot, A‑spot, and cervix. I got my Jollet in 2014 and reviewed it in 2018, and even now, in 2020, I'm still excit­ed to try anoth­er ver­sion of it.

Even its back­sto­ry, which I first heard six years ago, sounds leg­endary. I'll quick­ly recap it for the uninitiated.

LuzArte Jollet review table of contents

About the one and only LuzArte Jollet dildo

The Jollet dildo's origins & making

Luzarte Jollet silicone dildo and harnessable Hitachi Magic Wand massager-compatible attachment cap

Its single-​humped design is uncon­ven­tion­al and hard­ly rep­re­sen­ta­tive of a cock. That's because LuzArte (back then known as Jollies) decid­ed to work back­ward, focused on one question:

What if we made a sta­tion­ary dil­do that was shaped like the inside of a vagina?

And the Jollie and Jollet were born, snug­ly fit­ting the con­tours of the pubic bone and behind the cervix. I don't know quite how they did it, but the shape works ridicu­lous­ly well for me.

Despite the rough patch­es and a hia­tus, Jollies/​ChavezDezignz came back as LuzArte and fur­ther refined their prod­ucts. Today, the new-​and-​improved Jollets comes with a grip­pi­er base, neat­ly fin­ished edges, and near­ly seam­less silicone.

Rainbow polka-​dots and iri­des­cent glit­ter in clear sil­i­cone are per­haps LuzArte's sig­na­ture col­oration. If that's not your thing, I respect that; you can still oth­er decor embed­ded, as long as it's not too big or weirdly-​shaped. LuzArte even has a "mas­ter­piece series," fea­tur­ing Jollets in limited-​edition patterns.

What the Jollet dildo is excellent for

Luzarte Jollet Hitachi Magic Wand attachment and Bubble silicone anal beads

Of course, vagi­nal anato­my varies. Most review­ers will tell you not to thrust the LuzArte Jollet; just let it sit and press up against your G‑spot as you apply cli­toral stimulation.

I'm here to tell you, "Fuck it." Literally, fuck it. Thrust the Jollet. If you:

  • Love girth
  • Have an average-​height or high-​set cervix (you can insert your fin­gers in beyond the sec­ond knuck­le before encoun­ter­ing the cer­vi­cal os)
  • Crave cervix massage

Then the Jollet feels deli­cious. Just tilt it a lit­tle for near-​effortless G‑spot and cervix stim­u­la­tion simul­ta­ne­ous­ly. Some of the most intense orgasms of my life have come from using the LuzArte Jollet.

LuzArt Jollet dimensions & options

Jollet measurements
  • 9" total length
  • 4" length from tip to the bot­tom of the hump
  • 1.9" max­i­mum diameter
  • 1.6" shaft diameter
  • 2.1" base
  • 1.6" wide notch at the bot­tom; fit it in a har­ness O‑ring to strap on!

Versions of the Jollet available
  • Original
  • Extra-​long han­dle (orig­i­nal base + remov­able Reach extender)
  • Harnessable
  • Magic Wand-​compatible (har­ness­able dil­do base + remov­able wand cap)

We're focus­ing on the Jollet with a Hitachi Magic Wand con­vert­er attach­ment, though. As shown below, it's a two-​piece unit: the actu­al har­ness­able dil­do and the adapter cap.

Harnessable Luzarte Jollet silicone dildo and separate removable Hitachi Magic Wand adapter attachment

More ways to use your LuzArte Jollet

Oh, but I should also add that all four ver­sions of the Jollet have a bul­let cav­i­ty! That means you can make your Jollet vibrate with a wand or a rumbly bul­let like the We-​Vibe Tango — or stick some­thing else in the hole entirely!

Maybe try a suc­tion cup adapter and mount it instead. You could, of course, use the Reach exten­der han­dle. If you have arthri­tis, mobil­i­ty issues, or lots of body fat to nav­i­gate, you may be nod­ding about how use­ful that option is.

(Plus, if you're look­ing for dil­dos with bul­let cav­i­ty bases, I'm fond of the Tantus Tsunami. It's also on my list of best A‑spot toys for deep pen­e­tra­tion!)

Hitachi Magic Wand attachment for the Jollet

Give your LuzArte Jollet next-​level vibra­tions with a Magic Wand! Doing so makes the inter­nal cli­toral stim­u­la­tion more intense; pair it with an exter­nal vibra­tor to shake all parts of your cli­tourethrovagi­nal com­plex. As well, if the weight doesn't both­er you, you may find that the wand adds extra length and helps you aim and angle.

LuzArte wand attachment dimensions & compatibility

The Hitachi Magic Wand adapter for the Jollet is explic­it­ly designed for the Magic Wand Original. There's a ring encir­cling the inside of the cap, to fit snug­ly along the Original wand head's groove and keep it in the place.

Luzarte Jollet original bullet cavity base vs. harnessable vs. vibrating dildo Hitachi magic wand massager adapter

You can, how­ev­er, pop it on the Magic Wand Plus; I much pre­fer the Plus's rum­bli­er vibra­tion qual­i­ty. The down­side is that, since it's not a per­fect fit, this par­tic­u­lar com­bi­na­tion rat­tles quite a bit. It's not dis­creet by any means. However, since the Magic Wand Original is also way loud­er, to begin with, I think putting the cap on the Plus ver­sion for more pow­er and ver­sa­til­i­ty is a wor­thy trade-off.

Due to LuzArte's sil­i­cone firm­ness, I (unfor­tu­nate­ly) wouldn't rec­om­mend putting the attach­ment on a Doxy or We-​Vibe Wand. You CAN do that, but it's not easy to stretch the wand adapter cap over a Doxy's rel­a­tive­ly broad and blunt head shape. The We-​Vibe Wand, mean­while, is more tapered and oblong, so it's not as snug a fit; the vibra­tions wouldn't trav­el near­ly as well.

LuzArte pastel purple glitter Bubbles on polka-dot Magic Wand converter attachment

You also have the option to strap oth­er dil­dos to your Magic Wand using the LuzArte cap! The hole is about 1.6" across. As long as:

  • The phal­lus is no wider
  • The base is flat and flared but not too bulky

…there are plen­ty of options for play­ing with your LuzArte stuff!

My verdict on the Hitachi Magic Wand-compatible LuzArte Jollet

I've had my Jollet for so long, but I'm still enchant­ed by how decep­tive­ly sim­ple its shape is. The firm pres­sure. The stretch. The small­er ridges against my front wall. The flat­tened and tapered tip press­ing behind my cervix. Maybe I should request a cus­tom Jollet filled with lit­tle heart-​eyes emo­jis to show how tru­ly I feel about it.

I can't com­plain about the wand cap. It gets the job done, and it's ver­sa­tile AF. Personally, I'd pre­fer insert­ing a We-​Vibe Tango to add rumbly vibra­tions while still being rel­a­tive­ly qui­et and dis­creet. If you want the Jollet in its most potent pow­er tool edi­tion, though, it's a no-brainer.

Magic Wand Plus with polka-dot LuzArte Jollet dildo attachment cap and Bubbles anal beads

Get the Jollet with the Hitachi Magic Wand attach­ment and start sam­pling all the ways to enjoy this flaw­less dil­do. Thrust it, rum­ble it, strap it, love it.

Polka dot LuzArte Jollet clear silicone dildo, Luna purple swirl, and Thrust with We-Vibe Tango

Shop and get the Jollet

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