Review: Luvkis bird-shaped kegel exerciser set (+ intro to Kegels)

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  1. DizzyD says:

    Thank you for this information on the pelvic floor muscles! I should do those exercises, but somehow I never get around to doing them. This cute set would make things more fun!

  2. Roxy says:

    Honestly, I think that this might be one of the best articles on Kegels that I’ve read.
    I liked how you explain that Kegels can be helpful even to those that don’t usually have weakened pelvic floor muscles (like young people who haven’t given birth), and the focus on the pleasure of the person doing the exercises. Many articles on Kegels focus more on solving issues due to age or childbirth or improving a partner’s pleasure.
    I also liked how you clarify the difference between muscle strenght/flexibility and tightness and your disclaimer that not everyone should start doing Kegels right away: I always appreciate when sex bloggers (or anyone really) put nuance in their statements instead of making blanket ones like “everyone should do/will enjoy X”.

  3. Ali says:

    Have you ever used kegel balls? How do these compare? I’ve been thinking about getting some kegel exercisers.

    • Yeah. Most of the kegel balls I’ve used are lighter than the dark purple exerciser.

      Many of them have internal balls that move around in the shell and jiggle, but like… I seriously can’t feel the jiggle in my vagina at all. Your mileage may vary.

  4. G says:

    Thank you for another fantastic read.

  5. Quinn Rhodes says:

    I just searched your blog because I’m currently doing some research for an article about kegel exercises and I *knew* that you’d have said something clever. I really appreciate your note in this post that there are downsides to kegel exercises: like all kinds of exercise, the same workout isn’t suitable for everyone! Thank you for shouting out Nicole Guappone as well – I hadn’t heard of her before but I feel like I’m going to gain a lot from following her on Twitter.

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