B-Vibe Snug Plug 3 Medium weighted silicone butt plug review

So many things about the B‑Vibe Snug Plug 3 make me say “yaaaasss.” Its design­ers espe­cial­ly know what they’re doing, mak­ing it com­fort­able and pleasurable.

P.S. the Snug Plug 3s teal is super pretty

I pre­vi­ous­ly wrote that the njoy Pure Plug large is soooo goooood that it’s the rea­son I rarely review butt plugs. But I think B‑Vibe’s butt toys are dif­fer­ent enough from njoy toys that they occu­py dif­fer­ent nich­es— both com­pa­nies' prod­ucts have their dis­tinc­tions among the best anal toys.

The njoy Pure Plug Large feels best for sta­tion­ary weight and indi­rect G‑spot pres­sure. I stand by that statement.

Where the Snug Plug 3 excels is its weights’ move­ments and, well, its snug­ness with­in the anal canal. The real mag­ic hap­pens when you clench— it feels like your ass is dis­creet­ly get­ting fucked, and that's so unique in a plug.

In this review

About B-Vibe and their products

I’ve heard plen­ty of sex edu­ca­tors say, “Everyone has a butt!” And it’s rad to see B‑Vibe real­ly own butt stuff as the great equal­iz­er, poten­tial­ly plea­sur­able for peo­ple of any gen­der. That’s impor­tant when anal play is some­thing that can bring sex­u­al sat­is­fac­tion to all par­ties involved.

What intrigues me about B‑Vibe is that they've built their whole brand around butt toys. These range from dila­tors to vibrat­ing beads, to fan­cy plugs that “lick” your but­t­hole, to the weight­ed Snug Plugs. B‑Vibe is not a dil­do mak­er that only has some butt plugs on the side as an afterthought.

B-Vibe Snug Plug 3 Medium weighted silicone butt plug review 1

Durable packaging and helpful guide

In addi­tion to thought­ful­ly designed prod­ucts, B‑vibe’s pack­ag­ing and art­work are all clean, con­tem­po­rary, and friend­ly— noth­ing raunchy or objec­ti­fy­ing. Even the edu­ca­tion­al mate­ri­als feel fun, with bright col­ors and a min­i­mal­ist vibe that gets the idea across with­out being clinical.

The box that my Snug Plug 3 came in is very durable, with a plas­tic “win­dow” that’s nice and thick and easy to open. Though you can use the box for long-​term stor­age, all Snug Plugs come with a small zip­pered pouch. There’s also a Snug Plug user guide enclosed and a guide to anal play in general.

First impressions: materials, shape, and feel

The Snug Plug itself is velvety-​smooth and mat­te with some drag— not quite but­tery or silky. There’s a nar­row T‑shaped base that rests com­fort­ably between the cheeks (TO HELL WITH ROUND BASES). Its slen­der sil­i­cone neck is super flex­i­ble, while the torpedo-​shaped bulb is rigid.

Inside the plug and under the sil­i­cone, the ABS plas­tic encas­es two met­al balls. There’s room for the weight­ed balls to move around. That means that the Snug Plug jig­gles. HELL YES. But I’m also mild­ly offend­ed that nobody told me about this.

The Snug Plug 3 weighs 130 g, which is about 6.35 oz. It cer­tain­ly weighs more than a full sil­i­cone plug but doesn’t come close to the njoy Pure Plug Large’s 310 g (or 11oz). So it’s just real­ly odd that nobody men­tions that the weights move. That would have been a major sell­ing point for me.

But there’s some­thing else about this butt plug that’s even hard­er to ignore…

This picture shows a slight bend in the B-Vibe Snug Plug’s flexible neck

The Snug Plug is way bigger than I expected!

I’m no stranger to butt stuff; I’ve tak­en toys 1.75″ wide up my butt, such as the big end of the njoy Eleven and the big­ger ver­sion of Blush’s Naughty Candy Heart plug. But I’m hap­py I didn’t try the (also 1.75″ wide) Snug Plug 4.

It’s so easy to for­get that butt plugs are gen­er­al­ly mea­sured where they’re the widest. With a tapered 1.5″ butt plug, the bulb starts rel­a­tive­ly slen­der and grad­u­al­ly ramps up to the max width. With the 1.5″ wide Snug Plug, the max girth prac­ti­cal­ly is the average.

If you were to cut both toys into round slices, most of the Snug Plug’s slices would be more sub­stan­tial. Luckily, the Snug Plug 3 end­ed up being a good fit for me!

Inserting and wearing the Snug Plug 3

Please don’t throw away the Snug Plug’s user guide with­out read­ing it. Usually, I’d think instruc­tions are for suck­ers, but this book­let is excep­tion­al­ly detailed and helpful.

For one, it says not just to lube up the plug and slide it in. And I agree with this advice. The sil­i­cone has some drag, and the Snug Plug’s girth is very abrupt. At the very least warm up with a lubed fin­ger or two. And even then, I prob­a­bly wouldn’t use the Snug Plug 3 with­out a squishi­er or more tapered plug first.

Once the plug is in, it’s very com­fort­able. Like the njoy Pure Plug, it stays put through­out pret­ty much any­thing. That’s thanks to the big dif­fer­ence between the bulb (1.5″) and neck’s (1 cm) width. The long neck does hang out a bit, but it’s flex­i­ble, bend­ing when you sit down or move around.

What makes the Snug Plug 3 feel so good?

B-Vibe Snug Plug 3 Medium weighted silicone butt plug review 2

Now on to the fun part!

When I move, so do the met­al weights inside against their hard plas­tic shell. I can’t feel the sub­tle jig­gle of kegel balls inside my vagi­na— it’s much more respon­sive to deep pres­sure. But my sphinc­ter is very sen­si­tive to the light tap­ping when I walk, turn in bed, climb stairs, or have vagi­nal inter­course while wear­ing the plug.

And it doesn’t have a dis­tinct for­ward tilt that press­es against my G‑spot. But the Snug Plug 3 does fit snug­ly against the inside of my anal canal. And it rests more deeply inside than oth­er plugs do. When I clench, the long tor­pe­do shape slides upwards, giv­ing me the feel­ing of a dick slid­ing in. But just inter­nal­ly, with­out much of a stretch at the sphincter.

B-Vibe Snug Plug 3 Medium weighted silicone butt plug review 3

Tl;dr it's not just about how much the Snug Plug 3 weighs! The barrel's slid­ing gives me deep inter­nal pres­sure, while the weights’ move­ments sub­tly play with the entrance.

Overall verdict on the B-Vibe Snug Plug 3

The Snug Plug 3 is not for the faint of the sphinc­ter. If I had seen it in per­son, I prob­a­bly would have got­ten the Snug Plug 2 instead— and I’m no butt beginner.

That would have been a mis­take, though. You see, the small­er and lighter Snug Plug 2’s weights would have been way less notice­able. And not any­where near as fun. If I were to go any nar­row­er for a weight­ed butt plug, I’d prob­a­bly stick with a small or medi­um njoy Pure Plug.

Read the user guide. Take your time with putting this butt plug in. While I don’t advo­cate going big­ger than you’re ready for, I think the size 3 Snug Plug was the right choice for me and well worth the extra warm-​up time.

Once the Snug Plug is past both sphinc­ters, that’s when the fun begins. It feels like hav­ing anal sex, but entire­ly dis­creet and hands-​free. If you’re like me, you’ll want to run around and work out, both regard­ing exer­cis­ing your pelvic floor mus­cles and just mov­ing your body in general.

In my hier­ar­chy of awe­some sex toys, B‑Vibe Snug Plug 3 is slight­ly below my njoy Pure Plug Large. Both butt plugs are amaz­ing in entire­ly dif­fer­ent ways once insert­ed, but my ass accepts the njoy Pure Plug's slick steel sur­face way more eas­i­ly. If you’re com­fort­able with the size, though, the B‑Vibe Snug Plug 3 weight­ed sil­i­cone plug brings some­thing refresh­ing to the table.

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B-Vibe Snug Plug 3 Medium weighted silicone butt plug review 4

I received the B‑Vibe Snug Plug from Peepshow Toys in exchange for my hon­est and freely-​given review. All opin­ions expressed are my own. If I love a toy or hate it, you’ll know!

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7 Responses

  1. Frankie says:

    For my first butt plug, I got one with a very thin neck. But then I want­ed to size up, and I real­ized I couldn't! That thin neck wasn't giv­ing me any sphinc­ter train­ing. My next pur­chase was a dila­tor set. I think the snug plugs sound like excel­lent toys, but best for a more expe­ri­enced user.

  2. Bunk4u says:

    I have been plugged for quite some time now about 50 or 60% of the day. Small ones tapered.
    I just bought ny BVibe 3 Snug Plug! I was wor­ried it woukd ge too big.

    Not the case, i fol­lowed the direc­tions and OMG it feels so wonderful.
    Just enough weight to con­stant­ly remind you it is in! Almost like a Real Cock, but stays up fir you as long as you want!

  3. Jimena says:

    The sen­sa­tion the weights cre­ate sounds so good omg

  4. In response to Jay, Epiphora has men­tioned a spray solu­tion of 10% bleach and water to clean anal sil­i­cone toys which would get rid of "butt smell"! Might be worth try­ing if you'd like the smooth soft­ness of silicone.

  5. Jay says:

    I was nev­er inter­est­ed in the the snug plug for two rea­sons: one, sil­i­cone holds onto butt smell, and two, the weight to size ratio seems off (too large, but too light). As you note in your review though, my rea­son­ing doesn’t fac­tor in the mov­ing weights, which could add to the expe­ri­ence. Definitely more inter­est­ed now that I’ve read your pos­i­tive review.

  6. DizzyD says:

    There is a Snug Plug 5 avail­able now. I thought the 4 was quite large.….

  7. DizzyD says:

    I’m think­ing about get­ting a plug. It’s been on my mind for a while, but I’m not sure how to start: with a pure plug or a snug plug? This review will help me to make a choice!

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