5 Ways to Make Kegels More Fun (LIKE VAGINAL WEIGHTLIFTING!)

Vaginal weightlift­ing is so much more than just a fetish par­ty trick!

5 Ways to Make Kegels More Fun (LIKE VAGINAL WEIGHTLIFTING!) 1

It's also one of many fun ways to cul­ti­vate increased sex­u­al sen­si­tiv­i­ty or stronger, longer orgasms. Orgasms aren't every­thing, but who wouldn't want to max­i­mize their enjoyment?

For peo­ple with penis­es, that could include mul­ti­ple orgasms or hard­er erec­tions that last longer. For some­one with a vagi­na, that could mean ease in reach­ing orgasm, a strong enough grip to crack a friend's fin­ger, and enough relax­ation to take a dil­do the size of the top of a soda can.

But the stan­dard kegel work­out doesn't exact­ly sound excit­ing. Squeeze. Relax. Squeeze. Relax. If that works for you, that's cool, but there's so much more vari­ety you can add than switch­ing up the length of the squeezes:

1 Play games with the minna kGoal

Too often, the peo­ple who would ben­e­fit most from kegels can't tell whether they're squeez­ing the cor­rect mus­cles. To com­bat this issue, the min­na Life kGoal (heh, get it? Like kegel?) gives pre­cise, real-​time feed­back about how hard the user is squeezing.

5 Ways to Make Kegels More Fun (LIKE VAGINAL WEIGHTLIFTING!) 2

It can give you feed­back by vibrat­ing faster the hard­er you squeeze it, but that's far from the coolest thing about it: The kGoal is a con­troller for games on your smartphone!

You know Atari's Pong vari­a­tion, Breakout? Well, that's one of the three games you can play by squeez­ing your vagi­na around the kGoal. The hard­er you squeeze, the more the pad­dle moves to the right, and the more you relax, the more it moves to the left.

The games give you scores across 3 cat­e­gories: strength, endurance, and con­trol, and you can track your improve­ment over time. The work­outs and scor­ing sys­tem are best for some­one who's reha­bil­i­tat­ing a weak or tight pelvic floor. Another kegel biofeed­back toy to con­sid­er is the Elvie, which is a bit slimmer.

2 Engage your pelvic floor with belly dance

That's right! Belly danc­ing isn't just a fun ab work­out, but also engages and relax­es pelvic floor mus­cles.

5 Ways to Make Kegels More Fun (LIKE VAGINAL WEIGHTLIFTING!) 3

It makes sense when you think of the core as a net­work with:

  • the diaphragm at the top
  • the abs in front
  • obliques on the side
  • back mus­cles and glutes
  • the pelvic floor at the bottom

A bel­ly dancer's pre­cise move­ments are all thanks to con­scious con­trol and iso­la­tion of these mus­cles. During any move, spe­cif­ic mus­cles con­tract and, just as impor­tant­ly, the oppos­ing ones relax. Swaying, tilt­ing, and drop­ping the hips while keep­ing the bel­ly but­ton sta­ble espe­cial­ly tar­gets the pelvic floor.

Belly dance also brings the ben­e­fits of exer­cis­ing in gen­er­al, and it's a lot more fun than sit­ting and clenching!

3 Vaginal weightlifting with external, customizable weights

Back in my fetish par­ty days, I've tak­en part in (and won) a vagi­nal weightlift­ing con­test. The graph­ic above pret­ty neat­ly sums it up:

Contestants insert­ed their kegel ball(s). A mem­ber of the House clipped the kegel balls' retrieval cord to a buck­et han­dle with a cara­bin­er. Pennies were added one by one to the buck­et until the con­tes­tants couldn't hold on to the ball anymore.

We dumped the pen­nies on the ground and com­pared con­tes­tants' piles. The los­er had to pick up the pen­nies. We were at a BDSM House par­ty, after all.

There's a dumb­bell in the graph­ic to show that you can put what­ev­er you want in the buck­et, real­ly. It doesn't have to be coins, though they are con­ve­nient for adding and remov­ing small incre­ments of weight. The own­er of the House has even put 2L soda bot­tles in someone's buck­et at anoth­er par­ty, but don't wor­ry: the vagi­nal weightlifter was prepared!

5 Ways to Make Kegels More Fun (LIKE VAGINAL WEIGHTLIFTING!) 4

UPDATE: I have writ­ten a more in-​depth guide to vagi­nal weights, which discusses:

  • Beginner Kegel exercisers
  • The Kegelbell "vagi­nal gym"
  • Full-​on weightlift­ing with dumbbells

Smaller steel vaginal weights you could also use

If you don't feel like get­ting dumb­bells or coins to fill a buck­et, I total­ly get it. You could still exper­i­ment with see­ing how long you can hold a weight­ed steel dil­do like the njoy Pure Wand if you already have one. Any bul­bous glass dil­do would also do if you're look­ing for some­thing lighter and more affordable.

As for weight­ed balls, my favorite to walk around with were once the half-​pound Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Ball set. However, I delet­ed my old review because I just felt too weird about pro­mot­ing some­thing in the FSOG line.

I real­ly like the weight of the njoy Pure Plug and can clip more weight to it, but its neck is short. That's fine for snug­gling against my short (maybe an inch and a half) pubic bone, but if you have a deep G‑spot, it'd be painful for you. Finally, Stockroom.com also has a chromed steel egg that's 1.75" wide and weighs 1 pound. The hole inside does rust, so put it inside a con­dom before using.

Fifty Shades of Grey Silver Pleasure Balls
njoy Pure Plug Large
Stockroom Ballistic Metal Chrome Egg

And remem­ber: don't hold these in all day, every— learn­ing to relax the pelvic floor mus­cles is just as impor­tant as strength­en­ing them!

4 Movements beyond squeezing the PC muscles

Intensive pom­poir isn't for every­body, but you can cer­tain­ly adopt some of the basics in the bed­room. It's basi­cal­ly squeez­ing and manip­u­lat­ing the mus­cles in the vagi­na in a way that can stroke a penis (but is fun to do for its own sake).

Lube up a kegel ball or yoni egg (shown above). Place it against the vagi­nal entrance. Push out with your vagi­na to "reach," clench around the ball, and con­tract to "suck" the ball in. Do the reverse, push­ing it out instead, and maybe see how far or force­ful­ly you can do it. Repeat.

And try it on a well-​lubed, basic dil­do or vibe, see­ing how far you can pull it in and push it out, and vary­ing the speed. You can also try iso­lat­ing dif­fer­ent parts of your pelvic floor and see­ing how they move the toy dif­fer­ent­ly. Like with the kGoal, it's a lot of fun get­ting visu­al feed­back and see­ing your pelvic floor mus­cles doing work.

If you're skep­ti­cal, I total­ly under­stand. I've done it on the tip of a partner's penis before, and even his own words were, "HOW are you doing that???!"

5 Squeeze your way to breath and energy orgasms

5 Ways to Make Kegels More Fun (LIKE VAGINAL WEIGHTLIFTING!) 5

Yes, it's a thing to orgasm by breath­ing, clench­ing, and visu­al­iz­ing ener­gy mov­ing up your body. It does take time (I had months of prac­tice), but even if you don't get all the way there, it's still good to med­i­tate and increase your bod­i­ly awareness.

The ener­gy feels less iso­lat­ed to the gen­i­tals and more of a dis­persed bod­i­ly flood than a gen­i­tal orgasm. It's even more spread out than a cer­vi­cal orgasm's womb-​centered feel­ing… which total­ly makes sense.

You can read about hav­ing breath and ener­gy orgasms here, but the Urban Tantra book has more detailed info and instruc­tions. It has awe­some sex advice in gen­er­al if you can look past the woo-woo.

Sex isn't all about orgasms, but every­one who wants them should feel free to explore. Breath and ener­gy orgasms give some (like those with spinal cord injuries) an alter­na­tive route entire­ly while mak­ing oth­ers more receptive.

Read another Super Smashing article for 5 ways to have longer and more intense orgasms!

Above all, remember to enjoy the ride!

This post wasn't to say that you should aspire to do all of this. If you're hap­py with where your pelvic floor and orgasms are, that's total­ly cool.

I'm just some­one who's got­ten bored with stan­dard Kegel exer­cis­es and want­ed to go explore beyond. I want­ed to show peo­ple some of the pos­si­bil­i­ties. If you've read this far, maybe you're the same way, and I hope you've found your new "ooh, shiny!"

5 Ways to Make Kegels More Fun (LIKE VAGINAL WEIGHTLIFTING!) 6

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I'm not a med­ical pro­fes­sion­al. I'm only talk­ing about ways to have more fun with pelvic floor strength­en­ing if you're already famil­iar with Kegels. If you're seek­ing help for some­thing like incon­ti­nence or pro­lapse, that is beyond my scope of exper­tise, and I am not a replace­ment for a doctor.

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