Vaginal Weightlifting & Ways to Make Kegels Fun

Vaginal weightlift­ing is so much more than just a fetish par­ty trick!

Vaginal Weightlifting & Ways to Make Kegels Fun 1

It's also one of many fun ways to cul­ti­vate increased sex­u­al sen­si­tiv­i­ty or stronger, longer orgasms. Orgasms aren't every­thing, but who wouldn't want to max­i­mize their enjoyment?

For peo­ple with penis­es, that could include mul­ti­ple orgasms or hard­er erec­tions that last longer. For some­one with a vagi­na, that could mean ease in reach­ing orgasm, a strong enough grip to crack a friend's fin­ger, and enough relax­ation to take a dil­do the size of the top of a soda can.

But the stan­dard kegel work­out doesn't exact­ly sound excit­ing. Squeeze. Relax. Squeeze. Relax. If that works for you, that's cool, but there's so much more vari­ety you can add beyond switch­ing up the length of the squeezes.

1. Play games with the minna kGoal

Too often, the peo­ple who would ben­e­fit most from kegels can't tell whether they're squeez­ing the cor­rect mus­cles. To com­bat this issue, the min­na Life kGoal (heh, get it? Like kegel?) gives pre­cise, real-​time feed­back about how hard the user is squeezing.

Vaginal Weightlifting & Ways to Make Kegels Fun 2

It can give you feed­back by vibrat­ing faster the hard­er you squeeze it, but that's far from the coolest thing about it: The kGoal is a con­troller for games on your smartphone!

You know Atari's Pong vari­a­tion, Breakout? Well, that's one of the three games you can play by squeez­ing your vagi­na around the kGoal. The hard­er you squeeze, the more the pad­dle moves to the right, and the more you relax, the more it moves to the left.

The games give you scores across 3 cat­e­gories: strength, endurance, and con­trol, and you can track your improve­ment over time. The work­outs and scor­ing sys­tem are best for some­one who's reha­bil­i­tat­ing a weak or tight pelvic floor. Another kegel biofeed­back toy to con­sid­er is the Elvie, which is a bit slimmer.

Vaginal Weightlifting & Ways to Make Kegels Fun 3

2. Vaginal weightlifting with external, customizable weights

Back in my fetish par­ty days, I've tak­en part in (and won) a vagi­nal weightlift­ing con­test. The graph­ic above pret­ty neat­ly sums it up:

Contestants insert­ed their kegel ball(s). A mem­ber of the House clipped the kegel balls' retrieval cord to a buck­et han­dle with a cara­bin­er. Pennies were added one by one to the buck­et until the con­tes­tants couldn't hold on to the ball anymore.

We dumped the pen­nies on the ground and com­pared con­tes­tants' piles. The los­er had to pick up the pen­nies. We were at a BDSM House par­ty, after all.

There's a dumb­bell in the graph­ic to show that you can put what­ev­er you want in the buck­et, real­ly. It doesn't have to be coins, though they are con­ve­nient for adding and remov­ing small incre­ments of weight. The own­er of the House has even put 2L soda bot­tles in someone's buck­et at anoth­er par­ty, but don't wor­ry: the vagi­nal weightlifter was prepared!

UPDATE: I have writ­ten a more in-​depth guide to vagi­nal weights, which discusses:

  • Beginner Kegel exercisers
  • The Kegelbell "vagi­nal gym"
  • Full-​on weightlift­ing with dumbbells

Smaller steel vaginal weights you could also use

If you don't feel like get­ting dumb­bells or coins to fill a buck­et, I total­ly get it. You could still exper­i­ment with see­ing how long you can hold a weight­ed steel dil­do like the njoy Pure Wand if you already have one. Any bul­bous glass dil­do would also do if you're look­ing for some­thing lighter and more affordable.

As for weight­ed balls, my favorite to walk around with were once the half-​pound Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Ball set. However, I delet­ed my old review because I just felt too weird about pro­mot­ing some­thing in the FSOG line.

I real­ly like the weight of the njoy Pure Plug and can clip more weight to it, but its neck is short. That's fine for snug­gling against my short (maybe an inch and a half) pubic bone, but if you have a deep G‑spot, it'd be painful for you. Finally, Stockroom​.com also has a chromed steel egg that's 1.75" wide and weighs 1 pound. The hole inside does rust, so put it inside a con­dom before using.

Fifty Shades of Grey Silver Pleasure Balls
njoy Pure Plug Large
Stockroom Ballistic Metal Chrome Egg

And remem­ber: don't hold these in all day, every— learn­ing to relax the pelvic floor mus­cles is just as impor­tant as strength­en­ing them!

3. Movements beyond squeezing the PC muscles

Intensive pom­poir isn't for every­body, but you can cer­tain­ly adopt some of the basics in the bed­room. It's basi­cal­ly squeez­ing and manip­u­lat­ing the mus­cles in the vagi­na in a way that can stroke a penis (but is fun to do for its own sake).

Chakrubs Amethyst purple quartz yoni kegel stone egg

Chakrubs Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs

Chakrubs Quartz Yoni Egg

Lube up a kegel ball or yoni egg (shown above). Place it against the vagi­nal entrance. Push out with your vagi­na to "reach," clench around the ball, and con­tract to "suck" the ball in. Do the reverse, push­ing it out instead, and maybe see how far or force­ful­ly you can do it. Repeat.

And try it on a well-​lubed, basic dil­do or vibe, see­ing how far you can pull it in and push it out, and vary­ing the speed. You can also try iso­lat­ing dif­fer­ent parts of your pelvic floor and see­ing how they move the toy dif­fer­ent­ly. Like with the kGoal, it's a lot of fun get­ting visu­al feed­back and see­ing your pelvic floor mus­cles doing work.

If you're skep­ti­cal, I total­ly under­stand. I've done it on the tip of a partner's penis before, and even his own words were, "HOW are you doing that???!"

4. Squeeze your way to breath and energy orgasms

Yes, it's a thing to orgasm by breath­ing, clench­ing, and visu­al­iz­ing ener­gy mov­ing up your body. It does take time (I had months of prac­tice), but even if you don't get all the way there, it's still good to med­i­tate and increase your bod­i­ly awareness.

The ener­gy feels less iso­lat­ed to the gen­i­tals and more of a dis­persed bod­i­ly flood than a gen­i­tal orgasm. It's even more spread out than a cer­vi­cal orgasm's womb-​centered feel­ing… which total­ly makes sense.

You can read about hav­ing breath and ener­gy orgasms here, but the Urban Tantra book has more detailed info and instruc­tions. It has awe­some sex advice in gen­er­al if you can look past the woo-woo.

Sex isn't all about orgasms, but every­one who wants them should feel free to explore. Breath and ener­gy orgasms give some (like those with spinal cord injuries) an alter­na­tive route entire­ly while mak­ing oth­ers more receptive.

Read another Super Smashing article for 5 ways to have longer and more intense orgasms!

5. Engage your pelvic floor with belly dance

That's right! Belly danc­ing isn't just a fun ab work­out, but also engages and relax­es pelvic floor mus­cles.

It makes sense when you think of the core as a net­work with:

  • the diaphragm at the top
  • the abs in front
  • obliques on the side
  • back mus­cles and glutes
  • the pelvic floor at the bottom

A bel­ly dancer's pre­cise move­ments are all thanks to con­scious con­trol and iso­la­tion of these mus­cles. During any move, spe­cif­ic mus­cles con­tract and, just as impor­tant­ly, the oppos­ing ones relax. Swaying, tilt­ing, and drop­ping the hips while keep­ing the bel­ly but­ton sta­ble espe­cial­ly tar­gets the pelvic floor.

Belly dance also brings the ben­e­fits of exer­cis­ing in gen­er­al, and it's a lot more fun than sit­ting and clenching!

Above all, remember to enjoy the ride!

This post wasn't to say that you should aspire to do all of this. If you're hap­py with where your pelvic floor and orgasms are, that's total­ly cool.

I'm just some­one who's got­ten bored with stan­dard Kegel exer­cis­es and want­ed to go explore beyond. I want­ed to show peo­ple some of the pos­si­bil­i­ties. If you've read this far, maybe you're the same way, and I hope you've found your new "ooh, shiny!"


I'm not a med­ical pro­fes­sion­al. I'm only talk­ing about ways to have more fun with pelvic floor strength­en­ing if you're already famil­iar with Kegels. If you're seek­ing help for some­thing like incon­ti­nence or pro­lapse, that is beyond my scope of exper­tise, and I am not a replace­ment for a doctor.

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