Doc Johnson iVibe Select iRing vibrating cock ring review

Rumbly vibra­tors splash when dipped in water. Run-​of-​the-​mill buzzy ones make tiny rip­ples — and the Doc Johnson iVibe Select iRing hard­ly does even that.

Ants would get bored surfing on these vibrator-​generated wavelets.
Doc Johnson iVibe Select iRing silicone vibrating cock ring
"Buzzy" doesn't do justice to how awful the Doc Johnson iRing is.

I must SHOW you how bad it is in video form, in com­par­i­son to a few oth­er petite vibra­tors. As such, this post includes a hand­ful of dif­fer­ent toys with vary­ing rum­bli­ness and prices. Considering some of the oth­ers' quality-​to-​cost ratio, I'd be pissed if I spent $80 on the iRing.

The other vibes pictured in this review:
  • Blush Novelties Sweet Rush — an old-​school slim­line vibra­tor with a cheap but decent motor, sim­i­lar to the Gaia Eco
  • Hot Octopuss Atom — a pow­er­ful cock ring that's — unfor­tu­nate­ly — too bulky in use for me
  • Maia Jessi — one of the strongest bul­lets you could get for the price
  • Blush Exposed Nocturnal — the most pow­er­ful bul­let I've ever tried — for bet­ter or for worse
Mini-vibe comparison: Fun Factory Be One, Blush Sweet Rush, Maia Jessi, Hot Octopuss Atom, Doc Johnson iVibe Select iRing, and Blush Exposed Nocturnal

But first, more on my history with cock rings

The Hot Octopuss Atom is on the prici­er end, yes, and its bulk­i­ness didn't work for me. I hat­ed that fuck­ing thing in use. However, I can respect that it's well-​designed for what it is.

This cock ring is deli­cious­ly strong for those who pri­or­i­tize intense, hands-​free cli­toral stim­u­la­tion more than deep pen­e­tra­tion and cervix mas­sage.

Unfortunately, that's not me. I found that the Hot Octopuss Atom (annoy­ing­ly) took away from my ex-partner's "insertable length," mak­ing it hard for me to come. BUT many oth­er review­ers adore the rumbly vibra­tions while not real­ly car­ing about pen­e­tra­tion depth in the first place.

There's a trade-​off when picking a sex toy for couples missionary penis-​in-​vagina intercourse:

Do you want a pow­er­ful vibra­tor, or do you want a non-​intrusive one?

It's hard to exe­cute both. There are so many fit issues involved with choos­ing a vibrat­ing cock ring, so I'd pre­fer to use a hand­held bul­let or lay-​on-​style cli­toral vibra­tor.

That brings me to my next point.

Why did I even ask for the Doc Johnson iVibe Select iRing?

To its credit, the iRing's shape would be *chef's kiss emoji* for many users if only its motor were even quarter-​way decent.

While it prob­a­bly wouldn't be ide­al for me, it suits the needs of those built dif­fer­ent­ly from myself.

Vibrator length

Its vibrat­ing com­part­ment is about 2.5", far longer than most ring vibes I've come across. In sim­pler terms, the iRing can accom­mo­date a longer clit-​vag gap than many of the oth­ers. And that mat­ters because if a vibrat­ing cock ring can't reach your cli­toral glans, you're all but shit out of luck.

(If you've found a ring vibra­tor that works for you, though, putting one on a dil­do is a great way to impro­vise a dual stim­u­la­tor that fits your anatomy!)


The vibrat­ing part also has a slight for­ward tilt, help­ing push it against the receiv­ing partner's cli­toris or per­ineum. The shape means you have a lii­i­it­tle more room to thrust and pull back slight­ly with­out los­ing con­tact against the vibrator.

Ugh, if only the motor didn't suck!

Shown above is the Doc Johnson iVibe iRing's splash.

Cue the con­fused Señor Ben Chang squint­ing at a piece of paper. These some of the most piti­ful vibra­tions of any toy I've ever request­ed to review, only slight­ly above watch bat­tery bullets.

Doc Johnson iVibe Select iRing vibrating cock ring review 1

And the iRing costs more than the Maia Jessi, Blush Novelties Sweet Rush, or Exposed Nocturnal — while being weak­er than all of them.

(Want my top picks for best rumbly bul­lets at a decent price? Check out the BMS Swan Maximum bul­lets, Je Joue bul­lets, and Blush Novelties' Limited Addiction!)

The bottom line about the Doc Johnson iVibe Select iRing

I like the Doc Johnson iVibe Select iRing's shape, but because its vibra­tions suck, it fails at a vibrator's rea­son for being. Just get a dang bul­let — even a cheap one like the Realm Silver Bullet.

Fun Factory Be One, Blush Sweet Rush, Maia Jessi, Hot Octopuss Atom, Doc Johnson iVibe Select iRing, and Blush Exposed Nocturnal vibrators next to a glass of water
If you insist on hands-​free clitoral stimulation, then:
  • Hot Octopuss's Atom is bulky but robust (see my ear­li­er disclaimer)
  • The Svakom Tyler, my per­son­al top pick, is small­er with­out com­pro­mis­ing motor qual­i­ty too much.
  • The Dame Pom eas­i­ly sand­wich­es between two bod­ies for grind­ing dur­ing inter­course and has a pointy "beak" for focus­ing vibrations

For now, I'm just so done with cock rings and panty vibra­tors.

The over­whelm­ing major­i­ty of the time, I'd rather keep it sim­ple when it comes to cli­toral stim­u­la­tion.

Further reading: What Makes a Bullet Vibrator Rumbly — a look at 6 motors!

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