Review: Svakom Nymph, Ella, and Tyler vibrators

"Svakom is what happens when you batter, over-​salt, and deep-​fry something that's supposed to be fancy."
Review: Svakom Nymph, Ella, and Tyler vibrators 1

Left to right: Svakom Tyler cock ring, Ella vibrat­ing remote con­trol egg, and Nymph soft finger-​like massager

"Really?" I respond­ed to my review­er friend. "I thought of it as the reverse: cheap vibra­tors in nice pack­ag­ing. That's a recur­ring prob­lem European com­pa­nies have when expand­ing to the United States. Americans don't trust the fan­cy exte­ri­or. They want cheap toys to come in the plas­tic clamshell packs."

"When something's cheap but has a nice pack­age, it makes me won­der what's wrong with it. I'd rather pay a bit extra for some­thing I know is going to last me longer."

I have given the Svakom Coco a positive review in the past, but that's because it was good for the price.

When a $30 recharge­able sil­i­cone G‑spot vibra­tor has respectably zingy vibra­tions, there's no room to com­plain. When you move into Svakom's $80+ ter­ri­to­ry, the cost-​to-​quality ratio dwindles.

That's just the begin­ning of the prob­lems with the Svakom Nymph mas­sager and Ella remote con­trol bul­let. The $45 Svakom Tyler cock ring, though? It's fair for what you get. Let's start with the good news.

Svakom Tyler vibrating cock ring on Fun Factory Bouncer

Svakom Tyler angled vibrat­ing cock ring on Fun Factory Bouncer dildo

Svakom Tyler vibrating silicone cock ring review

I appreciate three main features of the Svakom Tyler:
  • How it's angled
  • Its power-​to-​size ratio
  • Its power-​to-​price ratio

Putting this cock ring on a dil­do makes for a decent rab­bit vibra­tor with flex­i­bil­i­ty on the out­er arm. It won't clamp against the cli­toris, but your palm can eas­i­ly apply pres­sure when thrust­ing with lit­tle extra effort.

When worn dur­ing ventro-​ventro inter­course, it eas­i­ly press­es against the receiv­ing part­ner with­out being as intense for the wear­er, which some cou­ples may prefer.

Svakom Tyler Vibrating Cock Ring Review

Svakom Tyler vibrat­ing cock ring tex­tured side face up

Svakom Tyler vibrating cock ring texture

The Svakom Tyler's tex­ture is more of a visu­al nui­sance than any­thing else, like pop­corn ceil­ings, but it doesn't impede any­thing for me. I usu­al­ly grind my clit against vibra­tors with­out retract­ing the hood, so I don't feel much from the brist­li­ness I'd oth­er­wise find irri­tat­ing. If you pre­fer direct cli­toral fric­tion, your mileage will vary.

There's nothing I hate about the Svakom Tyler otherwise

The Svakom Tyler vibrat­ing cock ring's slim motor means that there's no bulk reduc­ing pen­e­tra­tion depth. Cervical orgasms are a big deal to me, so it's essen­tial that cock rings allow my part­ner to go way in. Yet, the Svakom Tyler still deliv­ers mod­er­ate­ly strong cli­toral vibra­tions for its size. I can't ask much more of the budget-​friendly ring vibrator.

Its ring super stretchy, its vibra­tor por­tion is flat with an edge for me to focus the sen­sa­tion, and it's a fun addi­tion to dil­dos for single-​handed dual stim­u­la­tion. You can get it at Spectrum Boutique for $45 at reg­u­lar price; take 10% off with my coupon code, SUPERSMASH10

Svakom Nymph soft finger-like moving vibrator

The Svakom Nymph double-​ended mas­sager looks like an alien or sea crea­ture with three ten­ta­cles. They squirm in cir­cles, while the oth­er (inde­pen­dent­ly con­trolled) motor vibrates. This vibra­tor belongs more in a jar for Halloween than any­where near my vagina.

Review: Svakom Nymph, Ella, and Tyler vibrators 2

Its movements are very okay.

Unfortunately, that doesn't fly for my cli­toris, giv­en how broad the Svakom Nymph's round­ed vibra­tor head is. At least with the Svakom Tyler, the vibra­tions are more targeted.

With the Svakom Nymph, I can't deliv­er enough pres­sure in the right spot to sat­is­fy myself. I huff, and I puff, and I lose my orgasm. It's also too flex­i­ble to do any­thing for me internally.

Look: my clit is super sen­si­tive, as far as sex toy review­ers on anti­de­pres­sants go. Even watch bat­tery bul­lets can do it for me, so it's a bad sign when an $89 vibra­tor strug­gles to get me off with its vibra­tions.

The fin­ger motions, mean­while, are a lit­tle eas­i­er to work with. One prong goes under the hood with lube, two prongs over. My clit likes to have all three of the Svakom Nymph's soft "fin­gers" cir­cle it.

"It's decent," I told my boyfriend. "It doesn't feel like much more than my fin­gers, but it's auto­mat­ed and means less work for my wrist."

"How much does it cost if it's only decent?"

Given the qual­i­ty of the motors, I hon­est­ly thought $45 was a rea­son­able guess for the Svakom Nymph's price. Looking it up online was a rude awakening.

This fuck­ing thing is $89? Oh, no, hon­ey. At that point, use your fin­gers for free. Or get a reli­able bul­let, like the We-​Vibe Tango, BMS Mini Swan Rose, or Hot Octopuss Amo.

Svakom Nymph finger-like massager and Ella remote control vibrating bullet review

Svakom Ella remote control and smartphone app-compatible vibrator

The Svakom Ella costs $89 and has one steady speed acces­si­ble via the cord­ed con­trol pan­el. And that one setting's vibra­tions are about the same as the Svakom Elva, their non-​app remote vibrat­ing egg.

Somehow, it's a severe downgrade from the $30 Svakom Coco.

Let that sink in. And for $89, ooooh, that's not forgivable.

You have access to a wide range of speeds and pat­terns via the smart­phone app, includ­ing a music-​sensing func­tion. On paper, that sounds like a good time, but in prac­tice, you can't go high­er than that one speed, no mat­ter how loud you turn up the death metal.

My cli­toris took the same issue with the Svakom Ella as with the Svakom Nymph's vibra­tions: too weak and not focused enough. Why bother?

You could get a waaaayyyy more rumbly and pow­er­ful Lovense Lush 3.

Stick to Svakom's budget stuff

Or see my guide to the best budget-​friendly sex toys. You won't get bet­ter qual­i­ty vibra­tions from Svakom, even if you splurge on their fanci­er prod­ucts. Oh, and they spon­sored this post, but that doesn't change what I think of their products.

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