Review: Dee’s Big Daddies Drake XXXL Dragon & Davy Tentacle Dildo

“Demonstration?” request­ed a com­ment on a video where I held the Dee’s Big Daddies Drake XXXL. There would be both a lot and not a lot to see — in the sense that the absence of vis­i­ble prod­uct turns peo­ple on. I’d sit on this colos­sal drag­on dil­do and con­sume the entire insertable length.

Dee's Big Daddy Drake XXXL is about the size of my forearm, while the Davy L tentacle dildo is a leaner taper.

The Drake XXXL drag­on and Davy Large ten­ta­cle dil­do were sur­pris­es in my pack­age from Dee’s Big Daddies. And it seems like Dee esti­mat­ed my capac­i­ty way bet­ter than I did.

Come along for the ride. I’ll tell tales of:

  1. How it felt to have 9 inch­es of drag­on dil­do inside me
  2. Why the Davy Large is my favorite so far
  3. How far I’ve ven­tured from the days when I thought big tex­tured dil­dos just weren’t for me

Yeah, that last bul­let point was cute. We don’t know what we don’t know about our­selves until we arrive at the detour.

Dee’s Big Daddy Drake XXXL dildo review

When my cunt consumed 9 inches of dragon dildo

An old friend described the horni­est man he had ever met as "what you'd get if you put all his Dungeons and Dragons attribute points into charisma."

"'Roll charis­ma to seduce the drag­on'? No prob­lem. 'Roll con­sti­tu­tion to lay with the drag­on?' Uhhhhhhhh."

Dee's Big Daddies Drake XXXL huge dragon dildo hand size comparison

Shape and size

Broad plates cov­er one side of the swelling shaft, and small­er scales flank facets oppo­site. A ski-​sloped point at the tip flares out for the first head, then to the mid­dle bulge.

It’s for­mi­da­ble, cer­tain­ly — almost as long as my fore­arm. Here are the Big Daddy Drake XXXL measurements:

  • Height: 11.5"
  • Insertable length: 9.0"
  • Head cir­cum­fer­ence: 5.1"
  • Middle shaft cir­cum­fer­ence: 7.1"
    • About 2.3” diameter
  • Base of the shaft cir­cum­fer­ence: 7.0"

Aside from the mid-​shaft mea­sure­ment, I won’t con­vert to diam­e­ter because we’re deal­ing with irreg­u­lar shapes here. If you sliced the Big Daddy Drake, its cross-​sections gen­er­al­ly wouldn’t be neat cir­cles due to the wicked ridging.

Thankfully, the fin­ish is glossy and not near­ly as rugged as the Hankey’s Toys Dragon. Dee also picked the soft­er 0030 den­si­ty for me — think luke­warm gum­my candy.

Tentacle dildo suckers and dragon dildo scales textures close-up

How Drake felt in use

All the same, my cunt’s con­sti­tu­tion was no prob­lem for this enor­mous dragon’s armor.

The mid-​shaft cor­ru­ga­tion and girth gave a sat­is­fy­ing pop, and the tip hit my ceil­ing. Yet some­thing was miss­ing at first!

The head’s con­cav­i­ty entire­ly evad­ed my cervix itself when I thrust the Big Daddy Drake by hand, which I found rather frus­trat­ing. Its scales and girth felt good, but orgasm was more elu­sive than I would have liked.

“Sit on it, fool,” my intu­ition whis­pered. When I low­ered my weight onto it, every­thing changed.

I all but laughed at myself for how quick­ly I came after that. And I stayed seat­ed to ensure I wasn’t imag­in­ing things. It was ludi­crous — cer­vi­cal orgasms imme­di­ate­ly fol­lowed any deep breaths while sit­ting on Dee’s Big Daddy Drake — easy, breezy bod­i­ly bliss.

Closing thoughts on the Drake

Sure, there are many oth­er dil­dos I could sit on, but Big Daddy Drake’s stature takes the sen­sa­tion­al splen­dor to soul-​snatching magnitudes.

XXXL dragon dildo size comparison to hand and wrist

It was 60% cervix pres­sure prop­er, 35% stretch­ing, and 5% the occa­sion­al bump­ing of my vul­va up against the base. (Yeah, that much of the shaft was just gone.)

I wouldn’t quite say it’s per­fect for me since the head shape was an aes­thet­ic choice that com­pro­mised func­tion­al­i­ty. I prob­a­bly won’t use Dee’s Big Daddy Drake again for thrusting.

But for rid­ing? Insta-​cum. This oth­er­world­ly dil­do yields oth­er­world­ly orgasms.

Oh, and in case you were won­der­ing where I was on the horny scale, my friend’s friend and I are up there at the top together.

Davy the Sucker by Dee’s Big Daddies review

Don’t think of Dee’s Big Daddy Davy as a dil­do with piz­zazz on the out­side; think of it as a cli­toral grinder with a slight inter­nal com­po­nent. It can be used anal­ly as well (make sure to clean it thor­ough­ly) since the but­t­hole is packed with Meissner’s cor­pus­cles to feel every tex­ture in high resolution.

However, the main draw for me is that the suck­ers on this ten­ta­cle dil­do are placed juu­u­ust right to bump up on my cli­toris with every thrust. My enjoy­ment of Davy the Sucker stirred up a ques­tion: why did I ever think fan­ta­sy dil­dos weren’t for me?

Shimmery tentacle silicone dildo and Vac-U-Lock base

What I like about the Big Daddy Davy

Big Daddy Davy’s fea­tures meld and syn­er­gize beautifully:

  • Its sil­hou­ette is a nice bal­ance of sharp and soft
  • The suck­ers slide on the exter­nals and entice my entire inter­nal front wall
  • It ramps up nice­ly in diam­e­ter — the bulging shaft near the base gen­tly curves out, which is part of what helps it align so effort­less­ly with my clit (your mileage may vary)
  • SQUISH SQUISH — mine is Shore 0030 sil­i­cone, like luke­warm gum­my can­dy — which also also makes it easy to bend against my clitoris

Do you see a pat­tern here?

How did the Big Daddy Davy feel in use?

Grinding and push­ing Big Daddy Davy’s flared base on my vul­va is a sen­so­ry smor­gas­bord, whether you’re ring­ing the door­bell or slow danc­ing in the doorway.

Shimmery tentacle silicone dildo and dragon dildo textures details

Internally, the soft­ness and flex­i­bil­i­ty make Davy the Sucker’s sen­sa­tion gen­tler (for the less hard­core read­ers, a pos­i­tive way to spin that would be “man­age­able”). There is one excep­tion, though. If I want more focused front wall pres­sure, I can rotate the shaft slight­ly to feel the edges of the suckers.

In sum­ma­ry, here’s my main modus operan­di with Dee’s Big Daddy Davy:

  • Slow slid­ing or rock­ing with the suck­ers front and center
  • Faster thump­ing with the bottom-​most rings against my clit
  • Tilting it such that the suck­ers’ edges press against my front wall
  • Tilting it so they do that and slide against my clit

It’s usu­al­ly the last two points that push me over the edge com­i­cal­ly quickly.

Davy tentacle dildo measurements

  • Height: 7.5"
  • Insertable length: 6.5”
  • Head cir­cum­fer­ence: 3”
  • Middle shaft cir­cum­fer­ence: 5”
  • Base of the shaft cir­cum­fer­ence: 8.5"
    • About 2.7” diameter
Silicone tentacle dildo hand size comparison and dragon dildo

I don’t feel the Large Davy’s girth much, though, for a few reasons:

  • Its shape is suu­u­uch a sub­tle taper
  • Much of the shaft stays out­side of me for exter­nal stimulation
  • Again, it’s suu­u­per soft, so it doesn’t feel as intense as, say, the Uberrime Anurian or Tantus Bishop’s firmer and more blunt insertions.

And the aesthetics? Cuuuuute!

There’s also a dis­tinct­ly car­toon­ish qual­i­ty to Dee’s Big Daddies dil­dos — the cob­bled tex­tures on the back and grad­u­al­ly grow­ing suck­ers along the front shim­mer like car paint.

Pink and blue swirled silicone tentacle dildos next to soda cans for size comparison

I’ll main­ly link to the SheVibe Aurora col­or­way because the pink and blue swirled togeth­er is frig­gin’ pret­ty. You can choose from more sizes, swatch­es, and sil­i­cone soft­ness options on the maker’s web­site. That includes swirling up to three col­ors together!

Closing thoughts on the Big Daddy Drake XXXL and Davy Large

It sur­prised me how much of the Big Daddy Drake XXXL I con­sumed. Meanwhile, my friends, read­ers, and Dee prob­a­bly thought, “Yeah, sounds about right.”

Dee's Big Daddies logo on silicone dildo bases.

(Either that or y’all are think­ing, “I want to see that.”)

I wouldn’t have cho­sen the Drake XXXL for myself, but I’m glad I (hah) opened myself up to the possibility.

Meanwhile, the Big Daddy Davy ten­ta­cle dildo’s claim to fame isn’t its size but every­thing else: strate­gic place­ment of pres­sure and promi­nences. The Drake XXXL and Large Davy dil­dos make me cum suu­u­per quick­ly, in dra­mat­i­cal­ly dif­fer­ent ways. Would you rather slip and slide. or spelunk?

This post was spon­sored! Opinions expressed here are my own.

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    I’ve been intim­i­dat­ed by fan­ta­sy dils, but the work­man­ship here does look lovely!

  2. Rob says:

    Thanks for the review. An in depth break­down that goes all the way. Will have to give drake a go. Pity it isn’t suc­tion cup base 😊

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