BestVibe Triple-Motor G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator Review

"It looks like Squidward, with an erection, beckoning you to fight him," said a friend upon his first impression of this toy. Later on, he compared it to a bunched-​up rendition of Squidward's "masterpiece" self-portrait.

BestVibe Triple-Motor G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator Review 1

It's not quite a dual stim­u­la­tor — there's an insertable G‑spotting por­tion, a cli­toral arm, and two for labia mas­sage. To many of you, this three-​motor rab­bit vibra­tor looks W I L D ! I'm most­ly unfazed by all the doo­dads on this giz­mo — skep­ti­cal, but a fan of mas­sag­ing my cli­toral crura.

See, most of the cli­toris is inter­nal and shaped like a wish­bone, wrap­ping around on either side of the vagi­na. (Its ends also tend to be near the anus, hence why butt stuff can feel good.) I love press­ing a rumbly wand against my labia to rat­tle the whole cli­tourethrovagi­nal com­plex.

This four-​pronged vibra­tor should be up my alley, right? I've men­tioned before, though, the more things a vibra­tor tries to do at once, the more like­ly it is to fail. So let's inspect this four-​pronged frank­endil a lit­tle more — and then put it to the test.

A Four-Pronged Rabbit Vibrator: My First Impressions

I have strong opin­ions on both ends of the spec­trum, even before turn­ing on the vibra­tor or insert­ing it:

G‑spotting arm

The insertable por­tion is a delight: bul­bous, slight­ly flex­i­ble neck, gen­er­ous­ly curved, and not too squared off at the 1.5" wide head. My picky G‑spot and I have no qualms about that part of its shape. If any­thing, it reminds me of the Cal Exotics Embrace G Wand, which I reviewed a few years back — and adored.

BestVibe Triple-Motor G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator Review 2

It's worth not­ing that the Bestvibe web­site claims this prod­uct mas­sages the A‑spot (ante­ri­or fornix), too. I call BS — gen­er­al­ly, longer dil­dos with a more shal­low curve are bet­ter for A‑spot stim­u­la­tion.

Also, my "favorite" part of the prod­uct info page reads, "OMG! I bet you will spray it out!" ??? I'm speechless.

Motor placement

Note that I said this vibra­tor has four prongs but only three motors. That's because the cen­ter spike is sol­id sil­i­cone — it only takes on resid­ual vibra­tions from the side pieces. My 4‑letter response to that is, "Y THO?" Surely the most obvi­ous place to show­case vibra­tions is up against the cli­toral glans.

Labial massagers

Another odd choice is how flex­i­ble the lat­er­al out­er arms are. They're hol­low near their bases, mak­ing them even bendi­er than they'd oth­er­wise be. My cli­toral cru­ra and I are BFFs, so I want­ed to give the design the ben­e­fit of the doubt. However, I knew full well that this toy wasn't going to pro­vide enough exter­nal pres­sure on its own.

BestVibe Triple-Motor G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator Review 3

(You best bet I'm jilling off with my tight­ly clamp­ing We-​Vibe Nova Classic after this review.)

Vibration quality

Oh no, baby. What is you doing? The G‑spotter's vibra­tions are on the fringes of accept­able. They're buzzy AF, but still tol­er­a­bly strong. The side arms, though, are about par with the VeDO Bam Mini. You know — the bul­let I tore apart to show what a weak vibra­tor looks like from the inside.

Could I get off with such buzzy sen­sa­tions on my clit? Yes. Would I choose to? 85% of the time, no.

How This Triple Motor Vibrator Felt in Use

What I liked

What about the oth­er 15% of the time? Sometimes I do crave buzzy vibra­tions, espe­cial­ly if they're pin­point. When I pinched the exter­nal stim­u­la­tors clos­er togeth­er, they had a bit­ing feel, like tar­get­ed lasers on my clit. It's not for every­one, though.

And as expect­ed, I liked using this vibe a lot as a G‑spotting dil­do! The neck is just the right flex­i­bil­i­ty for me, mean­ing that it's firm enough for tar­get­ed pres­sure, with­out restrict­ing where I can push it. (My G‑spot has a long his­to­ry of being picky with rigid toys. It's so appar­ent when one doesn't fit well against my pubic bone.)

What I didn't like

The moment I turned the inter­nal vibra­tor on, I gri­maced. It remind­ed me of a (well-​meaning) friend who said, "Some vibra­tion is bet­ter than no vibra­tion, right?"

I'D RATHER HAVE NO VIBRATION when it's this buzzy against my G‑spot. Not only is the low-​amplitude and high-​pitched move­ment inef­fec­tive, but it's also irri­tat­ing! My insides were in pain dur­ing use, and my front wall slight­ly numb after. When your foot falls asleep, does it ever feel the way TV sta­t­ic looks? Yeah, the vibra­tion sen­sa­tion is kind of like that, but micro.

While I liked the "rab­bit ears" around my clit, that was only with sig­nif­i­cant effort posi­tion­ing  — and no thrust­ing at all. When I aim the G‑spotter, the exter­nal prongs moved too far away from my vul­va to do any­thing. The pointy one was use­less, at best.

BestVibe Triple-Motor G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator Review 4

What I would have bought instead

Rabbit vibra­tors are tricky. There are so many func­tions to orches­trate at once; that's hard to accom­plish when anato­my varies so much.

So I'd rather get a G‑spot toy like the Pillow Talk Sassy and a sep­a­rate bul­let vibra­tor (or two). That way, I can tar­get inter­nal and exter­nal stim­u­la­tion, just the way I like them.

Let's Wrap It Up With My Verdict!

There were fea­tures I liked about this triple stim­u­la­tor rab­bit vibra­tor. Its shape as a non-​vibrating G‑spot dil­do was deli­cious. But as an all-​in-​one unit, it's sen­so­ry cacoph­o­ny for me.

Are you feel­ing adven­tur­ous? Try it for yourself.

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  1. Slink says:

    My god thats a lot­ta arms! Definately looks like squid­ward with an erec­tion. Glad you found some joy in it! Intially I com­plete­ly put off by it.

  2. Jeff says:

    This almost looks like too much of a good thing, in a bad way.

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