SquarePegToys Blunt Plug review: squishy anal stretching plug

[Image: SquarePegToys Blunt Plug S4 in Super Soft Bronze silicone side view]

The SquarePegToys Blunt Plug is the ide­al sil­i­cone plug for warm­ing up to anal sex. Some plugs taper and slow­ly ramp up for open­ing from a cold start. Others have a big bulb and barely-​there neck for a feel­ing of full­ness with­out much sphinc­ter stretch. The Blunt Plug, as the name would sug­gest, is nei­ther one of those.

What is the SquarePegToys Blunt Plug for?

It's for when you've already warmed up with fin­gers or a small­er toy and want some­thing to keep your ori­fice opened up before your romp ses­sion. You're get­ting ready for a date, and you know it's going to be a good night, but you'd like to skip fore­play. That's the SquarePegToys Blunt Plug's pur­pose. Because its bulb-​to-​neck ratio isn't dra­mat­ic, the tight­est part of the wearer's hole isn't going to close up after con­sum­ing the plug's max­i­mum width.

[Image: SquarePegToys Blunt Plug S2 S3 and S4 size comparison]

Fittingly, it's avail­able in three sizes at SheVibe. The small­est is about a tenth of an inch thick­er than the aver­age penis:

  • S2 — 3.5" insertable length, 1.59" max­i­mum width
  • S3 — 2.75" insertable length, 1.80" max­i­mum width
  • S4 — 4.0" insertable length, 1.90" max­i­mum width

Another key fea­ture is SquarePegToys' squishy AF sil­i­cone. It's flex­i­ble and con­forms to your body, while still stretch­ing. Alongside the Oxballs Ergo and Uberrime Sensi, it's one of the soft­est sil­i­cone plugs I've ever tried. Think of a stress ball or slight­ly warmed but fresh gum­my can­dy. If you're accus­tomed to the size, then the soft­ness allows for cushy long-​term wear. Feel the stretch while you're gro­cery shop­ping or doing house­hold chores.

What is the SquarePegToys Blunt Plug not for?

[Image: black b-Vibe Snug Plug thumbnail]

Here is where I'll throw in a dis­claimer: it's been over a year since I've had anal inter­course. For that rea­son, I'm not quite the Blunt Plug's tar­get audi­ence. Wearing plugs vagi­nal­ly is more my thing. However, even if I did use the SquarePegToys Blunt Plug anal­ly, the same caveats would apply.

For one, the Blunt Plug gives an over­all stretch. It will not curve up against the G‑spot or prostate to any mean­ing­ful degree. That's fine for what it was designed for. But for vagi­nal use, I'd pre­fer the Oxballs Ergo or njoy Pure Plug's for­ward tilt and more dra­mat­i­cal­ly dipped neck. It very much depends on per­son­al pref­er­ence. Anally, I'd rather wear a plug that deliv­ers firmer pres­sure, deep­er in the anal canal, like the b‑Vibe Snug Plug, over one that stretch­es at the opening.

Second, wear­ing a big plug with a low bulb-​to-​neck ratio takes prac­tice, vagi­nal­ly, or anal­ly. My butt finds the Doc Johnson Li'l End and Blush Avant P6 plugs eas­i­er to keep in than the Blush Avant P5, for exam­ple. It sounds coun­ter­in­tu­itive, but my body is much more like­ly to reg­is­ter a plug as an irri­tant if it's con­tin­u­al­ly prop­ping the open­ing… open. I sub­con­scious­ly want to push it out and be rid of it. The SquarePegToys Blunt Plug is for the expe­ri­enced plug­ger, and that's not me.

My verdict on the SquarePegToys Blunt Plug

The SquarePegToys Blunt Plug has a place in the anal enthusiast's toolk­it if they're already com­fort­able open­ing up.

[Image: SquarePegToys Blunt Plug S4 Super Soft Bronze standing upright]

However, long-​term reten­tion is eas­i­er with a thinner-​necked plug that the anus or the mouth of the vagi­na can close up around. If that's what you'd pre­fer, I rec­om­mend get­ting one of the fol­low­ing plugs instead:

The Egg Plug does open the sphinc­ter a bit, but not near­ly as much as the Blunt Plug does. If hav­ing a plug prop you open in prepa­ra­tion for some­thing big­ger appeals to you, the SquarePegToys Blunt Plug is a must-have.

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3 Responses

  1. D. Dyer says:

    Even the small is a bit intim­i­dat­ing for the long term wear I’d like to try this for but I might try it any­way, this is just about exact­ly what I’ve been look­ing for for a pre-​date plug shape.

  2. Sptfan says:

    I love squarepeg­toys, and I’ve been so curi­ous to try the blunt plugs. I will take the plunge soon.

  3. Frankie says:

    If only the Blunt Plugs came in small­er sizes! The S1 is 1.37" wide, but that's still a lit­tle big for me. Stuff from Squarepegtoys tends to be huge, though.

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