Zalo Sweet Magic Desire thrusting dildo and Temptation bullet review

I can't just use my pow­er drill-​sounding fuck­ing machine when­ev­er I want. One week, I'm liv­ing with my boyfriend, and the next, I'm in an Airbnb with a stranger and her 4‑year-​old kid. Discretion mat­ters, friends.

[Image: Zalo Sweet Magic Desire self-thrusting dildo and Temptation thrusting bullet in purple with gold accents]

And self-​thrusting dil­dos (also known as pul­sators) like the Fun Factory Stronic Real and Zalo Sweet Magic Desire have motors that epit­o­mize "whisper-​quiet." Instead of vibrat­ing, these toys fea­ture a hol­low bar­rel with a mag­net­ic weight that qui­et­ly shut­tles back-and-forth.

Both are visu­al­ly pleas­ing, but the aes­thet­ic of Zalo's Desire thruster fur­ther oozes with opu­lence. Its strik­ing appear­ance leaves the unini­ti­at­ed won­der­ing: how does it feel? More specif­i­cal­ly, how do the brawn of the Zalo Desire and the small­er Zalo Temptation bul­let mea­sure up to their beau­ty? They are osten­si­bly minia­ture fuck­ing machines, after all.

The Zalo Sweet Magic Desire thruster's power

[Image: purple/lilac Zalo Sweet Magic Desire self-thrusting dildo in my hand with the control panel lit]

Let me start by say­ing that the Zalo Desire thruster's first set­ting is com­pa­ra­ble to the Stronic Real's third or fourth set­ting. That sounds like good news to those who haven't tried a pul­sator. But with this kind of toy, there's a trade-​off: the faster the "thrust­ing," the small­er the range of motion.

The Stronic Real's slow­est speed thrusts about a half-​inch back-​and-​forth. In com­par­i­son, the Desire's ampli­tude is far more gen­tle, at a pal­try quarter-​inch. It would be more accu­rate to call it a jig­gler than a thruster. Effective? For me, yes. My G‑spot rel­ish­es the pointy tip's nudg­ing and the (most­ly) hands-​free orgasms.

But I want my read­ers to have real­is­tic expec­ta­tions of this pul­sator. The Zalo Desire costs $30 less than the Stronic Real, and it lacks much of the "wow" fac­tor dur­ing inter­nal use. Remember: it was in the Stronic Real review that I wrote:

Some sex toys are so good that I strug­gle to write more than, “This toy is amaz­ing. Buy it. You don’t need to read beyond this point, but I need to add more words. Words words words words words.”

In short, the Zalo Sweet Magic Desire's motor is maybe 65% of the Stronic Real's poten­cy, but for 82% of the price.

What I do like about the Zalo Sweet Magic Desire

[Image of myself holding the Zalo Sweet Magic Desire thruster next to my body]

That 17% dif­fer­ence is not entire­ly in vain. During my Airbnb stay, the Zalo Desire thruster was my favorite toy to use exter­nal­ly. I'm a pin­point princess who loves pointy tips and sharp edges against my cli­toris to focus the power's den­si­ty into a small area— even when it's not robust in absolute terms.

The high­er speeds on the Zalo Desire pul­sator to some feel like gen­tle vibra­tions, but to me, they feel like a low-​pitched thud. Pinpoint, low fre­quen­cy, high ampli­tude (rel­a­tive to con­ven­tion­al vibra­tions), and qui­et? It's a fan­tas­tic fit for me. Think of it as like a fin­ger­tip, stroking with per­fect con­sis­ten­cy, that nev­er gets tired.

How does the Zalo Sweet Magic Temptation thrusting bullet compare?

[Image: top view of the Zalo Sweet Magic Desire and Temptation thruster control panels. They're gold with heavily ornate accents.]

I can't ignore the price, how­ev­er. Hypothetically, if the small­er but sim­i­lar­ly pointy Zalo Temptation thrust­ing bul­let could deliv­er the same sen­sa­tion as the Zalo Desire, I'd rec­om­mend it in a heart­beat as an attrac­tive­ly afford­able alter­na­tive. So I asked Peepshow Toys if I could try both.

The Zalo Temptation thrust­ing bul­let has a sim­i­lar motor, but it lacks heft and momen­tum. And if I try to posi­tion it in the sweet spot, its already-​small motion is damp­ened by fric­tion from my hand. I can get off with it, but for the price? No, thanks— espe­cial­ly when the Magic Wand Plus (albeit serv­ing a dif­fer­ent niche) is way less.

My verdict: get a Fun Factory Stronic self-thrusting dildo instead

A year ago, when the Stronic Real cost more, I might have per­haps sug­gest­ed the Zalo Desire as the "lite" ver­sion. There used to be a sub­stan­tial price dif­fer­ence. However, Fun Factory has since low­ered its prices. The Stronic Real now costs less than it used to, it's worth it as a more adept all-​arounder with more vroom.

[Image: Zalo Sweet Magic packaging next to the Zalo Desire thruster, Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion, and Stronic Real, all purple]

I do wish that Fun Factory would release a new Stronic with a pointier tip. But unlike the Zalo Desire, Fun Factory's Stronics can effort­less­ly rock my G‑spot and inter­nal cli­toris— to the point where the one main down­side is how often my orgas­mic pelvic floor con­trac­tions push the Stronic Real out, and I have to push it back in. And that is fit­ting for some­thing called a "thruster" at this price.

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