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Review & Comparison: Blush Ruse 18, Ruse 18 Slim, NS Colours DP Pleasures, Cal Exotics AC/DC silicone double-ended dildos

4 SILICONE double dildos for body-safe DP play, compared!

Horny level: “Show me all your double penetration dildos.” Yep! All of my picks from SheVibe this quarter are silicone double dildos — and my vagina eagerly engulfed them. In order from the smallest to biggest double-ended dildos pictured...

Boobs vs. Butts & Bisexual Lighting 9

Boobs vs. Butts & Bisexual Lighting

“In the end, boobs are nothing more than fake asses. And if I had to choose between the original and the imitation, of course I would choose the original.” — Kangoku Gakuen / Prison School Ch. 68 So much...

Strap-On-Me vanilla silicone squirting dildo and vagina-friendly cum lube

Review: Strap-On-Me Large silicone ejaculating dildo

I can’t wait to get double-stuffed once the COVID-19 pandemic is under control. In the meantime, I can use an ejaculating dildo with my boyfriend. Romantic, right? The Strap-On-Me squirting dildo‘s syringe barrel holds 30 cc of fluid —...