Womanizer Next Review: 3D Air Pulse Oral Sex Simulator

Womanizer Next vs. Womanizer Premium 2 comparison

Womanizer’s Premium 2 is for orgasm tor­ture; [the Womanizer] Next is for the soft and sen­su­al … caress­es and kiss­es on your clit.

Womanizer’s unprece­dent­ed Climax Control fea­ture allows adjust­ment of air pulse depth — con­fronting an ear­ly crit­i­cism of pres­sure wave stimulators.

This cat­e­go­ry of cli­toral mas­sager can feel “all or noth­ing,” con­trast­ing with tra­di­tion­al vibra­tors. That’s where the new Womanizer Next steps in.

I couldn’t wait to have it on me. Its low­est set­ting feels … throb-​like … like I just read a scorching-​hot text mes­sage that made my pussy clench.

Womanizer Next 3D Pleasure Air massager and front of packaging

Imagine you’re cum­ming on a wand. You can back away slight­ly to adjust pres­sure — bar­ring forced orgasm kink scenes — and that’s quite use­ful if you get super sen­si­tive after the peak!

However, for air to pulse inside the Womanizer’s noz­zle, its sil­i­cone “lip” must seal against the skin and encap­su­late the tar­get area. Thus, there’s no back­ing away with­out break­ing that seal.

So, what are your options if you have post-​nut sen­si­tiv­i­ty but want to adjust quick­ly and keep playing?

  • Turn the speed down — bless air pulse mas­sagers with mul­ti­ple buttons!
  • Move it over the cli­toral hood for less direct sensations
  • Hit the Womanizer Next’s Climax Control but­ton and dip into a whole oth­er lev­el of deliciousness!

Womanizer Next vs. Womanizer Premium 2 air pulse massagers

How Does the Womanizer Next Feel?

There are three sub-​questions to address here:

  1. How do air pulse mas­sagers feel?
  2. How is the Womanizer Next different?
  3. Which one is better?

I’ll address these before going into the Womanizer Next’s set­tings and con­trols because that’s only rel­e­vant if it’s the type of toy for you.

How Do Air Pulse Massagers Feel?

First, for the unini­ti­at­ed: how do air pulse mas­sagers feel? They’re often described as “suc­tion toys,” which I find a lit­tle mis­lead­ing. Air gets pushed back and forth inside the ring, like a rapid alter­na­tion between suck­ing and blow­ing. It’s also been com­pared to:

  • Someone going “puh-​puh-​puh-​puh-​puh” super fast on your clit
  • Lips buzzing on a brass instru­ment (but some­how actu­al­ly whisper-​quiet on some settings!)
  • Focused vibra­tion with­out actu­al­ly touch­ing the part being massaged
  • Oral sex — which I sup­pose I could agree with if someone’s lips and tongue and light suck­ing were mov­ing with machine-​like precision

In short, it can feel human-​adjacent (more on that in the next sec­tion) and fan­tas­tic if you love tar­get­ed stimulation.

Womanizer Next 3D Pleasure Air massager and back of packaging

How Is the Womanizer Next Different?

The Womanizer Next offers three lev­els of air pulse depth, which can be cycled through with the click of a but­ton. (Its full-​frill con­trol pan­el has not one, not two, but five.)

Upon turn­ing on the Womanizer Next, my ini­tial reac­tion was, “Whew, that’s nice.” I couldn’t wait to have it on me. Its low­est set­ting feels slow and throb-​like. Another review­er has com­pared it to tap­ping, like gen­tly press­ing the pad of one’s fin­ger on a doorbell.

I’d say it almost feels like part of me — like I just read a scorching-​hot text mes­sage that made my pussy clench. Like my clit con­sumes me with its own heart­beat. (Do I need Jesus? Maybe.)

On the low set­tings, the Womanizer Next feels like it’s con­trol­ling those pal­pi­ta­tions. You can also hold the “decrease speed” but­ton to acti­vate Afterglow — Womanizer’s name for going straight to the light­est set­ting. It is ide­al for those with very sen­si­tive clits who love hav­ing a pletho­ra of gen­tle, fine-​tuned set­tings made just for them!

Conversely, those already famil­iar with air pulse toys will find that the Womanizer Next’s deep­est pul­sa­tions are clos­est to what they know and love — but just not quite there.

Clits of steel should steer clear of the Womanizer Next. While its low speeds feel like dis­tinct throbs, taps, and puls­es, the high end blurs togeth­er into one tone, like gener­i­cal­ly buzzy vibra­tion. Purely intensity-​wise, the Womanizer Next’s top speed feels like a 5 out of 14 on the Womanizer Premium 2.

Womanizer Next 3D Pleasure Air pulse massager, nozzle, and charging cord

Which One Is Better?

The Womanizer Next will get me gasp­ing, shak­ing, and thrash­ing, but the Womanizer Premium 2 will make me beg for san­i­ty, try­ing to con­trol my breath while I whis­per, “Oh God, oh fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…” as fast as my lips will let me.

Womanizer’s Premium 2 is for orgasm tor­ture; their Next is for the soft and sen­su­al. And while the lat­ter costs a bit more, which Womanizer is bet­ter comes down to preference.

If you want the deep, high-​intensity rum­ble that Womanizer is known for, get the Premium 2. It remains the crème de la crème for that.

Get the Womanizer Next if you crave caress­es and light kiss­es on your clit, and some­times want to get wild and turn it way up — then back down again. It feels more human than any suc­tion or air pulse toy I’ve tried.

Lastly, nei­ther toy’s lux­u­ry price tag is for you if you’re on a bud­get. See my air pulse mas­sager guide for your oth­er options.

Womanizer Next vs. Premium 2 Controls

So you decid­ed to go all-​in on the orig­i­nal (and the best) air pulse mas­sager manufacturer.

Womanizer Premium 2 spooning Womanizer Next

Womanizer’s Next and Premium 2 have very sim­i­lar con­trol pan­els, with a few differences:

  1. The Next has an addi­tion­al but­ton for Climax Control (air pulse depth adjustment) 
    1. It’s on the back of the toy, along with the increase, decrease, and on/​off buttons
    2. Its LEDs are between the Climax Control and pow­er buttons 
      1. They indi­cate which lev­el of depth you’re cur­rent­ly using
    3. The but­ton to click through its Autopilot (pre-​made “jour­neys” that tease and esca­late) is on the flip side of the han­dle, fac­ing the same direc­tion as the nozzle
  2. The Premium 2 has four but­tons, all of which are on the back 
    1. Increase, decrease, Autopilot, on/​off, then three LEDs to indi­cate the bat­tery level

To be frank, I nev­er used Autopilot Modes on either one. Follow my instruc­tions, make me cum when I want to, or GTFO. The oth­er but­tons are some­what self-explanatory.

Womanizer Next vs. Premium 2 control panels

From the top of the back:

  1. Increase speed — there are 14 options for both Womanizers
  2. Decrease speed — short-​press to go down one speed, or long-​press on the Next to go straight to the low­est setting
  3. Climax Control on the Next — this but­ton will cycle through the three air pulse depths from gen­tle to medi­um to strong, then loop back. 
    1. This but­ton would be the Autopilot on the Premium 2
  4. Long press for on/​off

To acti­vate Smart Silence, hold both the plus and minus but­tons. I’ll elab­o­rate in the next section.

Womanizer Next massager control panel

Additional Womanizer Next & Premium 2 Features

Both Womanizers have Smart Silence. When this fea­ture is acti­vat­ed, the air puls­es will only thrum when some­thing is pressed against the head. Both toys can be pret­ty loud when not in con­tact with skin, so Smart Silence can be help­ful if you:

  • Have room­mates
  • Would be eas­i­ly dis­tract­ed by the sound when you pull the Womanizer away from you
  • Want to con­serve bat­tery and have some stand­by time — up to 30 min­utes before the toy auto­mat­i­cal­ly turns off.

Both also have mag­net­ic USB charg­ing con­tacts at the bot­tom, and yes, they’re waterproof!

Also notable: the Womanizer Next is waaaaay, way qui­eter — impres­sive­ly so, even when com­par­ing its high­est set­ting to the Womanizer Premium 2’s pro­por­tion­al­ly pow­er­ful 5th speed.

Womanizer Next nozzle shape and magnetic USB charging cord contact

Closing Thoughts

I love how the Womanizer Next quiv­ers on my clit and makes me shake, but I wouldn’t call its high­er speeds an improve­ment over the Womanizer Premium 2.

The Premium 2 not only goes deep­er by default — but is also stronger and rum­bli­er over­all. If you want an upgrade from the Premium 2, the Next ain’t it.

If you crave some­thing more sen­su­al and less mechan­i­cal — at least, on lighter set­tings — get the Womanizer Next.

It’s not for every­one, and the fact that it goes above $200 in price is cause for pause. But if it’s for you and you’re think­ing, “Fuck yes!” based on what I’ve told you, you’re prob­a­bly thrilled that the Womanizer Next exists — because there’s not much else like its Climax Control func­tion or soft touch.

You also don’t have to pay full price — sales for 15–30% off Womanizer aren’t unheard of. Or take 10% off when­ev­er you shop at Peepshow Toys with code SUPERSMASHCACHE

Using my links when you shop will earn me a com­mis­sion at no extra cost to you. I appre­ci­ate your support! 😉

Womanizer Next and Premium 2

Which Womanizer is bet­ter comes down to pref­er­ence.
If you want the deep high-​intensity rum­ble that Womanizer is known for, get the Premium 2. It remains the crème de la crème for that.
Get the Womanizer Next if you crave the caress­es of light kiss­es on your clit, and some­times want to get wild and turn it way up — then back down again. It feels more human than any suc­tion or air pulse toy I’ve tried.

Womanizer Next Specifications

  • Overall length: 6.9”
    • Yup, Next is a tad longer than Premium 2
  • Maximum width: 2.1”
  • Nozzle open­ing diam­e­ter: 16 x 13 cm
  • 3 pulse depths, 14 speeds each, 3 autopi­lot settings

Anything Other Recommendations?

Another con­tender for sen­si­tive clits includes the Fun Factory Sundaze — it’s a more con­ven­tion­al­ly shaped mas­sager that:

  • Pulses back and forth for per­cus­sive, light taps with vary­ing depths of movement
  • Has a broad face and a sharp edge for vary­ing breadths of sensation
  • Is also soft sound-​wise — like, actu­al­ly whisper-quiet!

My mega-​guide to air pulse mas­sagers also explores over 20 oth­er options — which are worth check­ing out if you're not too thrilled about the high-​end Womanizers' price tags!

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