Review: Love Hamma thruster & BMS Pillow Talk Lively rabbit vibrator

The Love Hamma’s mar­ket­ing missed an oppor­tu­ni­ty. Where are the “get nailed” jokes?

Love Hamma self-thrusting vibrator and BMS Pillow Talk Lively gyrating spinning G-spot rabbit vibrator with rumbly clitoral stimulator mint green teal

Perhaps the copy­writ­ers knew that the hammer-​shaped vibra­tor spoke for itself. It’s pos­si­bly the sil­li­est sex toy I have ever encoun­tered, with decent­ly strong vibra­tions in both ends and an inter­nal thrust­ing mech­a­nism (for “head ‘n’ han­dle pleasure”).

BMS Factory’s Pillow Talk Lively has the oppo­site prob­lem. Its appear­ance hard­ly stands out in a sea of rab­bit vibra­tors, but in use, it’s quite the unsung hero. The Pillow Talk Lively fol­lows in the Sassy’s foot­steps as one of the best vibra­tors in its class.

Both the Lively and Love Hamma fea­ture gen­tly curved and tex­tured shafts for G‑spotting. Both have flex­i­ble flaps for flut­ter­ing cli­toral stim­u­la­tion, but I find the Lively’s exter­nal vibra­tor more plea­sur­ably focused. And, least impor­tant but still excit­ing: both are avail­able in teal!

Love Hamma hammer-shaped thrusting vibrator with textured handle and curved G-spot tip

Love Hamma hammer-shaped thrusting vibrator review

The Love Hamma is unde­ni­ably a visu­al show­stop­per. I knew the world need­ed an egg­plant dil­do, but a ham­mer vibra­tor and plea­sure tool belt? A+ for creativity.

Mine comes with a slight bend at the tip, suit­able for both A‑spotting and G‑spotting. You can get a straight-​tipped ver­sion, but that’s not my jam. Near the end of the han­dle is the zingy vibra­tor motor, while the lin­ear thrust­ing mech­a­nism rests mid-​shaft. The ham­mer­head also vibrates. 

With an ABS plas­tic shell under the sil­i­cone, most of the Love Hamma’s han­dle is fuck­ing hard. There’s prac­ti­cal­ly no plush­ness or yield­ing to the insertable por­tion. Keep that in mind; the size might be pret­ty aver­age, at 6” insertable length and 1.5” diam­e­ter, but it will feel more fill­ing than a penis of the same size.

Love Hamma curved handle teal mint green

Each of the three motors is inde­pen­dent­ly controlled:

  • Head vibra­tions — 3 steady speeds, 7 patterns
  • Handle vibra­tions — 3 steady speeds, 7 patterns
  • Handle thruster — 3 steady speeds, 4 patterns

Love Hamma vibrator motors

You have options for dif­fus­ing vibra­tions with the flat face or focus­ing them with the edge on the ham­mer­head end. If you have issues with reach or mobil­i­ty, the head’s angle to the han­dle can also help you posi­tion and apply pres­sure to the clit.

The Love Hamma’s vibra­tions are quite strong, almost on par with LELO. Not a mos­qui­to, not a deep purr. Just run-​of-​the-​mill but depend­able on steady speeds. They’re not strong enough for me to get off using a pat­tern, though. 

Love Hamma hammer vibrator flexible hammer head claw prongs

On the oth­er side of the head, the claw is osten­si­bly there for light, flut­tery stim­u­la­tion, like rab­bit ears. In prac­tice, they’re too flex­i­ble (and the motors too gen­tle) to do did­dly squat for me. 

Love Hamma thrusting mechanism

The Love Hamma seeks to imi­tate the Fun Factory Stronics’ self-​propelled back-​and-​forth thrust­ing with mag­nets. It’s qui­et, sound­ing vague­ly like a dis­tant, dis­tant heli­copter.  But that’s about where the mer­its end; it far from dupli­cates the Stronics pul­sators’ inten­si­ty. There’s no way you’re get­ting any of Fun Factory’s thrust­ing depth or OOMPH with the Love Hamma.

Consider also: the Zalo Sweet Magic Desire thruster is stronger than the Love Hamma only by a lit­tle, but its puls­es have more pin­point focus for exter­nal stim­u­la­tion. In short, does the Love Hamma’s thrust­ing work on my hot spots? Sure, but noth­ing stands out about it. 

Love Hamma self-thrusting hammer-shaped vibrator hammer head and control panel

My verdict on this hammer-​shaped vibrator

I knew the world need­ed an egg­plant dil­do, but a ham­mer vibra­tor and plea­sure tool belt?

In my envi­sioned future muse­um of sex toys, the Love Hamma will be a dis­play piece, but not a hall-​of-​famer. I think we all knew what we were get­ting into.

Hardly anyone’s starstruck by the mechan­ics, but the Love Hamma is a fun nov­el­ty to look at — per­haps worth it for role­play­ing pick­ing up men farmer Sapphics at the hard­ware store.

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BMS Pillow Talk Lively gyrating dual stimulating rabbit vibrator with textured shaft

Pillow Talk Lively by BMS Factory

My review of the BMS Pillow Talk Lively is going to be quick. In sum­ma­ry: “AAAAAAA IT’S GREAT. WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS.”

The BMS Pillow Talk Lively’s swivel­ing oscil­la­tion around my cervix is some­thing I can’t do with my dain­ty dis­tal appendages. Its tip push­es for­ward to get into the G‑spot or ante­ri­or fornix but fol­lows a half-​circle arc with each side-​to-​side motion. Or set it to revolve a full 360 degrees; you can do both. 

That motion is exact­ly what my cervix craves from fin­ger­ing. It’s like bump­ing the “eject oxy­tocin” but­ton over and over again until I have become one with the bed.

Shape and size

While this rab­bit vibrator’s insertable length is “only” 5 inch­es, its cur­va­ture and gyra­tion sen­sa­tion tar­get my front wall and cervix well. It doesn’t need to be big or deliv­er brute force to deliv­er cer­vi­cal orgasms. 1.4” max­i­mum diam­e­ter is plenty.

BMS Pillow Talk Lively rabbit vibrator rumbly external clitoral stimulator with fluttering flaps

And the BMS Pillow Talk Lively’s flex­i­ble exter­nal stim­u­la­tor fits my clit well. Maybe not as tight­ly as I’d like, but it’s easy to posi­tion my hand while thrust­ing to apply more cli­toral pres­sure. If your clit-​vag gap is wider than mine, the out­er prong does bend back eas­i­ly, as well.

The three flut­ter­ing tips are soft and splay apart eas­i­ly. Thank good­ness, because I fuck­ing hate when stiff rab­bit vibra­tors poke direct­ly at my clit. And the Pillow Talk Lively’s exter­nal vibra­tor stays over my cli­toral hood, where I want it. Your mileage may vary, though. It’s not hard to go under the hood with it.

And the vibra­tion qual­i­ty? Definitely strong and rumbly for its size. I wouldn’t expect any­thing less from BMS Factory.

BMS Pillow Talk Lively rabbit vibrator flexibility

BMS Factory Pillow Talk Lively controls

Much is going on with the BMS Pillow Talk Lively’s two motors; a sin­gle press-​and-​hold but­ton wouldn’t quite cut it. Unlike with the pre­vi­ous Pillow Talk mod­els, two but­tons con­trol the Lively.

The but­ton on the top side of the han­dle cycles through dif­fer­ent com­bi­na­tions of inter­nal revolution/​swiveling and exter­nal vibra­tion. Meanwhile, the Swarovski crys­tal on the base ramps up the inten­si­ty in both motors con­cur­rent­ly. There’s a con­tin­u­ous range rather than dis­crete speed settings.

Here are the func­tions con­trolled by the Pillow Talk Lively’s top button:

  • 180-​degree swiv­el with vibration.
  • 360-​swivel with vibration.
  • No swiv­el with vibration.
  • Slow 360-​degree swiv­el with no vibration.
BMS Factory Pillow Talk Lively rabbit vibrator control panel and Swarovski crystal button

I appre­ci­ate that the Pillow Talk Lively gives the user options to use just the vibra­tion while clench­ing around a sta­tion­ary phal­lus or vice versa.

My verdict on the BMS Factory Pillow Talk Lively

It’s like bump­ing the “eject oxy­tocin” but­ton over and over again until I have become one with the bed. 

I FRIGGIN’ LOVE THIS THING. It’s not quite as soulmate-​level as the self-​thrusting Cal Exotics Santa Cruz Coaster, but as far as spin­ning rab­bit vibra­tors go, the Lively is up there. It offers more insertable length than the Cal Exotics West Coast Cutie and costs a lit­tle less.

Simulate the glo­ry of some nim­ble, cir­cling fin­gers on your A‑spot while solo. Or have a part­ner use it on you and go in deep.

BMS Factory Pillow Talk Lively spinning rabbit vibrator with fluttering clitoral stimulator

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7 Responses

  1. Cam says:

    I love the col­ors on these. Especially the lighter blue. It’s so nice not to see pink and purple

  2. Lynn says:

    I'm glad to see more com­pa­nies mak­ing rab­bits with flex­i­ble clit arms, not every­body is built the same way. Especially a com­pa­ny like BMS, which makes such good motors. Also, I am lov­ing the light teal shades!

  3. Cate says:

    I was kin­da won­der­ing if the Hamma was more of a gim­mick… Still, this review makes me want to try the Lively.

  4. Bitt says:

    I've been wait­ing for some­one to review the Hamma.

  5. Trix says:

    I’m a big Pillow Talk Sassy fan, so the Lively sounds delight­ful (I’m curi­ous about the swiv­el action, hmm)…

  6. G says:

    have to say, nev­er thought about a toy shaped like a Hammer.

    ty for the review on them both

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