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Desirables Dalia Porcelain G-spot Dildo Review featured image banner

Desirables Dalia porcelain G-spot dildo review

Centuries from now, archaeologists will excavate my tomb and find sex toys. Thousands of sex toys— some in mild decay, and others entirely intact. My Blush Gaia Eco biodegradable vibrator might break down, but my njoy Pure Wand, Eleven,...

Zolo Twist Anaconda Cup Review featured image banner

Zolo Twist Anaconda penis masturbator cup review

“Best orgasm I’ve had in a while just now using the stroker,” my boyfriend texted me on Christmas morning. “It lasted a while and was intense. Maybe partly because I’m still a bit stoned… I think it was how...

Uberrime Xenuphora silicone tentacle dildo review featured image banner

Uberrime Xenuphora tentacle fantasy dildo review

It’s one thing to say that I enjoy vertical textures. It’s another to come via the twisting motion alone or to feel like I’d go insane if I stopped twisting the Uberrime Xenuphora‘s addictive angles left-and-right inside me. What’s more, I...

Uberrime Helios Sun God dildo featured image banner

Uberrime Helios Sun God textured dildo review

My first dildo from Uberrime wasn’t the Helios, but the story begins the same way: it almost too pretty to use. Almost. I oohed and aahed the delectably tight marbling of the colors. I commanded my boyfriend to hold a...

BS Atelier Max Poly Pride striped silicone dildo review 3

BS Atelier Max Poly Pride striped silicone dildo review

Back when I was popular on FetLife and internet cucks showered me with gifts and worship, I probably could have requested any sex toy I wanted. But I understood so little about the sex toy industry that I hardly...

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