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Uberrime Aqua King silicone fantasy dildo review featured image banner

Uberrime Aqua-King Aquaman-themed silicone fantasy dildo

Ever wanted to cry immediately after a cathartic orgasm? Because that’s how the Uberrime Aqua-King makes me feel. And not necessarily crying during an intense orgasm, or feeling depressed afterward. I mean on a visceral level thinking, “Ah yes,...

Zalo Marie G-spot vibrator review featured image banner

Zalo Marie Rococo-themed G-spot vibrator review

Everything about Zalo’s vibrators and their Versailles-inspired presentation embodies “extra.” Not least, the Zalo Marie‘s ornate box almost looks like there should be paintings of happy cherubs all over it. Inside the box, the vibrator itself gleams with its intricate...

Desirables Dalia Porcelain G-spot Dildo Review featured image banner

Desirables Dalia porcelain G-spot dildo review

Centuries from now, archaeologists will excavate my tomb and find sex toys. Thousands of sex toys— some in mild decay, and others entirely intact. My Blush Gaia Eco biodegradable vibrator might break down, but my njoy Pure Wand, Eleven,...