Review: Anal Adventures Matrix & b-Vibe Vibrating Jewels plugs

“it's only sodomy if it's from the sodom and gomor­rah region of mesopotamia, oth­er­wise it's just sparkling butt stuff”

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Today, we’re talk­ing about sparkling, shim­mer­ing butt plugs galore.

Left to right: b-Vibe vibrating jewel plug M/L Emerald, S/M Pink Ruby, Anal Adventures Beaded plug in color morph copper, Matrix Swirled and Bumped princess plugs with heart-shaped base

Some are bumpy, some smooth, one where I wish I had gone the next size up, and one where I thought, “There’s no way this plug is fit­ting in my ass.”

In any case, every­thing in this review shines and scin­til­lates in the sun:

Let’s start with the more afford­able options, then the big­ger and bold­er ones, then — most impor­tant­ly — how they felt in use.

b-vibe vibrating jewel plugs s/m and m/l with remote controls

Blush Anal Adventures Matrix butt plugs 

Blush Novelties’ Matrix line is frickin’ pret­ty; I went total Rainbow Sponge Lady lev­els of excite­ment for it. Under the holo­graph­ic, retro-​futuristic pack­ag­ing are iri­des­cent anal toys that shift col­ors depend­ing on how the light hits them.

Left to right: the Blush Anal Adventures Matrix Beaded plug features three beads that increase in size. The Bumped plug shows nodes that slightly wrap around the bulb on a diagonal. The Swirled plug features, well, swirls across the bulb.

The heart-​shaped princess plugs morph from a deep blue to pur­ple. Meanwhile, orange, pur­ple, and gold glim­mer along the Beaded, Duo, and Spiral anal beads.

Swirling and Bumped bling plugs

These clear gem bling plugs fea­ture a clas­sic tapered bulb with a twist — lit­er­al­ly and fig­u­ra­tive­ly. The tex­tures are what the names suggest:

  • Swirling - a mul­ti­tude of S‑shaped, closely-​spaced ridges that slight­ly wrap over the head
  • Bumped - diag­o­nal­ly undu­lat­ing nobs. More struc­tur­al and less tac­tile than the Swirling.
  • Wavy - more sub­tle, wider, ver­ti­cal rip­ples. They don’t jut out as much as the oth­ers do.
Butt plug with heart-shaped rhinestone jewel base

They stim­u­late not just the stretch and deep pres­sure nerve bun­dles but also the abun­dance of Meissner cor­pus­cles (fine touch recep­tors) in the anal opening.

These designs will look some­what famil­iar if you’ve seen the Zoë Ligon x b‑Vibe plugs.

Blush Matrix rhinestone butt plug measurements

Here’s how the Blush Matrix jew­el plugs mea­sure up:

  • 4.4” long total
  • 4.1” insertable length
  • 1.4” max­i­mum diameter
  • 3.2” bulb length
  • 0.4” diam­e­ter stem
  • 1.3” diam­e­ter base

On paper, they’re a good size for inter­me­di­ate to advanced play. Once you get them in, the neck diam­e­ter and length are easy for the sphinc­ters to close up around, mak­ing these plugs ide­al for long-​term wear.

Textured butt toys feel way more intense than their dimen­sions alone would have you believe. Err on the side of caution.

Blush Matrix butt plugs vs. b‑Vibe texture plugs

The b‑Vibe tex­ture plugs are sim­i­lar in shape, mea­sur­ing 4.13” long by x 1.42” wide. However, some dif­fer­ences include vibrat­ing, hav­ing T‑shaped bases, and com­ing in a broad­er range of sizes.

Blush Novelties Anal Adventures Matrix butt plug packaging with holographic insert

Overall, b‑Vibe and Blush Novelties have slight­ly dif­fer­ent tar­get audi­ences. It’s like Sephora vs. Forever 21 — b‑Vibe spe­cial­izes in its com­pre­hen­sive col­lec­tion of lux­u­ry anal toys, while Blush is a gen­er­al­ist going after trends and afford­abil­i­ty.

Matrix Beaded plug/​anal beads

It’s not just déjà vu — the Anal Adventures Matrix beads also feel famil­iar. That’s because their shapes are like the Satisfyer anal train­ing kit I tried (*checks cal­en­dar*) three years ago.

It’s amus­ing because Satisfyer’s oth­er well-​known toys are also cheap­er ren­di­tions of oth­er com­pa­nies’ designs — Womanizer and Fun Factory. But I digress.

b-vibe beaded anal bead with retrieval loop and sparkling textured jewel princess plug plug with heart-shaped base

That blog post back then was more about anal sex toy design prin­ci­ples. Here’s a more in-​depth descrip­tion of the Beaded plug, mea­sure­ments, and all.

Blush Matrix Beaded anal bead measurements

This plug fea­tures three grad­u­at­ed tiers of beads, ramp­ing up in diam­e­ter: 0.6”, 0.8”, and 1.2”. Since the dips between bulbs are slen­der (less than 0.5”), there’s some flex­i­bil­i­ty. At the base is a 1.8” long retrieval loop. It’s quite thin and fits com­fort­ably between the cheeks.

Review: Anal Adventures Matrix & b-Vibe Vibrating Jewels plugs 1

However, I don’t rec­om­mend it for long-​term wear. The “neck” is rel­a­tive­ly short, mean­ing that the bottom-​most bead would keep push­ing the sphinc­ter open while you, I don’t know, try to run errands and mow the lawn. That may or may not be appeal­ing to you.

How these anal toys felt in use

I’ll describe my expe­ri­ences in the order that I used these anal probes.

The Anal Adventures Matrix Beaded works well for warm­ing up and thrust­ing. Its first bead is bare­ly wider than my fin­ger, mak­ing the stretch suu­u­per grad­ual. Lube it well, thrust just the tip for a bit, go deep­er if you want, and savor the clench-and-release. 

a close-up of the blush novelties anal adventures matrix swirled princess plug rippling textures

I tried the Matrix Swirling bling plug next and just the first two cen­time­ters or so felt good. Beyond that, my body was like, nope, nope, nope, there’s no way! If I tried to go any fur­ther, my hole would reflex­ive­ly close up. And that’s even after try­ing the biggest bulb on the Matrix Beaded plug AND ADDING TWO FINGERS.

It’s not like I had nev­er expe­ri­enced back­door tex­ture before. The spar­ing­ly spaced dots on SelfDelve Fly Agaric plug? Drool. The harsh­ness of the Matrix Swirling plug? Noooo no no no no.

At first I chalked it up to lube slip­ping away from the peaks while set­tling into the grooves, but even after re-​lubing and stretch­ing with big­ger toys, my booty was not hav­ing the gran­u­lar friction.

a close-up of the blush novelties anal adventures matrix plug jewel base and  bumped princess plug textures

In con­trast, my bum read­i­ly accept­ed the Bumped plug’s bulges. They gave me some vari­a­tion to clench and release around, but their spac­ing meant plen­ti­ful, rip­pling waves of pleasure.

Consider the Bumped plug a mid­point among anal beads, a tapered thrust­ing dil­do, and a wear­able plug. It’s a fan­tas­tic all-​arounder for thrust­ing at a wide range of tem­pos — and by far my favorite of the line.

b-Vibe Vibrating Jewel Plugs with remote controls

b‑Vibe sur­prised me with their Vibrating Jewel Plugs in two sizes: S/​M and M/​L. I like the M/​L a lot and wish I had gone bigger.

b-vibe remote control rhinestone sparkling vibrating princess plugs with jewel bases

Luckily, b‑Vibe gives you options galore for their vibrat­ing princess plugs.

  • They come in 4 sizes, rang­ing from 1.45” to 1.95” max­i­mum diameter.
  • Bundles are avail­able! Pick any two and save big when you get them togeth­er.

The shape is a nice bal­ance between point­ed and bul­bous. It’s fill­ing and clear­ly designed for wear­ing rather than thrust­ing, but it’s not blunt. (I’m look­ing at you, Snug Plug.) 

Measurements and sizes

Total Length3.8”4.1"4.4"4.7"
Insertable Length3.1"3.4"3.6"3.9"
Maximum Diameter1.5"1.6"1.8"2.0"
Neck Diameter0.5"0.6"0.6"0.6"
Base Diameter1.8"1.8"2.0"2.0"

Below are dia­grams show­ing the b‑Vibe Vibrating Jewel butt plug mea­sure­ments for sizes S/​M and M/​L.

b-vibe vibrating jewel plug size s/m dimensions
b-vibe vibrating jewel plug size m/l dimensions

What in the box

Also includ­ed in the stur­dy box is a stor­age pouch, charg­er, and remote con­trol with a CR2032 bat­tery. If you lose it, you can buy a new b‑Vibe replace­ment remote control.

There are a few great things about remote con­trol butt plugs:

  1. A part­ner can con­trol the vibra­tions while you’re out and about. I know you know what I’m talk­ing about.
  2. You don’t have to reach for your ass and man­u­al­ly press the but­ton on the base every time you want to adjust. Nope, it’s easy-​breezy, wher­ev­er you are.
b-vibe sparkling vibrating jewel plugs with rhinestone bases and remote controls in pink ruby and emerald

Remote control and settings

To turn on the Vibrating Jewel Plug, quick press the but­ton on the base once. If you want to cycle through the rhythms, you can con­tin­ue click­ing, if you wish. Hold the but­ton to turn it off.

However, since the num­ber of vibra­tion func­tions is frankly ridicu­lous (15 pat­terns!!!!!!!!), you’ll more than like­ly want to use the remote con­trol. It allows access to more of the steady speed settings.

The minor down­side is that once you start click­ing through the vibra­tions, you can’t cycle back­ward — you can only turn the motor off and back on to restart at the first steady speed. 

b-vibe vibrating jewel butt plug with remote control. These plugs have a slightly pointed tip, voluptuous bulb, and slender neck

Vibration quality

Here’s added incen­tive to go as big as you’re com­fort­able with: the bulki­er of the Vibrating Jewel plugs deliv­ers deep­er vibra­tions. In oth­er words, the motor rum­bli­ness depends on which size you get.

Consider the dif­fer­ence in pitch between the two I have:

  • S/​M — 117 to 144 Hz
  • M/​L — 60 to 114 Hz

The small­er one isn’t weak, but it’s surface-​level and relies on speed to com­pen­sate. Meanwhile, the M/​L offers a fuller tim­bre and low­er pitch, jump­ing and tap­ping like fire­crack­ers when left against a hard sur­face. It’s not the deep­est, but it’s respectable and not too loud. I have noth­ing neg­a­tive to say about the M/​L b‑Vibe Vibrating Jewel plug motor.

b-vibe vibrating jewel butt plug remote controls

(If you want a butt plug with basslike vibra­tion res­o­nance, try the Lora DiCarlo Tilt. It’s not a jew­el plug, but it’s the rum­bli­est butt plug I’ve ever tried.)

How they feel in use

After writ­ing this review, I will get a vibrat­ing plug in the L/​XL size or a Snug Plug 4.

The S/​M size didn’t do much for me. It’s fine. It’s a plug. The vibra­tions are best felt while the bulb slides along the sphinc­ters, which might help a beginner-​to-​intermediate play­er relax. Once it’s sit­u­at­ed inside, meh.

I'd rather save a lit­tle mon­ey and get a non-​vibrating jew­el plug.

Meanwhile, b‑Vibe’s M/​L Vibrating Jewel plug is just aAaAaAaAhHh. It’s fill­ing, the neck-​to-​bulb pro­por­tions are fun and com­fort­able to wear, and the rumbly vibra­tions can trans­fer pret­ty well through flesh. Overall, chef’s kiss emoji.

Closing thoughts

These anal toys vary wide­ly, but if I had to rank them from favorite to least favorite:

  1. Bumped Anal Adventures Matrix plug - Versatile, afford­able, pret­ty heart-​shaped base!
  2. M/​L B‑Vibe Vibrating Jewel Plug - Filling, robust, intense but comfortable.
  3. Beaded Anal Adventures plug — Slender tip. Moderate last bulb. It works well for warm­ing up.
  4. S/​M B‑Vibe Vibrating Jewel Plug — It’s alright but buzzy. I wouldn’t buy it. Get a non-​vibrating bling plug for cheaper.
  5. Swirling Anal Adventures Matrix plug — Ouch.

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sparkly butt plugs with iridescent pigment in the silicone and rhinestones in the bases

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