Review: VixSkin Johnny

The Vixskin Johnny by Vixen Creations has so highly raised my standards since I started collecting toys. When trying out another dildo I like, I ask myself: would saying that I love that other toy, be fair to the Johnny? The answer is rarely ever “yes.”

Johnny is a curved 7 inch long, 1.75 inch wide realistic silicone dildo, complete with mild veining, balls, and a retracted foreskin texture. What takes Johnny from “like” to “need,” though, is a firm muscle core paired with a pliable outer layer to give it the consistency of real erectile tissue. And this thing is damn good at what it was designed to do.

wpid-img_20151020_203751.jpgIt’s just the right thickness for me,while the yielding outer layer makes it comfortable enough for everyday use. The exaggerated head, the curve, and the girth synergize to outright usurp the orgasms out of my G-spot/internal clitoris. And though the firm core is curved, it’s flexible enough to straighten out and shove the squishy head behind my cervix, effectively melting me into a puddle of heart-eyes emojis and oxytocin.

Good lord, the squishy tip.

See, of course pretty much any lengthy silicone dildo is going to provide cervical pressure in some form, but the realistically meaty squish of Johnny’s head excels at it. The dildo’s head conforms to my posterior fornix but yields just enough resistance to effortlessly push back in all the right places.

There’s no thinking about it or adjusting it. BAM. Johnny just gets me and gets me off perfectly. Even just shoving it all the way in and feeling the shift as I clench and release my PC muscles around it drives me crazy. This contrasts with how I have to be a bit more deliberate and precise with a firmer dildo because cervices can be finicky.

For what it was meant to be, Johnny is perfect. Sure, the coronal ridge and foreskin texture can be overwhelming upon first insertion, and, combined with the tacky surface, they make Johnny a lube hog. But honestly? To me, lube is a necessity for optimal enjoyment with pretty much any silicone toy anyway. Slather on a little extra. It’s beyond worth it. Once I get past the pubic bone, I’m not as sensitive to texture and the surface sensation is a bit more chill.

On the flip side, sometimes when I’m really warmed up and relaxed, the girthy curve can force air bubbles into my vagina if I’m using the dildo for straight penetration. It’s mildly annoying to repeatedly stop what I’m doing and let the queef out, but it’s so minor in the grand scheme of things, and the curve is not a flaw as much as a design feature.

That said, I’ll probably also buy the straight-shafted analogue, the Vixen Creations Vixskin Bandit, some time in the future for this reason. Just bear in mind your personal preferences when buying an expensive VixSkin toy and whether your intent is to use the dildo for deep and straight penetration, for the G-spot/prostate, or for both. You can buy Johnny for $103 at SheVibe. For the quality and for just how often I use VixSkin, buying more wouldn’t faze me one bit.

Would recommend:

  • To lovers of moderate girth
  • To lovers of G-spot thrusting

Would not recommend:


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