Naughty Bits Ombré Hombre galactic vibrating dildo review!

Naughty Bits Ombré Hombre galactic vibrating dildo review! 1

An old friend told me that he used to think, when women talked about hav­ing ombré (gra­di­ent) hair col­or done, they meant "hom­bre." And he won­dered why they spoke so fla­grant­ly about get­ting Spanish men.

Fast-​forward a mere few months, and the Naughty Bits Ombré Hombre by Cal Exotics man­i­fest­ed itself into my con­scious­ness. Like magic.

In this review of the Naughty Bits Ombré Hombre:

Ombré Hombre dildo appearance, shape, and size

As the name sug­gests, there's a beau­ti­ful fade between pink, black, and blue. It's semi-​representational of a penis with bunched-​up fore­skin under the head and sub­tle veinage. And, to make the Ombré Hombre even more entic­ing, there's glit­ter mixed in for galac­tic glamour.

Naughty Bits Ombré Hombre galactic vibrating dildo review! 2

As a dil­do, the Naughty Bits Ombré Hombre is gor­geous. Its firm­ness real­ly empha­sizes the tex­ture under the coro­na, delight­ing my front wall dur­ing shal­low pen­e­tra­tion. And it has a suction-​cup base for mount­ing, rid­ing, or harnessing!

With a straight-​shafted 5.25" insertable length and 1.5" width, this dil­do doesn't do much to stim­u­late my deep eroge­nous zones. If your cervix is lower-​set, it might be big enough for you, though.

Dildo... chiropractor...?!

Beyond that, so many things about the Naughty Bits Ombré Hombre make me think, "WHY?"

For one, IT HAS VERTEBRAE.  There's no way of sugar-​coating it. Inside this vibrat­ing sil­i­cone dil­do are discs with click-​clacky inter­nal joints when you bend it — cue flash­back to the over-​engineered MysteryVibe Crescendo.

I'm not inter­est­ed in chi­ro­prac­tics when I masturbate.

Why was Cal Exotics so extra in the wrong way with this toy? Ostensibly, the ver­te­brae make the Ombré Hombre pos­able, but in prac­tice, they're most­ly inef­fec­tive at hold­ing much curvature.

Naughty Bits Ombré Hombre galactic vibrating dildo review! 3

See the ver­te­brae through the translu­cent sil­i­cone in the bot­tom half of the shaft.

You can ever-​so-​slightly adjust the shaft's angling for dis­play pur­pos­es. We're talk­ing like a five-​degree adjust­ment. Beyond that, the flex­i­bil­i­ty fea­ture is use­less. It's also a lit­tle too and straight for prac­ti­cal packing-and-playing.

Naughty Bits Ombré Hombre vibrations

Then, we get to the Ombré Hombre's piti­ful, mosquito-​like vibra­tions. They're even weak­er and buzzi­er than the VeDO Bam Mini, and that's say­ing some­thing. I evis­cer­at­ed that bul­let to give read­ers a visu­al tour of a buzzy vibrator's guts from the inside out. The Naughty Bits Ombré Hombre's motor adds noth­ing to the mas­tur­ba­to­ry experience.

My verdict on the Naughty Bits Ombré Hombre vibrating dildo

If the Ombré Hombre's exte­ri­or weren't so pret­ty, I'd prob­a­bly have dis­sect­ed this thing by now. I almost want to wit­ness how fee­ble its motor wheel is in com­par­i­son to the Bam Mini's.

Naughty Bits Ombré Hombre galactic vibrating dildo review! 4

Overall, this dil­do would prob­a­bly have been cheap­er and more cost-​effective if it were full sil­i­cone. What's more, they could have refined the tacky sur­face a bit more. If you're swayed by the aes­thet­ic and don't need much pen­e­tra­tion depth, though, have at it and use extra lube. It's still a gor­geous dildo.

I con­sid­er it more like a muse­um spec­i­men: beau­ti­ful, imprac­ti­cal to wield, and a mar­vel for friends to gawk at. "This dil­do has ver­te­brae," I'll say to any future guest who views my collection.

Get the Naughty Bits Ombré Hombre from SheVibe!

Oh, and also con­sid­er the Hole Punch Fluke big vagi­nal plug in Purple Hombre.

Naughty Bits Ombré Hombre galactic vibrating dildo review! 5

Notes and disclaimers

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