BMS Factory Pillow Talk Sassy review: powerful G-spot vibrator

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  1. Denise Smith says:

    very pretty pink i love the color ty for the review

  2. Kalliopeia says:

    Damn, all of that for $43- that’s kind of incredible.

  3. Trix says:

    Never knew about this one, looks amazing!

  4. qc says:

    am i reading this correctly that while this has multiple INTENSITY levels and is likely to be a good choice for many users, this one’s probably not going to make my “likes to have pattern options” nonstandard sensory hardwiring happy?

    (also not always here for vibrating my hands, but that’s minor in comparison. to give you an idea of exactly how nonstandard mine is, nearly every blogger ever says we-vibe’s tango is one of the rumbliest things out there, but at least to my *hands* it just feels like straight-up buzz.)

  5. planets says:

    This was an awesome review and hyped me enough to get one for myself. Hopefully I’ll like it as much as you do :]

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