Review: We-Vibe Tango

The We-Vibe Tango is one of the “it” toys, nearly universally lauded among sex bloggers as the most powerful clitoral vibrator of its size class. And for that reason, it was admittedly not a toy I would have tried if it weren’t for someone bequeathing one to me.

While I’ve refined my tastes since first experimenting with sex toys and come to love internal vibrations, but I wouldn’t call myself a power lover when it comes to external toys. Towards the Tango especially, I’m ambivalent, despite it living up to every claim made of its legendary, clit-rattling rumble. To its merit, I didn’t even know what “rumbly” entailed until I tried this toy. My friends I’ve shown the toy to are all baffled by the power of even the lowest setting.

The We-Vibe Tango is about the size of a tube of Chap-Stick

But when it comes to clitoral stimulation, I’ve come to expect a certain kind of orgasm: consecutive multiple orgasms that build on to each other and ebb and flow practically continuously. This can happen with a finger or low speed settings on other rechargeable vibes. SOMETIMES it happens with the lowest speed on the Tango.

Most times, the orgasms I get from the Tango, as well as with weaker high-pitched vibes, are just so different: sharp, and very short spikes with longer in-between periods. The difference gets more and more pronounced as I increase the speed. It’s borderline painful and something that I crave sparingly compared to penetration or clit rubbing.

I find myself reaching for the Tango on occasions where I’m feeling especially lazy, and I like having the option of using it on my clit. I like the option of having a solid bullet vibe to put inside bullet cavities of otherwise motionless toys. Yet, I also feel like there were missed opportunities for other options that the Tango could have provided.

In the words of Epiphora, “…maybe I’m spoiled, but four steady vibration settings just seems half-assed.” I wish there were more speeds so that there wouldn’t be such a literally painfully big jump between the first and second steady settings.

This can be an issue immediately after the first orgasm when my clitoris is sensitive and still likes pressure but not so much speed. It would be nice to have more settings with less widely spaced power differences and a “down” button, so I can turn the speed up and down as desired and reduce the refractory time between orgasms. Alas, there’s no such button, so that’s when I just turn off the toy and rub myself instead. Which is silly; doing that makes me think, “Well, what was even the point of using the toy? In the grand scheme, it didn’t really save me much effort.”

Don’t get me wrong, the We-Vibe Tango is awesome for quickies, and there’s no reason I can’t enjoy alternating a strong clit vibe and my finger, or using a weak vibe to start and strong vibe to finish. But more low speed options and a down button would’ve given me more ways to love the rumbly, high-amplitude goodness, without the pinchy feeling of the high frequency.

Screenshot 2015-10-04 02.24.54I’d also like to see more pattern options that didn’t incorporate such drastic dips in power. I love pulses and patterns during internal use. I love the Tango’s power combined with its Pulse setting. But the fact that there are such wide time gaps between power peaks for 3 out of the 4 pattern settings is disappointing for a toy of this caliber. I wouldn’t call those three patterns an effective kind of consistency.

Not enough power options, no “down” button, not enough pattern settings. These three complaints point to a glaring example of sacrificing versatility for simplicity: the one button control. One button scrolls through all the power and pattern settings, so I understand why there would be fewer options. Some people like how easy and straightforward it is. If you like a solid, simple, discreet vibe, this is for you. But the vibrator features ideal for me personally are simply not in the Tango’s nature. For that reason, I have to express those caveats about the Tango, while adding the LELO Mia and LELO Mona to my wish list.

Lastly, bear in mind that I’m a casual user of the Tango– I use it for a minute or two at a time, and rarely after the first orgasm. I don’t have to be diligent about charging. But many vulva-owners will want to spend more time per session, and for them, the battery’s unreliability can be a bitch. Sometimes it lasts 25 minutes before dying, sometimes it lasts 50 minutes. That’s a frustrating difference to gamble on.

Still, many swear by their Tangos and take the battery life in stride by buying a back-up Tango ($80 each at SheVibe) to use in case of depletion. It’s that kind of love and compromise, and it’s worth it to them, but the Tango is not for everybody.

Would recommend it for:

  • Vulva-owners who need power
  • Vulva-owners who like short and fast “wham bam, thank you, ma’am” orgasms
  • Making insertable toys vibrate
    • Please don’t use this bullet alone for anal penetration. Put it in or against something with a flared base
  • People who need to be discreet
  • Foreplay and partner use
Would not recommend it to:

  • Beginners to vibrators
    • I’d say invest in a cheaper bullet with more options first
  • People who like fast, throbbing patterns
  • People who need subtle power increases (or decreases)
  • People who like broad stimulation

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