Fun with foreskin: tips, techniques, and .GIFs!

Fun with foreskin: tips, techniques, and .GIFs! 1

American cock vs. European cock: have you ever won­dered the dif­fer­ence? Or had aspi­ra­tions to trav­el the world and, maybe in the process, hook up with lovers of dif­fer­ent cul­tur­al backgrounds?

If you're an in the U.S., you might (depend­ing on the region you live) be sur­prised to find that most of the world's men have a fore­skin. I know I was— grow­ing up in the state with the second-​highest infant cut­ting rate, I just assumed that was the norm.

Heck, I didn't know what fore­skin was until I was 20. I was so famil­iar with its absence that I didn't know what its pres­ence entailed. To recap my intro post about fore­skin and cir­cum­ci­sion:

  • The fore­skin is rich­ly inner­vat­ed tis­sue, spe­cial­iz­ing in fine touch
  • It pro­tects the glans of the penis from fric­tion and nat­u­ral­ly lubri­cates it
  • The rea­son Americans start­ed remov­ing fore­skin is fucked-​up and has a lot to do with corn­flakes.

And fore­skin is erot­ic in its own right. I don't care for the term, "fore­skin fetish." To me, the fore­skin is just anoth­er, total­ly nat­ur­al part of the penis to have fun with.

On to tips for playing with uncut cock!

The con­ven­tion­al advice in the U.S. would tell you to move the fore­skin out-​of-​the-​way and stim­u­late the glans instead. Yes, cer­tain­ly stim­u­late the glans, but these upcom­ing tips are start­ing points for adding vari­ety. I'm here to tell you to get creative.

1. First things first

Take advan­tage of that built-​in glid­ing action when warm­ing up. I mean, I can't be the only one who thinks that looks sexy.

Foreskin stroking .gif

2. Start with a gentle touch

If you're going to touch the glans direct­ly, add some spit or lube before retract­ing and get­ting rougher. I know that sounds like com­mon sense for all cocks, but the exposed glans on an uncut dick can be espe­cial­ly sensitive.

A fla­vored lube like Sutil Body Glide or Sliquid Swirl is a good place to start.

3. Trace tiny circles on the frenulum

This lil bridge of tis­sue is a sen­si­tive area! On a cir­cum­cised cock, some­times it's removed. But not always, since there's no stan­dard amount of tis­sue to circumcise.

With the fore­skin intact, this is more like­ly a good spot to try small­er, flick­er­ing motions with a tongue or fin­ger. Or apply a pin­point vibra­tor.

Fun with foreskin: tips, techniques, and .GIFs! 2

The arrow in the dia­gram is point­ing to the frenu­lum on the under­side of the penis. Picture via Wikimedia Commons. Yeah, there was no short­age of dudes upload­ing dick pics to Wikipedia, lol.

4. Stick a finger or tongue under the foreskin

You could do this alone with the fore­skin up, or while pulling the fore­skin up and down.

5. Swirl your finger or tongue around under the foreskin
Sticking finger under foreskin

If using your tongue, remem­ber to keep it stiff. Like the pre­vi­ous tech­nique, this stim­u­lates the foreskin's stretch and places pres­sure on the glans at the same time. A for­mer partner's reac­tion was "Ohhh my god. This is amaz­ing. How the actu­al fuck are you doing that?"

Also, just a warn­ing: you'll hit a lit­tle speed­bump on the under­side of the penis when you encounter the frenu­lum. You could do cir­cles back-​and-​forth with­out ever actu­al­ly going over the frenu­lum. Or just go slow­ly. Whatever you and your part­ner are in the mood for.

If you're con­cerned about fin­ger­nails, just make sure they're trimmed. If you don't want to trim, you can still insert cot­ton balls inside the fin­ger­tips of a dis­pos­able glove. My uncut part­ners have said that it doesn't both­er them much as long as you're gentle.

Foreskin kneading .gif
6. Pull up the foreskin and gently knead the end of it

You can do it between your lips or fin­gers on one side…

…or both sides!

(Remember to vary the speed. You can cer­tain­ly knead it faster or slow­er than shown.)

Another foreskin kneading .gif

"But I'm scared that my penis-​owning partner might think it's weird!"

I had this qualm, too, but I got around it by blind­fold­ing my part­ner and telling him I was going to try some­thing new. I'd check in reg­u­lar­ly and ask him how it felt. If he didn't like some­thing I was doing, I could stop at any time. But that nev­er hap­pened— he end­ed up real­ly enjoy­ing it!

If you're in the U.S., your part­ner might actu­al­ly appre­ci­ate the extra love for their fore­skin. I asked my part­ner, "How many women do you know who love fore­skin?" to empha­size why I was wor­ried that he'd find it weird. His response: "Not enough!"

So go ahead and show some love if uncut cock is your thing. There's lit­er­al­ly more to love.

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16 Responses

  1. Rich says:

    I had a girl­friend do all these to me years ago it was great, espe­cial­ly putting her stuff tongue in the fore­skin. She also had a trick where she blew it up like a bal­loon that was fun too

  2. J says:

    Oh my, I nev­er thought of this, awe­soooome! Wish I could try it. You know, I actu­al­ly don't know how men with­out fore­skin jack off the reg­u­lar way? (I have nev­er been with one). I think they need lube to rub up and down?

  3. Hoodedweiner says:

    Perfectly Explained

  4. Macca says:

    Sounds great! Just need to meet a female in the uk who fan­cies try­ing this on me.

  5. Oreon says:

    Thanks for the tips. I'll def­i­nite­ly keep these in mind for later!

  6. DizzyD says:

    Amazing tips! I’ve always dat­ed man with fore­skin, but some of the infor­ma­tion was new to me.… Thanks!

  7. Annie says:

    Hmmm, I'll def­i­nite­ly be keep­ing these in mind for the future

  8. Posy Churchgate says:

    I've always had part­ners with fore­skin, but some of your tips are new to me. Great shared advice!

  9. Elliott says:

    being an American with­out a fore­skin, I can­not enjoy those plea­sures. But, I still have a hell of a good time!

  10. pleasureconnoisseurs says:

    Woohoo! Indeed… school them on the frenu­lum! Great infor­ma­tive piece!

  11. Denise Smith says:

    i did­nt know what fore­skin was until lat­er then that i was prob­a­bly in my mid 20`s

  12. Clara says:

    Sooo help­ful! Thank you so much!

  13. Trix says:

    Love the tips, very sensual!

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