Velvet Thruster review: POWERFUL, portable fucking machine & self-thrusting dildo

I'm so lazy in bed that I don't even take my pants off to use clit vibes. My spoiled dis­po­si­tion means I'm down for any­thing that does most of the work for me.

For pen­e­tra­tion, the Velvet Thruster does pre­cise­ly that. The Velvet Thruster deliv­ers 136 strokes per minute with a real­is­tic, long thrust length — beau­ti­ful­ly seduc­ing my cervix and sim­u­lat­ing inter­course with no effort on my part.

Plus, this hand­held fuck­ing machine is ver­sa­tile AF with its attach­ment options and posi­tion­ing aids! G‑spotty hook? Big blud­geon? The Thruster has it.

Velvet Thruster Prime review

UPDATE APRIL 2023 — This Velvet Thruster review is about an old ver­sion of the prod­uct from 5 years ago. Velvet Thrusters have changed a lot with­in the past half-​decade! They're sleek­er and qui­eter and come chock full of new fea­tures. Here's a recap of what's new with the Velvet Thrusters.

Newer Velvet Thruster reviews and updates


  • About the same stroke length and top speed as the original
  • Attachments can pop on and off the full-​sized Velvet Thruster Prime model
  • One base can be used to auto-​thrust many dildos!
  • Attach long reach han­dles for acces­si­bil­i­ty or a suc­tion cup base 
    • Use the straight han­dle to mount the Velvet Thruster on the Liberator Wanda!
Velvet Thruster handheld fucking machine review


  • Even small­er pack­ages, with dif­fer­ent options for the dil­do head.
  • Suction cup base by default
  • More afford­able than the Prime models
  • The trade-​off is that they are less ver­sa­tile (you can't switch out the top)


  • There's a G‑spotty Nanci attach­ment for the Velvet Thruster Prime
  • You can also get the same head with the minia­ture motor with the Velvet Thruster Teddy GS


The new ver­sions have the same hand­held fuck­ing machine appeal, but look waaaaay bet­ter than the orig­i­nal Velvet Thruster. Plus, there are enough options to serve casu­al and hard­core users. In oth­er words, they have pow­er tool inten­si­ty with­out look­ing like pow­er tools.

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Velvet Thruster review: POWERFUL, portable fucking machine & self-thrusting dildo 1

Look at how far Velvet Thruster has come

It's a self-​contained fuck­ing machine that deliv­ers 3‑inch thrusts, up to 140 times a minute. It's not only a tech­no­log­i­cal mar­vel but also promis­es the thing that Fun Factory's Stronic Real couldn't: deep pen­e­tra­tion. For me, that means auto­mat­ic cervix stim­u­la­tion.

Photos past this point show snap­shots in his­to­ry fea­tur­ing the orig­i­nal Velvet Thruster from the company's con­cep­tion in 2017. Consider it a throwback!

Velvet Thruster review: POWERFUL, portable fucking machine & self-thrusting dildo 2
The Velvet Thruster comes in a light lavender color that matches well with my lime green and purple flowers.

Velvet Thruster vs. Fun Factory Stronic comparison

No dis­re­spect— the Stronics also self-​propel, but far more qui­et­ly and with a short­er stroke length. The rel­a­tive­ly con­tained jig­gling more pre­cise­ly hones in on my inter­nal clitoris.

But every time I insert­ed a Stronic all the way and turned on the self-​thrusting, it would jig­gle itself back to the shal­low­er half of my vagi­na. And that's not a prob­lem per se, but it's not the motion I imag­ined in my dream sex toy.

In con­trast, I can aim the Velvet Thruster's motion as deep or as shal­low as I please. Despite my cervix's pref­er­ence for short strokes, I found that the Velvet Thruster's stroke length was gen­er­al­ly irrel­e­vant. At least, as long as I turned up the speed fast enough. And main­tain­ing my hold on the box but not super-tightly.

Velvet Thruster vs. Stronic Real and Bi Stronic Fusion comparison.

But how do you feel about the Velvet Thruster?

The Velvet Thruster is cur­rent­ly part of my heavy rota­tion— the toys I use most often. It's every­thing I love about cer­vi­cal stim­u­la­tion, but quick­er and more exact. It's the dif­fer­ence between pow­der cocaine and crack. I get all of the heart-​eyes-​emoji feel­ings, but the effect takes place faster. Plus, I don't have to work for it beyond wash­ing the dil­do, lub­ing it up, and aim­ing. The orgasms repeat for as many times as I want, with hard­ly any effort.

This hand­held fuck­ing machine is the clos­est any toy I've tried has come to feel­ing like inter­course. Sure, it's not a human. It's not the same as wrap­ping my legs around my boyfriend's hips, but it's pret­ty dang sim­i­lar if I look into his eyes while using the Velvet Thruster Jackie. And that's nice if he's tired or recov­er­ing but I need to have some­thing bash near my cervix.

There are ten speeds, and the fastest set­ting is my favorite for vagi­nal use. That way, the tip stays in con­tact with my cervix for longer. The dildo's flex­i­bil­i­ty means that I can tilt the shaft for­ward so that the tip mas­sages my cervix, while the shaft bends against my inter­nal cli­toris, near my front wall. I can get some indi­rect G‑spot stim­u­la­tion from the Velvet Thruster Jackie, but I think deep pen­e­tra­tion is its claim to fame.

Velvet Thruster Jackie attachment

A closer view of the Velvet Thruster Jackie

When it comes to the dil­do, I find Jackie attach­ment pret­ty stan­dard but use­ful. It's a straight-​shafted 6.5 inch­es long, 1.5 inch­es wide, with some flex­i­bil­i­ty from the tip to halfway down the shaft. The mat­te sur­face is a beau­ti­ful bal­ance between drag­gy and silky, and there's some light veiny tex­ture.  Nothing to rave about, but it works.

When the thrust­ing mech­a­nism expands, the entire sil­i­cone attach­ment is 9 inch­es long. That's more than enough for me. I've seen peo­ple sug­gest upgrad­ing it with the Vixskin Colossus Extender for girth and a real­is­tic squish. It would be cool to have a fat, body-​safe, dual-​density, self-​thrusting dildo.

UPDATE: Want a dual-​density self-​thrusting dil­do at a low­er price? Check out the BMS Naked Addiction 9" thruster!

UPDATE: The new-​and-​improved Velvet Thruster Prime is qui­eter, water­proof, and has swap­pable attach­ments. PLUS there are plen­ty of mini Thruster Teddy options now — includ­ing the girthy Sammie, Teddy XL, and long and curved Edward!

The Velvet Thruster's mechanism

Velvet Thruster Jackie expanded

Unlike the Stronics, the Velvet Thruster doesn't con­tain a mag­net­ic weight. Instead, it works like a rec­i­p­ro­cat­ing saw with a bar­rel cam. You can watch an ani­ma­tion of the inter­nal mech­a­nism here.

If you can't see it, under­stand that there's a fast AF spin­ning bar­rel. There are diag­o­nal grooves that wrap around it, and the attach­ments trace the grooves to con­vert the spin­ning into back-​and-​forth push­ing. Think of how a screw gets pushed in the more you turn it. That's an over­sim­pli­fied descrip­tion but enough to get the pic­ture across.

And that's why the Velvet Thruster sounds like a drill. A pow­er tool. One of the last toys I'd rec­om­mend for dis­cre­tion. But it's a minia­ture fuck­ing machine, for cry­ing out loud. A small one with a sig­nif­i­cant range of motion. One that is both non-​porous and doesn't cost over $500.

One that you can posi­tion at dif­fer­ent angles and move around.

Downside: positioning isn't effortless

Velvet Thruster Jackie resting and compressed

Unlike with a tra­di­tion­al fuck­ing machine, you don't have to stay in one posi­tion while your Velvet Thruster jack­ham­mers hor­i­zon­tal­ly. You can have it ver­ti­cal­ly, at a diag­o­nal, and switch up the angling as you please. But a fuck­ing machine turned into a hand­held toy is bound to be bulky and that's a deal­break­er to some.

Let's break down the mea­sure­ments: the Jackie dil­do itself is about 6 inch­es, the thrust­ing accor­dion 3 inch­es, and the box 5 inch­es. That's 15 inch­es of STUFF to reach around. The length makes it more dif­fi­cult to hold than the Stronics, so bear that in mind if you have short arms, aren't flex­i­ble, or have body fat that would get in the way of reaching.

The most com­fort­able way posi­tion for me is to place the Velvet Thruster's box against a thick cush­ion, light­ly wrap my legs around that, and place a pil­low under my back. I can use it by hold­ing it in my hand. However, it's far eas­i­er to teach the right spot when you have posi­tion­ing aids.

UPDATE: The Velvet Thruster Prime now has options for angled han­dles and suc­tion cup attachments!

How practical is it to have a Velvet Thruster?

Velvet Thruster Jackie expanded side view

It does have its down­sides, like being bulky and indis­creet. Fat chance of using it if you have room­mates and thin walls in a dorm. And though you can wash the sil­i­cone part, the box isn't water­proof or sub­mersible. And that's kind of a bum­mer. Back in 2014, when I got my first Stronics, all of the Velvet Thruster's cons would have been dealbreakers.

UPDATE: The new­er Velvet Thruster Prime is qui­eter and water­proof. Also, con­sid­er get­ting a mini Velvet Thruster Teddy if you want sim­i­lar pow­er in a small­er, slight­ly less expen­sive pack­age. The small­er Thrusters actu­al­ly cost less than the Fun Factory Stronics now.

(Read Thruster Prime, Teddy GS, and Teddy XL review.)

I have no qualms with say­ing that if I had to keep just one self-​thrusting toy in my col­lec­tion nowa­days, it would be the Velvet Thruster. They all cost about the same, but unlike the Stronics, the Velvet Thruster gives me the kind of stim­u­la­tion that dri­ves me wilder. I live with my boyfriend, and I'm usu­al­ly in bed and on my back when I mas­tur­bate. Thus, the draw­backs don't apply to me anymore.

Velvet Thruster review: POWERFUL, portable fucking machine & self-thrusting dildo 3

Overall verdict on the Velvet Thruster

The attach­ments are silky-​smooth, and the machin­ery makes the toy. Let me remind you: the Velvet Thruster can thrust up to just over twice per sec­ond. Orgasms until I'm straight up tired, inde­pen­dent­ly of whether my arms are sore. That's a major plus when you're multi-​orgasmic and think, "Well, I COULD go for anoth­er. And anoth­er. And another…"

Without know­ing how often I would use it, I ini­tial­ly dis­missed the Velvet Thruster as "just" a nov­el toy to mix things up. But there's no deny­ing how often I reach for it now. The Velvet Thruster has spoiled me, amid the over 100 toys I've tried. Some days, I have to treat myself.

You can treat yo'self to a Velvet Thruster at The Thruster. Use my coupon code, SUPER25 for 25% off your order.

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  1. koalafied_adult says:

    I noticed that Velvet Co has a new improved ver­sion called, Teddy, the new thruster mini. It looks promis­ing but there's no reviews yet so there's only the lit­tle info that's in their descrip­tion. I'm not sure if you've checked it out yet but I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

  2. Jay says:

    I love the pho­tos you took for this review. I’ve decid­ed that I am going to get myself a vel­vet thruster (I some­how held off using Black Friday). I do kin­da want to wait for the ver­sion you test­ed to be released though. While only one attach­ment cur­rent­ly appeals to me, I like the idea of inter­change­able dildos.

  3. C says:

    I real­ly like the con­cept of the Velvet Thruster. I love my Stronic G, but I do some­times crave deep­er pen­e­tra­tion than that could give. But the Velvet Thruster is so com­pli­cat­ed of a con­cept, y’know? Practically the only thing of its kind, rel­a­tive­ly new, hit or miss with dif­fer­ent peo­ple, pret­ty expen­sive, still some kinks to work out. It’s a gam­ble, basi­cal­ly. (I guess one could say that about the Stronics too but I won mine in a give­away so idk.) I know it has to be bulky, but I think it would be help­ful if they gave it a… handle-​type thing at the top right beyond where the dil­do attach­es, so you could hold it in place with­out hav­ing to reach all the way around the back.

  1. July 16, 2019

    […] In response to crit­i­cism of these orig­i­nal Velvet Thrusters, a suc­tion cup has been added to Teddy’s base, the motor cas­ing is small­er than on the OG thrusters, and the con­trol but­tons have been moved. I haven’t tried any of the orig­i­nal Velvet Thruster mod­els before, so I can’t speak about the extent to which these changes improve the Velvet Cock Thrusters, but can point you towards some reviews of the OG thrusters by fel­low sex blog­gers Red Hot Suz and Super Smash Cache. […]

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