Pretty Love Dylan "Come Hither" rabbit review

When it comes to sex toys, I'm always starry-​eyed and swayed eas­i­ly by the new and nov­el. Maybe to a fault.

Pretty Love Dylan Vibrator on Fence

My curios­i­ty got the best of me when I saw the Pretty Love Dylan— a cheap G‑spot vibra­tor that bends back and forth, like fin­gers beck­on­ing, "come hither."

Could this be an afford­able and bet­ter alter­na­tive to the lux­u­ry LELO Soraya Wave? I mean, it wouldn't take much to accom­plish that.

But seriously, what the fuck, LELO?

The Mona Wave's bullshit-​boastful cam­paign ("The first!" To "tru­ly" mas­sage the G‑spot! "Takes you to the lim­its of plea­sure!") set it up for fail­ure— and the Mona Wave was still a disappointment.

In all fair­ness, an insertable sex toy flex­ing up and down isn't a poor con­cept. But the Mona Wave's exe­cu­tion was half-​assed and over­priced. If it moved faster and cost less, it would be on to something.

Giving the Pretty Love Dylan a chance

While I didn't know much about Pretty Love, I fig­ured "move faster" was a small hur­dle for them to jump. And also, they're part of Vibrant's curat­ed col­lec­tion— I high­ly respect Vibrant as a shop, and I trust that they have whole­some rea­sons for stock­ing Pretty Love sex toys.

Pretty Love Dylan on Fence

Indeed, even though my gim­mick meter beeped, I'm not mad about try­ing the Dylan. The shaft's vibra­tions are accept­able, the con­trol pan­el is intu­itive, and the "come hith­er" bend­ing is quite use­ful. But not just for the rea­son you think.

Choose your level of curvature

I appre­ci­ate that I can "freeze" the Pretty Love Dylan's posi­tion while its shaft bends. And as a result, I can have a mod­er­ate G‑spot angle, a shal­low A‑spot curve, or any­thing in-between.

It's like a micro­scop­ic sam­ple of the cus­tomiz­abil­i­ty that the MysteryVibe Crescendo promised. But unlike the Crescendo, the Dylan's angle can stay in place when frozen. And unlike the Crescendo's flat body, the Dylan's shape makes sense.

I do wish the Dylan was an inter­nal vibra­tor instead of a dual stim­u­la­tor, though! With the clit arm in the way, there's only 5.3" of insertable length— enough to reach some people's A‑spots /​ AFE zones, but not all.

Pretty Love Dylan Controls

Functions and controls

To turn the Pretty Love Dylan on, press the top but­ton. It's not going to start the vibra­tion or wav­ing motion right away, though. Both sets of func­tions are inde­pen­dent­ly con­trolled. Press on the oth­er but­tons to cycle through the func­tions: 3 vibra­tion speeds, 4 vibra­tion pat­terns, and 4 set­tings for the waving.

How are the vibrations?

The shaft's vibra­tions are buzzy, but I think the price is fit­ting. They have enough strength to get me off cli­toral­ly. At worst, the high­est speed is a sometimes-​irritating pitch, but the amount of pow­er isn't a con­cern for me.

Pretty Love Dylan Flexible Arm

That clit arm, though? 100% use­less. The best thing about the exter­nal stim­u­la­tor that it's so flex­i­ble that I can push out-​of-​the-​way and not use it at all. It lines up with my clit fine but is too flex­i­ble to apply pres­sure in any mean­ing­ful way while thrusting.

And even if I press the clit arm, the vibra­tions are still piti­ful. It's what­ev­er, because I usu­al­ly hate rab­bits and have only ever LOVED two rab­bits' clit arms.

I'd just rather they had omit­ted the exter­nal stim­u­la­tor. The mak­ers could have instead invest­ed the clit arm's funds in bet­ter shaft motors. Notably, a faster "come hith­er" would take the Dylan from "meh" to "above and beyond for the price."

How's the finger-​bending motion?

It feels pleas­ant. Not amaz­ing. Just dif­fer­ent and good. It does add some­thing to the expe­ri­ence, but it's not fast enough to get me off with­out adding some hand-thrusting.

In a nut­shell: at its fastest, it's mar­gin­al­ly quick­er than the Mona Wave. The robot­ic sound makes it seem more pow­er­ful, but see­ing fin­gers bend at the same speed makes it obvi­ous how slow it is. Allow Epiphora and her friends to demon­strate in this video.

Yeah. After that video, there's not much left to say.

Overall thoughts on the Pretty Love Dylan

Pretty Love Dylan "Come Hither" rabbit review 1

I would like to see this con­cept take off and jump that small hur­dle of mov­ing faster. Only then can I whole­heart­ed­ly give it my seal of approval. For the price, though, I'm not mad. It's not bad as an insertable vibra­tor, with a lit­tle "some­thing extra".

If you're look­ing for an afford­able alter­na­tive to the LELO Mona Wave, there are some okay alter­na­tives out there. These "come hith­er" G‑spot rab­bit vibra­tors move at the same speed or faster and cost way less. As they should.

I'd recommend the Dylan for:

  • adding a new, mild G‑spotting sen­sa­tion to your toybox
  • try­ing dif­fer­ent shaft angles for your inter­nal zones
  • using the slow wave to warm up and thrust­ing to fin­ish off

I would not recommend the Dylan for:

  • any­one who wants the wav­ing motion to be the pri­ma­ry source of inter­nal stimulation
  • dis­creet mas­tur­ba­tion— the robot­ic arm move­ment is loud and off-putting
  • peo­ple with tight pelvic floor mus­cles, which may damp­en the motion

Get a "come hither" G-spot rabbit vibrator

Vibrant, the shop I got the Pretty Love Dylan from, sent me this vibra­tor in exchange for my hon­est and freely giv­en opin­ion. They're no longer in busi­ness, but I do have alter­na­tives for you below.

Shop SheVibe's "come hither" rabbit selection from The Rabbit Company.

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