Twijoy Night Review: Spinning & Sucking Penis Stroker

“Human vagi­nas don’t typ­i­cal­ly move like that [toy does], though you could pick me up and spin me. I’m light­weight enough.”

“Oh, def­i­nite­ly,” my friend replied after test­ing the Twijoy Night spin­ning sleeve.

Twijoy Night masturbation sleeve in a small-framed woman's hand
Shown here is the penis mas­tur­ba­tor next to the Slyder Plus Wide — a quite above-​average dildo.

Night by Twijoy is an auto­mat­ed, cup-​style mas­tur­ba­tion stro­ker designed to:

  • Spin up to 200 rev­o­lu­tions per minute
  • Simulate the feel­ing of flesh with cushy, soft TPE on the inside
  • Suck and release rhyth­mi­cal­ly with adjustable pres­sure levels
  • Sync to video chat with live web­cam mod­els on the app
A look inside the Twijoy Night sleeve opening

I didn’t plan on so much allit­er­a­tion, but my voice notes caught me almost suc­cess­ful­ly say­ing, “There’s no way he’s going to make it past the sec­ond steady spin­ning set­ting” — with­out trip­ping over the tongue-twister.

“And I might nev­er,” my part­ner respond­ed while debrief­ing. “[The Twijoy Night] made me cum like that. It was real fast. Having you here helped as well.”

Yeah, I could tell from how his legs shook, and he groaned — stop talk­ing and kiss him.

Twijoy Night settings and controls

While the medi­um speed’s rota­tion sen­sa­tion was plen­ty, this penis mas­tur­ba­tor offers options galore.

Twijoy Night buttons and cap

“You don’t get pat­terns with a blowjob,” he said. “They’re not quite as ded­i­cat­ed as with this [toy]. It’s not com­pa­ra­ble, but it’s good; I didn’t think I’d like it, but I did.”

In oth­er words? The suc­tion is an entire­ly dif­fer­ent stim­u­lus than a blowjob — its slow flow is fun for edg­ing, while the gyra­tions are very wham-bam.

Here’s how the 5‑button con­trol pan­el works:

  • Long press the pow­er but­ton to turn the Twijoy Night on or off.
  • The “M” clicks through 7 suc­tion func­tions — all vari­a­tions of suck­ing and pausing.
  • The “O” cycles the 7 spin­ning set­tings — 3 steady speeds and 4 back-​and-​forth patterns.
  • Hold down the lips icon to increase the pres­sure and let go when you reach the desired base­line intensity.
  • The hand icon at the cen­ter is a quick-​release button
Twijoy Night masturbation sleeve opening and cap

Usage guidelines for best results


TAP THAT AND HOLD THE POWER BUTTON. KNOW THAT DETAIL BEFORE YOU CUM. That’s crit­i­cal if you’re sen­si­tive after ejac­u­la­tion. Or, on the flip side, use less suc­tion if you want more move­ment from the rotary motor.

There’s so much going on all at once. With such inten­si­ty, you will want to turn it off quick­ly when you’re done. And it won’t take long to get to that point.

Twijoy Night spinning masturbation sleeve textures

Have anoth­er odd­ly spe­cif­ic but help­ful hint: BE AWARE THAT THE MIDDLE PORTION IS TIGHTLY TWISTED ONTO THE BASE. In oth­er words, when you unscrew it for clean­ing, it’s way eas­i­er if you:

  • Wash off any remain­ing lube on the outside
  • Remove the TPE sleeve from the plas­tic shell AND EMPTY CUM FROM THAT FIRST
  • Maybe have some rub­ber bands handy for an eas­i­er grip

I made the mis­take of turn­ing it upside down and squeez­ing it between my legs to grip, twist, and unbind the seg­ments — spilling cum and lube all over my crotch. Don’t be like me unless you’re into the whole bukkake and cum fetish thing.

And yes, you will need water-​based lube with the Twijoy Night for the best sen­sa­tions. We used Exsens Pure Aqua, which is nice and thick — ide­al for hand­jobs and penis stroking. It made the tex­tured ten­drils glide with ease.

Twijoy Night sleeve texture knobs inside

Specs, measurements, materials, maintenance

Here’s a sum­ma­ry of how the Twijoy Night mea­sures up.

Outer Shell

  • 9.6” long total
  • 3.2” wide total
  • Hard ABS plastic
  • Super dis­creet
  • USB charg­ing cord included

Inner Sleeve

  • 1.0” wide at the open­ing, with light diag­o­nal ridging
  • 1.5” wide deep­er inside the tunnel
  • Can stretch to accom­mo­date a penis up to 1.8” in diameter
  • About 5” long inside
  • Thermoplastic elas­tomer


  • 7 suc­tion functions
  • 7 spin­ning settings
  • Up to 200 rev­o­lu­tions per minute
  • 3.7 V and 1100 mAh battery
  • USB charg­ing cord included
  • 2 hours charge 90ish min­utes of play
  • IPX7 water­proof
Twijoy Night stroker disassembled

Maintenance Notes

Remove the sleeve and wash it ASAP after using it. The instruc­tion man­u­al says the TPE has a shelf life of 3 years with prop­er care. Regarding soft mate­ri­als that aren’t sil­i­cone, I rec­om­mend reg­u­lar­ly check­ing for dam­age, dis­col­oration, and changes in smell since TPE doesn’t last forever.

While you can get the oth­er com­po­nents wet, you wouldn’t want to; the sleeve is only com­pat­i­ble with water-​based lube, which wash­es off eas­i­ly. Oils can break down and degrade the mate­r­i­al, while water-​based is com­pat­i­ble with all toys.

So how does it compare to a hand? To the real thing?

My part­ner said Twijoy’s Night will “ruin hand mas­tur­ba­tion” for him. “It’s mechan­i­cal and doesn’t feel like a human [ … but is the] next best thing [to a vagi­na], I have to say. What a time to be alive.”

Just like I don’t expect my thrust­ing dil­dos to replace human chem­istry, an auto­mat­ic and mechanical-​feeling (and loud­ly robotic-​sounding!) mas­tur­ba­tion sleeve won’t over­haul a vagi­na. It’s cer­tain­ly miles ahead of a hand, though!

Twijoy Night Review: Spinning & Sucking Penis Stroker 1

“Could be bet­ter than bad real,” he added, “Or unen­thu­si­as­tic, even.”

I laughed at the sen­ti­ment of “bet­ter than unen­thu­si­as­tic real” sex. Consider that Night by Twijoy doesn’t cost that much more than the total of:

  • A nice-​ish* din­ner for 2
  • A bot­tle of wine
  • Two movie the­ater tickets
  • Theater pop­corn

*I opened "Fancy Like" by Walker Hayes and Kesha in a new brows­er tab, and now it’s stuck in my head. Anyway…

Twijoy Night Review: Spinning & Sucking Penis Stroker 2

Yeah, the price tag is hel­la worth it for a suck­ing and spin­ning mas­tur­ba­tion sleeve that:

  • Feels good on every spin­ning setting
  • Could be bet­ter than actu­al (but unen­thu­si­as­tic) sex
  • Made my friend cum wild­ly quick­ly — so stu­pid­ly fast that he might nev­er click through the whole con­trol panel
  • Ruined hand mas­tur­ba­tion for him
Twijoy Night finger and opening size comparison

This post was spon­sored and con­tains affil­i­ate links! Opinions are based on my partner’s and my expe­ri­ence with this prod­uct. <3

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