Crystal Delights Crystal Twist review: spiral-shaped glass dildo

[Image: blue Crystal Delights Crystal Twist glass dildo side view]

[Image: Crystal Delights Crystal Twist glass dildo with Light Vitrail crystal base]

The Crystal Delights Crystal Twist stands proud­ly on dis­play when I have friends over. I have no shame. Between its unortho­dox­ly sexy curves and iri­des­cent gleam, it's not hard to tell why I flaunt it as one part tro­phy, part art piece, and part sex toy.

The Light Vitrail gem that came attached with mine fea­tures a pearly green reflec­tive sheen over a pink under­tone and yel­low and aqua sparkles. "Jeweled base" doesn't even do jus­tice to it, because that would lump it in with the cheap, flat-backed rhine­stones typ­i­cal­ly used for princess plugs. No, this gem has dichroic facets and a base cut specif­i­cal­ly for dimen­sion­al fire.

How does the screw shaft even work? It looks so uncomfortable!

[Image: Crystal Delights Crystal Twist glass dildo next to my old toys in a bowl. This photo was from 2015!!!)

It's true: the Crystal Twist might seem a bit screwy to the inex­pe­ri­enced eye. It fea­tures a helix-shaped shaft that's designed to be twist­ed, not straight in and out. The glass slides at a diag­o­nal against my G‑spot in use.

The helix is designed so that the pubic bone is encap­su­lat­ed in one of the con­cave dips between each twist, each spaced 2 inch­es apart, while the con­vex part push­es up just a bit past the pubic bone, to stim­u­late the inter­nal cli­toris. People with penis­es can use it for their prostates as well, but this review will focus on peo­ple with vaginas.

What does the Crystal Twist feel like when twisting?

When twist­ing, the sen­sa­tion is dis­tinct­ly inter­nal cli­toral. That's the best way I can describe how it feels to me.  Imagine wet­ting your fin­ger­tip and glid­ing it over the rim of a glass to make it res­onate and ring.

Now imag­ine how that would feel, with a thick glass against your cli­toral glans (or prostate). And imag­ine that inter­nal­ly: per­sis­tent diag­o­nal inter­nal cli­toral slid­ing. That's how twist­ing the Crystal Twist feels.

And despite the uncom­fort­able appear­ance, the twist­ing is sur­pris­ing­ly fool­proof, even dur­ing part­ner use. My ex-partner's actu­al words when using it were, "Wow, I have to twist it to thrust it back and forth. That's so crazy!"

I respond­ed, "Well, you don't HAVE to thrust it. It's just that I'm grab­bing on to it." Clenching ampli­fies the sen­sa­tion, espe­cial­ly when I come. It adds to the easy build­abil­i­ty of the orgasm inten­si­ty. Even when it's sta­tion­ary, I love clench­ing and feel­ing each swirl press against my PC muscles.

How does the Crystal Twist feel when thrusting?

"Wait… grab on to it." He tried to thrust with­out twist­ing. "Now let go." He pulled the Crystal Twist straight out while my vagi­na relaxed. "THAT'S. SO. CRAZY!'

Up until that point, it hadn't even occurred to me to try thrust­ing with­out twist­ing. When I expe­ri­ence the toy that way, the sen­sa­tion is dis­tinct­ly that of the ridges pulling against my ure­thral sponge and front wall on the way out. It's intense but, to my sur­prise, not uncom­fort­able at all. That's thanks to the com­bi­na­tion of the smooth glass, the round­ed con­tours, and the spac­ing between twists. As such, I can thrust with reck­less aban­don with­out the sen­sa­tion overwhelming.

My verdict on the Crystal Delights Twist

If you love G‑spot dil­dos, glass, and rip­ples, def­i­nite­ly con­sid­er get­ting this toy. Everything else about the Crystal Twist, though, screams "sen­su­al luxe" and is well worth the $115 price tag. Crystal Delights is a com­pa­ny that pro­duces last­ing, qual­i­ty toys that users will enjoy for decades down the road.

I would not recommend the Crystal Delights Crystal Twist to people who:
  • Have deep G‑spots (more than 2 inches)
  • Need heavy, direct G‑spot pressure

I would recommend it to those who enjoy:
  • Glass dil­dos
  • G‑spot stim­u­la­tion
  • Textured sex toys
  • Twisting motions

Get a Crystal Twist glass dil­do from Crystal Delights.

[Image: Crystal Delights "ART IS PLEASURE" banner]

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  1. Trix says:

    I was afraid of this design, so I appre­ci­ate the explanation!

  2. Anna says:

    Everything Crystal Delights makes looks so gor­geous! Would love to get one of these one day

  3. "Imagine wet­ting your fin­ger­tip and glid­ing it over the rim of a glass to make it res­onate and ring." Gave me actu­al chills <3 Great review.

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