Crystal Delights Crystal Twist Review: Spiral-Shaped Glass Dildo

Crystal Delights Crystal Twist Review: Spiral-Shaped Glass Dildo 1

The Crystal Delights Crystal Twist stands proud­ly on dis­play when I have friends over. I have no shame. Between its unortho­dox­ly sexy curves and iri­des­cent gleam, it's not hard to tell why I flaunt it as one part tro­phy, part art piece, and part sex toy.

The Light Vitrail gem that came attached with mine fea­tures a pearly green reflec­tive sheen over a pink under­tone and yel­low and aqua sparkles. "Jeweled base" doesn't even do jus­tice to it, because that would lump it in with the cheap, flat-​backed rhine­stones typ­i­cal­ly used for princess plugs. No, this gem has dichroic facets and a base cut specif­i­cal­ly for dimen­sion­al fire.

How Does the Screw Shaft Even Work?

It's true: the Crystal Twist might seem a bit screwy to the inex­pe­ri­enced eye. It fea­tures a helix-​shaped shaft that's designed to be twist­ed, not straight in and out. The glass slides at a diag­o­nal against my G‑spot in use.

The helix is designed so that the pubic bone is encap­su­lat­ed in one of the con­cave dips between each twist, each spaced 2 inch­es apart, while the con­vex part push­es up just a bit past the pubic bone, to stim­u­late the inter­nal cli­toris. People with penis­es can use it for their prostates as well, but this review will focus on peo­ple with vaginas.

Crystal Delights Crystal Twist Spiral Glass Dildo Review

What Does the Crystal Twist Feel Like When Twisting?

When twist­ing, the sen­sa­tion is dis­tinct­ly inter­nal cli­toral. That's the best way I can describe how it feels to me.  Imagine wet­ting your fin­ger­tip and glid­ing it over the rim of a glass to make it res­onate and ring.

Now imag­ine how that would feel, with a thick glass against your cli­toral glans (or prostate). And imag­ine that inter­nal­ly: per­sis­tent diag­o­nal inter­nal cli­toral slid­ing. That's how twist­ing the Crystal Twist feels.

And despite the uncom­fort­able appear­ance, the twist­ing is sur­pris­ing­ly fool­proof, even dur­ing part­ner use. My ex-partner's actu­al words when using it were, "Wow, I have to twist it to thrust it back and forth. That's so crazy!"

I respond­ed, "Well, you don't HAVE to thrust it. It's just that I'm grab­bing on to it." Clenching ampli­fies the sen­sa­tion, espe­cial­ly when I come. It adds to the easy build­abil­i­ty of the orgasm inten­si­ty. Even when it's sta­tion­ary, I love clench­ing and feel­ing each swirl press against my PC muscles.

Crystal Delights Crystal Twist Base

How Does the Crystal Twist Feel When Thrusting?

"Wait… grab on to it." He tried to thrust with­out twist­ing. "Now let go." He pulled the Crystal Twist straight out while my vagi­na relaxed. "THAT'S. SO. CRAZY!'

Up until that point, it hadn't even occurred to me to try thrust­ing with­out twist­ing. When I expe­ri­ence the toy that way, the sen­sa­tion is dis­tinct­ly that of the ridges pulling against my ure­thral sponge and front wall on the way out.

It's intense but, to my sur­prise, not uncom­fort­able at all. That's thanks to the com­bi­na­tion of the smooth glass, the round­ed con­tours, and the spac­ing between twists. As such, I can thrust with reck­less aban­don with­out the sen­sa­tion overwhelming.

My Verdict on the Crystal Delights Twist

If you love G‑spot dil­dos, glass, and rip­ples, def­i­nite­ly con­sid­er get­ting this toy. Everything else about the Crystal Twist, though, screams "sen­su­al luxe" and is well worth the price tag. Crystal Delights is a com­pa­ny that pro­duces last­ing, qual­i­ty toys that users will enjoy for decades down the road.

I would not recommend the Crystal Delights Crystal Twist to people who:
  • Have deep G‑spots (more than 2 inches)
  • Need heavy, direct G‑spot pressure
I would recommend it to those who enjoy:
  • Glass dil­dos
  • G‑spot stim­u­la­tion
  • Textured sex toys
  • Twisting motions

Get a Crystal Twist glass dil­do from SheVibe.

Crystal Delights Crystal Twist Review: Spiral-Shaped Glass Dildo 2

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  1. "Imagine wet­ting your fin­ger­tip and glid­ing it over the rim of a glass to make it res­onate and ring." Gave me actu­al chills <3 Great review.

  2. Anna says:

    Everything Crystal Delights makes looks so gor­geous! Would love to get one of these one day

  3. Trix says:

    I was afraid of this design, so I appre­ci­ate the explanation!

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