Review: Vixen Creations VixSkin Outlaw

Processed with VSCOIt’s no mystery that I love VixSkin. In fact, my rave review of Vixen Creations’ VixSkin Johnny is the most popular post on my blog. The tl;dr is that the firm inner core and squishy silicone outer layer not only make it extremely realistic, but also gentle relative to standard single-density silicone while still being body-safe.

Naturally, sizing up and making the straight-shafted, 2″ thick Outlaw dildo my next VixSkin purchase was a no-brainer. Johnny is a meaty 1.75″ girth and curved dildo, which is great for G-spot stimulation, but I pretty much only ever use it for deep cervical stimulation. As such, I didn’t really care to try the pronounced head or curve of the VixSkin Maverick (also 8″ x 2″) or VixSkin Buck (6″ x 2″), and I wasn’t sure if the Buck would sometimes be too short. I wanted something long with a straight shaft.

Processed with VSCO
Vixskin Outlaw next to Vixskin Johnny next to Tantus Uncut #2

And gosh, I’m happy with that decision. When my VixSkin Outlaw first arrived, I was terrified letting it sink in just HOW big it is. I had taken the big end of the BMS Factory Swan Wand, which had a 2″ thick hump, but was relatively narrow beyond that. Outlaw is 2″ thick aaaallllll the way down. But it’s a very gentle 2″, and part of that has to do with it being straight-shafted.


I was, in all honesty, surprised at how easily it popped in after Johnny (which I used as a warm-up toy) when I hadn’t even re-applied lube. Whereas Johnny yields some resistance and irritation when just the tip is inserted, Outlaw goes in smoothly, despite being bigger.

Because Outlaw has a straight shaft and a glans and foreskin that jut out less from the shaft, there’s less pressure from the dildo’s coronal ridge on my easily-annoyed urethral sponge upon insertion. There’s also less irritation from the ridge when thrusting heavily in general. The curve exacerbates this by applying more pressure on the front wall. More avid texture or G-spot fans would more greatly appreciate the curve and more bulbous head on the Johnny, but that’s not me.

Another thing that makes Outlaw surprisingly gentle is the thicker outer layer. Outlaw is fatter than Johnny, but squishier. The head is also pretty much all squish, so while 8.5″ length sounds excessive on paper (even to me), it’s in use a very yielding 8.5″. And if you can take a firm 1.75″ thick dildo (for example, the Tantus Cush O2), you can take the Outlaw’s girth. I believe in your orifice.

Johnny’s curve means there’s a lot of pressure on my cervix and the front wall of my vagina (my A-spot), which has more potential to be painful during certain times of the month. Outlaw also delivers a lot of A-spot stimulation but the pressure is more uniformly spread and there’s more pressure on the wall behind my cervix. Less targeted, more general …but still very much intense.

The bigger girth all the way down makes me come harder. There’s more resistance to clench around to induce each orgasm and once I get the ball rolling, the clenching is enough to perpetuate it. Clench, come, repeat. Back-to-back orgasms for way longer than I’ve experienced with Johnny, and without thrusting. WITHOUT. THRUSTING. The orgasms from Johnny are still rave-worthy, but I generally push it all the way in, hold it there while clenching, and give 2 or 3 thrusts when my plateau starts going down. I stay on the plateau of heaven for longer with the Outlaw, with much less effort.

Also, let’s get real: I ADORED Johnny as my #1 dildo for the longest time, so nothing in this review is saying that Johnny isn’t great. It’s just that Outlaw is an even more fantastic for me: lengthy, cervix-oriented, and forgivingly thick, whereas Johnny is designed for G-spot stimulation (though Bandit would probably be my idea of perfection, more ideal for everyday use).

The only real complaint I have about the Outlaw is that it’s expensive, even for VixSkin. I totally get it– at 8.5″, it’s the longest dildo in the collection, it’s thick, and it demands more material. If you’re sure you don’t need the length, the Lonestar is also straight-shafted with a minimally protruding head, but 6″ x 1 7/8″ and $10 less at SheVibe.

There’s a VixSkin dildo for every penetration-loving orifice. Know thyself and you’ll find one you adore, whether it’s big and curved, small, long and lean, or in-between.


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