Review: Biting Lips & Vibrating Tongue Oral Sex Simulator From Bestvibe

I’m shocked at how quick­ly this lit­tle oral sex sim­u­la­tor made me cum.

Bestvibe kissing and vibrating massager with lips

Even with the buzzy tongue vibra­tions, the lips’ kiss­ing move­ment and place­ment incor­po­rat­ed some of what I had become accus­tomed to with oral sex.

Here’s a less-​known fact about my mas­tur­ba­tion habits: the bottom-​most part of my vagi­na is super sen­si­tive to shal­low tip drilling and vibra­tions. That’s where much of the cli­toral legs are locat­ed, and shal­low­ing can deliv­er some ure­thral sponge stim­u­la­tion on the front wall.

And one of the quick­est ways to fin­ish me off is to press on the labia near the vagi­nal open­ing — tap­ping and puls­ing on the cusp of inter­nal and exter­nal stimulation.

Bestvibe vibrating biting oral sex simulator

How This Biting Lips & Tongue Vibrator Worked

Here's the best way I can explain how this bit­ing mouth vibra­tor works with my anatomy:

  • The top lip is posi­tioned on my exter­nal clitoris.
  • Shallow vibra­tions in the tongue are focused at my vagi­nal entrance.
  • Its tip is pin­point­ed with a dis­tinct edge.
  • The bot­tom lip is on the rim of my back wall.
  • The open­ing and clos­ing as the lips slide up and down, at a rate of 155–200 puckers-​ups per minute if there’s min­i­mal friction.

That’s up to 3 per sec­ond, and it feels way bet­ter with lube! And yes, the move­ment, is mechan­i­cal, but:

  • It’s not too dif­fer­ent from how a part­ner might move their tongue and lips up and down to shift the cli­toral pressure.
  • It stays where it needs to, main­tain­ing cli­toral con­tact the whole time with its one-​centimeter range of motion.
  • It’s just right for my clit-​vag gap of 1 inch.

And its lips are sur­pris­ing­ly sup­ple for what they do. They’re not squishy, but they flex and push back read­i­ly — the motor’s struc­tur­al scaf­fold­ing starts about a cen­time­ter down from the lips’ rim.

Your mileage may vary if your mea­sure­ments dif­fer from mine — say, the spac­ing between your cli­toris and vagi­na is wider. It wouldn’t be the best fit for you for dual stimulation.

This toy can also stall, so it’s not for those with big enough junk to jam between the tongue and the roof (or floor?) of the mouth — or those who need ample pres­sure. That’s a non-​concern for me here, though.

This bit­ing lips vibra­tor almost feels like its mea­sure­ments were made for me.

This waterproof oral sex toy's motors are independently controlled

Vibration Quality, Controls, and Biting Lip Motor Settings

That brings me to some­thing most users con­sid­er a down­side: the vibra­tions are the buzzi­est I have ever encoun­tered. Its tongue’s steady vibra­tion set­tings mea­sure about 190, 211, and 220 Hz.

For com­par­i­son, the FUN FACTORY VIM’s top speed is 73 Hz, the Magic Wand Rechargeable’s is 97 Hz, and the Doxy Die Cast’s is 150 Hz. And that’s fine for a heavy wand. This tongue vibra­tor motor is itty-​bitty and a sig­nif­i­cant depar­ture in vibra­tion pitch from what I’m used to, so if buzzy is a deal­break­er for you, don’t use that part of the toy.

I’m not sur­prised, con­sid­er­ing that this bit­ing mouth vibra­tor is a cheap and gener­ic white-​label prod­uct — a mod­er­ate strength but mosquito-​like vibra­tion qual­i­ty is par for the course, and you get what you pay for.

How This Biting Oral Sex Simulator Felt in Use

When I first turned on this oral sex vibra­tor’s tongue motor, I def­i­nite­ly thought, “Oh, no.” But that turned quick­ly into “Oh, fuck” in actu­al use, with the tongue’s bor­der pressed up against my clit. No lip move­ment yet — just sta­tion­ary vibra­tion. I wasn’t expect­ing that to make me cum, and all I could think after­ward was, “Well, then.”

Three but­tons con­trol the bit­ing and vibrat­ing motors independently:

  • The cen­ter pow­er but­ton turns the whole unit on.
  • The sine wave turns on the tongues’ vibra­tions — 3 steady speeds and 7 patterns.
  • The lip-​shaped icon, of course, opens and clos­es the mouth — 4 steady speeds and 6 pat­terns, though some of the rhythms are con­sis­tent enough to feel fantastic.

And then, once I turned on the puck­er­ing, bit­ing lips on this vibra­tor, “Woooaahh.” Damn near insta-​cum, just like when I tap my vagi­nal open­ing with my fin­gers. Just like the graph­ics on the web­site declared on their dia­gram label­ing the cli­toris, vagi­na, and per­ineum: “ENJOY TRIPLE ORGASMS SIMULTANEOUSLY.”

Yeah, I had my reser­va­tions about the website's graph­ics and white-​label products.

Closing Thoughts: Who Is This Biting and Vibrating Oral Sex Simulator For?

And admit­ted­ly, hav­ing trained my vul­va to respond to shal­low vagi­nal thrum­ming is very per­son­al and spe­cif­ic to me. But if you:

  • Also enjoy that sen­sa­tion at the vagi­nal opening.
  • Don’t mind a lot of exter­nal buzz when a vibrator’s pin­point enough.
  • Either have a clit-​vag gap of 1 inch, or don’t mind exper­i­ment­ing with positioning.
  • Loooove the idea of lips mov­ing and puck­er­ing up and down your vulva.
Bestvibe oral sex simulation kissing and licking vibrator

You might be as pleas­ant­ly shocked as I am. I, for one, am keep­ing this bit­ing mouth and tongue vibra­tor by my bed­side for a while since its sen­sa­tion is so unique com­pared to oth­er prod­ucts I’ve tried. And, again, it fits the way I touch myself just right.

Get the bit­ing lips oral sex sim­u­la­tor and use Bestvibe dis­count code CY20 for 20% off — mak­ing this vibra­tor suu­u­u­u­per afford­able, with almost 200 kiss­es per minute and all.

This review was spon­sored! Opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. EJ says:

    Golly, what an inno­v­a­tive concept—too bad about the buzzy vibe. Any thoughts on how good this giz­mo be at frenulum-​munching? Looks like the pro­trud­ing tongue would have to be carved down/​out some­what, but that lip smack­ing action alone has me more than intrigued!

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