Review: Crystal Delights Twist

The Crystal Delights Twist stands proudly on display whenever I have friends over. I have no shame. Between its unorthodoxly sexy curves and iridescent gleam, it’s not hard to tell why I flaunt it as part trophy, part art piece, and part sex toy.

The Light Vitrail (#17) colored gem that came attached with mine features a pearly green reflective sheen over a pink undertone and yellow and aqua sparkles. “Jeweled base” doesn’t even do justice to it, because that would lump it in with the cheap, flat-backed rhinestones typically used for princess plugs. No, this gem has dichroic facets and a base cut specifically for dimensional fire.

“But how does [the screw shaft] even work? It looks so uncomfortable!” someone always exclaims. It’s true: the Crystal Twist “might seem a bit screwy to the uninitiated eye.”

It features a helix-shaped shaft that’s designed to be twisted, rather than straight thrusted, in and out– the glass slides at a diagonal against my G-spot in use. The helix is designed so that the pubic bone is encapsulated in one of the concave dips between each twist, each spaced 2 inches apart, while the convex part pushes up just a bit past the pubic bone, where the internal clitoris is stimulated. People with penises can use it for their prostates as well, but this review will focus on people with vaginas.

When twisting, the sensation is distinctly internal clitoral. That’s the best way I can describe how it feels to me. Imagine a very thick wine glass with 1 cm wide walls. Imagine wetting your fingertip and gliding it over the glass to make it resonate and ring. Now imagine how that would feel against your clitoral glans (or penis) instead of your finger. And imagine that internally. A persistent diagonal internal clitoral sliding. That’s what twisting the Crystal Twist feels like.

And despite the uncomfortable appearance, the twisting is actually surprisingly foolproof, even during partner use. My partner’s actual words when using it were, “Wow, I have to twist it in order to thrust it back and forth. That’s so crazy!”

…to which I responded, “Well, you don’t HAVE to thrust it. It’s just that I’m grabbing on to it.” Clenching amplifies the sensation, especially when I cum. It adds to the easy buildability of the orgasm intensity. Even when it’s stationary, I love clenching and feeling each individual swirl press against my PC muscles.

“Wait… grab on to it.” He tried to thrust without twisting. “Now let go.” He pulled the Twist straight out while my vagina relaxed. “THAT’S. SO. CRAZY!’

To be honest, up until that point, it hadn’t even occurred to me to try thrusting without twisting. When I experience the toy that way, the sensation is distinctly that of the ridges pulling against my urethral sponge and front wall on the way out. It’s intense but, to my surprise, not uncomfortable at all, due to the combination of the smooth glass, the rounded contours, and the spacing between twists. As such, I can thrust with reckless abandon without the sensation being overwhelming.

If you love g-spot dildos, glass, and ripples, definitely consider getting this toy. I have only one complaint about it, and that’s the completely smooth base being difficult to grip with a lubed hand. This may be an aesthetic choice, but it can get in the way of usage. Everything else about the Crystal Twist, though, screams “sensual luxe” and is well worth the $115 price tag for a lasting, quality toy that I’ll enjoy for decades down the road.

Would recommend it to:

  • Glass lovers
  • G-spot lovers
  • Texture lovers
  • People who like twisting their toys
Would not recommend it to people who:

  • Have deep G-spots (more than 2 inches) who don’t like firm pressure against the front wall
    • May cause discomfort
  • Have very shallow G-spots, shallower than the point just past the pubic bone
    • This toy may miss the mark when twisting
  • Need heavy, direct G-spot pressure

A little more about Crystal Delights:

Crystal Delights is a glass toy company known for luxury. Some products they make include jeweled plugs, tail plugs, dildos, and dilators. Their philosophy is focused on turning adult glass into an art form, through rigorous meticulous design and quality standards for safety, enjoyment, and, of course, beauty. Philanthropy is also an integral part of their business, as they give back to sex education programs, animal charities, the LGBT community, and environmental causes.


I bought the Crystal Twist of my own accord and love it enough to share this review of how awesome this toy is. However, as an affiliate, I do get commission whenever someone clears their cookies and purchases something through one of my links. If you would like to see more reviews in the future, please consider buying through my links and banners so I can keep up my hobby. 🙂


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