Wicked Bunny Collection Review: Air Pulse & Toy Care Kit

Can you believe it’s been ten years since Womanizer launched its Pleasure Air™ Technology?

Platinum Hearts’ Bunny Kiss air pulse massager

Air pulse mas­sagers have become their own cat­e­go­ry since then, with more com­pact, aes­thet­ic (read: less thermometer-​like!), dis­creet, and afford­able options than before.

A dinosaur air suc­tion toy? Check.

A suck­ling, smil­ing peach? Check.

Pressure wave mas­sagers shaped like straw­ber­ries, pen­guins, and bun­nies? Check, check, check!

The shared sen­sa­tion could be described as:

  • Alternation between suck­ing and blowing
  • Something like lips buzzing against a brass instrument
  • Someone going p‑p-​p-​p‑p super fast on your clit
Platinum Hearts’ Bunny Kiss air pulse massager in a puddle of foaming toy cleaner

Babeland’s three-​piece Wicked Bunny Collection — part of their Masturbation Month cam­paign — might be on your radar as a giftable, adorable air pulse mas­sager bun­dle. It contains:

(And its sib­ling, the Wicked Passion Collection, has a lit­tle pen­guin instead of a bunny.)

Wicked Bunny Collection with foam cleaner and Wicked Aqua lube

Platinum Hearts Bunny Kiss Air Pulses

Cute? Yes. Considerable strength? Also, yes — at least it is in the air pulse motor!

  • The steady set­tings range from a 2 to 8 out of 14 com­pared to the Womanizer Premium 2.
  • That’s stronger than the Satisfyers’ 0.5 to 5.5 out of 14
  • Three speeds and sev­en pat­terns in the air pulse portion
  • The two-​button con­trol pan­el clicks through the air puls­es and vibra­tions separately

As far as cli­toral pres­sure wave stim­u­la­tion goes, the con­trols aren’t my favorite — you can’t quick­ly click to decrease inten­si­ty, say, if you just came and are super sen­si­tive — but the pow­er is respectable.

Being one-​and-​done might not be as big of a deal to you as it is to me.

Another poten­tial deal­break­er is how small the open­ing is — at 1.3 cm wide by 1 cm deep, I wouldn’t rec­om­mend it for some­one with a cli­toral glans much more promi­nent than half an M&M candy.

Platinum Hearts’ Bunny Kiss air pulse massager next to toy cleaner and water-based lube

“Rabbit Ear” Vibrations

Platinum Hearts’ Bunny Kiss also buzzes in the rab­bits’ ears; the vibra­tions are so puny that they’re all but use­less. The only time I like the pat­terns — or this massager’s con­ven­tion­al vibra­tions at all — is when:

  • The “rab­bit ears” are rest­ing at my vagi­nal open­ing, mas­sag­ing the legs of my clitoris
  • The air puls­es are thrum­ming along out­side on my cli­toral glans
  • Rhythms both inside and out­side that com­ple­ment one anoth­er — there’s a Gestalt-​like sense of move­ment when alter­nat­ing between tap­ping at my entrance and puls­ing on my clit
Platinum Hearts’ Bunny Kiss vibrations

But that’s a spe­cif­ic way to savor the sen­sa­tions I don’t expect most peo­ple to appre­ci­ate. Among the rea­sons is that the dis­tance between my cli­toris and vagi­na — 1 inch apart — mesh­es well with the Platinum Hearts Bunny Kiss. Still, it might not line up with your anato­my!

And again, the “rab­bit ear” vibra­tions are suu­u­per buzzy. We’re talk­ing a rather high-​pitched 170 to 190 Hz. Don’t expect this motor to do much. Get the Wicked Bunny Collection because you want the air puls­es, the toy clean­er, or any­thing else besides the vibrations.

Wicked Toy Cleaner & Lube

To be real, I’m a new toy clean­er con­vert. Good ol’ unscent­ed Dr. Bronner’s and water get the job done just fine, but some vagi­nas are more sen­si­tive to soap residue than oth­ers. And not every­one wants to deal with the caus­tic smell of bleach solu­tion when dis­in­fect­ing their motor­ized toys.

That said, a house­hold dis­in­fec­tant will do just fine. An antimi­cro­bial foam­ing toy clean­er isn’t nec­es­sary for sex toy care — but Wicked’s pump bot­tle dis­pensers sure are convenient!

Platinum Hearts’ Bunny Kiss air pulse massager on Wicked Foam n Fresh toy cleaner
  • Pump, pump
  • Spread the foam
  • Let it sit for 15 seconds
  • Rub it reeeeaaaal good 
    • Get into the nooks and cran­nies with a soft-​bristled tooth­brush, if necessary.
  • Wash off the foam; rinse well.

As always, how your body responds to var­i­ous lotions and potions is very per­son­al, so check the ingre­di­ents if you have any sen­si­tiv­i­ties. Wicked Sensual Care makes a gen­tler toy clean­er called Simply Foam N’ Fresh.

As for the lube includ­ed in the kit, yes, it’s super slick, but I’m not a fan of using glycerin-​based for­mu­las inter­nal­ly. Keep this one to the out­side, try their Simply Aqua for­mu­la, or anoth­er lube.

Babeland Wicked Bunny Collection review

What I Don’t Love About This Kit

While I appre­ci­ate the idea of a begin­ners’ bun­dle, the Wicked Bunny Collection leaves much to be desired. I don’t love:

The one-​button con­trol. It would be fine if it were just a cute, cheap toy, but I’m hes­i­tant to rec­om­mend the whole pack­age at this price. A savvy buy­er could get a Womanizer Starlet 3 for the option to turn the speed up and down in small­er incre­ments. The Starlet 3’s speed range cov­ers the same inten­si­ties as the Wicked Bunny but with way bet­ter controls!

Glycerin lube tends to be more osmot­ic — and less friend­ly to vagi­nal epithe­lial cells — than some­thing that relies on plant-​based cel­lu­lose or aloe vera for its slip and slide.

The use­less vibra­tions. When I dip the “bun­ny ears” in water, its motor makes puny, pal­try rip­ples. Ants would get bored surf­ing on these waves.

I also think that lube with an air pulse toy is an odd choice since the premise is that there’s hard­ly any direct fric­tion. The air puls­es do the work, not the sil­i­cone slid­ing against the skin. And again, the Platinum Hearts Bunny Kiss's vibra­tions don’t do much for me, anyway.

Platinum Hearts’ Bunny Kiss air pulse massager and toy care kit

What I’d Recommend Instead

As far as air pulse toys go:

  • Get the Womanizer Starlet 3 if you still want strength and great con­trols at a rea­son­able price. The Starlet 3 has two but­tons so that you can turn the inten­si­ty up and down for easy-​breezy orgasms.
  • Get a Satisfyer if you want to go cheap­er and don’t mind some­thing a lit­tle weak­er. It’ll get the job done and is still a wor­thy con­tender for beginners.
  • Get the rose if you want some­thing cutesy that will bul­ly and beat the orgasms out of your clit. It has no sub­tle­ty, though, and there’s only one but­ton. You have been warned.
  • Get the Boutique Voila Little Goo if you seek some­thing more play­ful in appear­ance. Its speed range is great, and only steady set­tings are con­trolled by one button.
Wicked Bunny Collection Review: Air Pulse & Toy Care Kit 1

See how these pres­sure wave mas­sagers mea­sure up.

For body care, check out my mega-​guide and get tips on choos­ing a for­mu­la that works for you.

Babeland spon­sored this post, and I received prod­ucts and pay­ment in exchange for my hon­est review. While I didn’t love the Wicked Bunny Collection, there are plen­ty of oth­er air pulse mas­sagers at Babeland!

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