Review: Bswish Bwild Deluxe Bunny

About Rabbit Vibes

Every time I hear the question, “Have you tried The Rabbit?” a tiny part of me eyerolls, and a bigger part of me thinks, “Hey, be nice. Just explain why it’s not your thing.”

14850-062For one, when people say, “THE Rabbit,” they’re usually talking about the one infamously featured on Sex and the City: porous material with a rotating beaded shaft and rabbit-shaped clitoral stimulation arm, ostensibly addicting (a term which I dislike being used to describe vibrators) and mind-blowing.

Rabbit vibrators as a group of sex toys have much advanced and diversified since Carrie Bradshaw’s Rabbit was featured. Body-safe silicone exteriors and rechargeable motors are fairly common in rabbits nowadays.

On paper, rabbits offer clitoral vibrations and vaginal penetration with one hand, making them sound like the ultimate sex toy.

In practice, it’s hard to write a meaningful review about rabbit vibes because they’re so extremely specific to the dimensions of the user’s anatomy. Most notably, vulvas vary in the distance between the clitoris and the vagina, meaning that if a rabbit vibrator’s dual stimulator doesn’t align with your clit-vag gap, there’s really no point, and you’re better off using two separate toys. I myself have a remarkably average clit-vag gap of one inch, or what Princess Marie Bonaparte would have called “mesoclitoridienne”. This averageness makes it relatively easy for me to find a good alignment.

About the Bswish Bwild Deluxe Bunny

editorial_bwilddeluxebunny_jadeThe Bswish Bwild Deluxe Bunny is covered in silicone, takes 2 AAA batteries, and features a flexible clitoral arm, a distance away from the insertable portion that I would call average or slightly shorter than average.

On paper, everything checked out. Its C-V gap fits mine quite well. I like clitoral stimulation. I like penetration. I’m not particularly demanding of vibration strength.

In practice, I never find myself reaching for this toy. It’s not worth the effort of getting up and washing it before use, though it comes with a microfiber storage pouch for those who want to keep it at the ready.

It’s one thing to like external and internal stimulation at the same time, but it’s another thing to want the exact same stroke length and rhythm for both.

For one, I have to be careful with how I thrusted the Bwild Deluxe Bunny because the “rabbit ears” on the clitoral prong are a painfully incompatible design for my clitoris; they’re the perfect shape for poking under the clitoral hood, stabbing alongside my clitoris, and touching it directly, resulting in sharp pain.

Many clits like direct stimulation, but that ain’t me. I find it irritating and, even with lube, it’s not something I want in a vibrator. Further, the bunny shape and length of the arm doesn’t lend well to double (anal and vaginal) penetration.

It’s very hard for this toy to do anything for my G-spot because the curve/bulge is slight and the material is rigid, unlike my beloved Embrace G Wand. In the cases where I do finagle a way to stimulate my G-spot, my clit gets irritated.

For cervical stimulation, the curve and bulge is good, but the clitoral arm is a distracting hassle because the long-ish, straight sliding thrusts that my cervix loves, are enjoyable for my clitoris but rarely what it craves. Granted, the prong fits tightly enough to stimulate my clitoris but is flexible enough to push out of the way.

However, when I have a multitude of other toys I could be using on my clit and vag, alone or together, I’m just can’t think of something this toy does for me that another toy and my hands can’t do better.

And certainly not when I’ve refined my tastes in vibes and I think this toy’s vibrations, at best, are just “okay” and buzzy in sensation, and at worst, obnoxious in noise. The noise level isn’t remarkably awful… usually. You’d usually be able to hear it a little bit through a thick blanket, but with some of the higher settings when it’s not inserted, the small prong’s rabbit ears bump into each other and triple the noise. You can pinch the ears to stop this from happening, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Overall, thinking of someone to recommend this rabbit vibrator to is a true Catch-22. Someone new to sex toys wouldn’t be disappointed by the mediocrity, but may not know their preferences well enough to decide whether this toy is a good fit. Someone experienced with sex toys would be more adept at making that decision, but probably wouldn’t want to buy it. At the $54 price point, the bottom line is that, either way, you deserve a toy that fits you.

Consider the Picobong Zizo or Moka if you want a basic insertable vibe (no clitoral prong) with greater versatility and rumblier power for around the same price. Picobong also offers a rabbit vibe with a flexible clitoral arm and no bunny ears for $85 but, again, I’m not confident recommending something so extremely specific.

If you like fluttering vibrations directly on your clitoris, a gentle G-spot bulge, and mild vibrations, and you don’t mind the caveats that come along with a rabbit-style vibrator, the Bswish Deluxe Bunny might be for you. You can find this rabbit vibe on Bswish’s website.


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