Review: Cal Ex Embrace G Wand

I’m not a power queen, but I do have enough experience with vibrators to side-eye reviews that say, “This toy would be good for someone very very sensitive to vibrations,” when they really mean, “Why do those weak-ass settings even exist?” As someone sensitive to vibrations, if I’m paying good money for a vibe when I could have gotten a well-shaped dildo for less, I want it to count.

This vibrator has both effectively voluptuous form and all the vibration range I want, and I don’t find myself thinking, “Why does this setting exist?” towards any of the vibration speeds on the Embrace G Wand by California Exotics Novelties. Each setting has a purpose. I don’t find myself wishing there were more settings on the low end or the high end, or that there were smaller increments between settings.

IMG_20151025_210258The versatility covers many bases for me. Even when using it on my clit and I want to orgasm continuously back-to-back and want to turn the intensity way down and then up a bit. Internally, it doesn’t just make me insta-cum, but it also amplifies the sensation of clenching around something when I cum and perpetuates the orgasms longer indefinitely with every clench.

I want to make it clear that the vibrations are not super powerful as the “wand” part of the name would suggest. They’re moderately rumbly. While the low to middle settings give me a nice, almost continuous orgasm plateau when used externally, they’re not as rumbly as JeJoue’s vibrations. The Embrace G Wand’s low to middle settings here work best for me.

The California Exotics Embrace G Wand is a rechargeable G-spot vibrator, featuring buttery-smooth silicone atop 3 (that’s right, three) motors: one in its 1.5″ diameter bulb, one in its flexible 1″ diameter shaft, and one in its clitoral bump.  There are 6 levels of intensity multiplied by 7 functions: 1 steady and 6 patterns of pulsation and escalation among the three motors.

It’s worth noting that I can take advantage of all three motors because I have a petite build, and your mileage may vary. This toy is best for those with shallow G-spots and short clit-vag gaps, and decidedly not a dual stimulator for those with clit-vag gaps longer than 1.5″. There’s about 3 inches along the curve between the peaks of the clit bump and the G-spot bulb, and the bump is raised a half inch off the shaft’s surface. If your anatomy is more widely spaced apart and you’re not looking for a dual stimulator, the toy’s dimensions mean you can use it on your G-spot while your clit is unobstructed from using a separate clit toy or your finger.

With the way I’m built, I can either use this toy for intense G-spot thrusting, or to have something filling deliver internal and external vibrations, but I can’t combine G-spot pressure and clitoral vibrations simultaneously with this toy. My G-spot is shallow, and in order to get pressure on it, I’d be inserting too little of the shaft and tilting the handle too far back for my clit to touch the hump. However, since the shaft is flexible, I can still get vibrations on both my G-spot and clit if I insert the shaft deeper and push the handle up to bend the curve more steeply. This toy can’t do everything but it can do a lot (like, A LOT) of things well.

Three are three buttons: two to turn the intensity up/down, and one to turn the toy on/off and toggle through the settings. The patterns switch from the innermost motor to the shaft motor to the clit bump:

  • Steady vibration, all three motors
  • Tip, shaft, bump alternating slow
  • Tip, shaft, bump alternating medium
  • Tip, shaft, bump alternating fast
  • Two short pulses, one long pulse, all three motors in unison
  • Waves of gradual escalation and decline, split time / out of phase
  • Short pulses, all three motors in unison

Personally, I like using the fast alternations and pulses for stationary dual stim, while the slow switches add “oomph” when G-spotting. The bottom to middle steady speed settings work best for me externally.

As a vibrator, the Cal Ex Embrace G Wand is a good fit for me. While the dimensions are anatomy-specific and by nature cannot be as perfect for everybody, the toy is solid, unique, and versatile enough to recommend to a wide range of people, whether they’re totally new to the expansive world of sex toys, or are familiar and looking for something a little different. You can find this vibrator at SheVibe for $80 in pink or purple.

Would recommend to those…

  •      seeking range and moderate power
  •      who like internal vibrations
  •      who like or want to try patterns
  •      who like G-spot or prostate toys in general
  •      who have a c-v gap less than 1.5″
  •      new to sex toys

Would not recommend to those looking for…

  •      G-spot pressure AND clit pressure from the same toy
  •      a lot of power
  •      pinpoint clit stim

I recommend that the people looking for a rechargeable, insertable vibe that suits the last three categories consider getting a LELO Mona instead. Its vibrations are stronger, the body is made of rigid ABS plastic throughout, and the tip is pointy.

I bought this toy at my own leisure as per recommendations from another reviewer. If you would like to see me post more reviews, please help me sustain my hobby by clearing your cookies and buying through one of my links next time you go shopping for sex toys. This brings me commission at no extra cost to you, while you get low prices from a reputable and reliable shop, and money goes toward supporting a knowledgeable and ethical company.

You can find this vibrator and many, many other toys and sexy accessories amid SheVibe’s huge selection.


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