Review: Tantus Splash

I won a gorgeous, peacock-blue Splash from Tantus, Inc. in Emmeline Peaches‘ “3,000 Followers” giveaway. The sex geek in me is ecstatic about obtaining a limited version of a discontinued sex toy. It’s a bittersweet entanglement where I relish making people jealous, but a bigger, compersive part of me wishes more people would have the opportunity to experience this toy.
Processed with VSCOConsider this a prayer to Tantus: please, please, please don’t nix the Splash mold. I’d like to believe that they’re at least making more toys with similar textures, because I’m the umpteenth person to say that there is nothing like the Tantus Splash. The drips are in a league all their own.

I’m normally not a big texture fan. I didn’t like the vaginal rugburn feeling of the Tantus Bound, or the way the firm and narrowly spaced ridges of the Tantus Echo dug into the front wall of my vagina, or how the sharp ridges of the MyStim Simon vaguely scraped me internally if I thrusted heavily, and I’m ambivalent towards nubs on glass dildos. The Splash was a toy I ostensibly would not have liked due to the intense combination of heavy texture, chunky 1.75″ girth, and firmness… but in practice, I love it.

Contrasting with the matte shaft, the drips have a smooth finish. The appeal is in the high relief, structural texture, rather than a fine surface texture (as with the Bound). However, unlike with the also-high relief Echo, the Splash’s drips are pronounced but positioned comfortably. There’s enough spacing among the drips towards the base that this toy can bottom me out without having the toy’s protrusions pinching my urethral sponge against my pubic bone.

Instead, the drips press up against my G-spot and internal clitoris just past the pubic bone, while the friction of the silicone pulls against my urethral sponge with each “out” stroke. The dimensionality of the drips is just right for that. It’s meant for slightly twisting back and forth, jiggling in place with tiny thrusts, and clenching around to appreciate all 360 degrees of its glory.

I don’t use this toy the way I would use most dildos. There is a curved and ridged tip, but G-spot stimulation from the tip isn’t the star of the show– G-spot stimulation from the shaft is. As well, despite combined firmness, girth, and 6.5″ length bottoming me out, it’s not something I would use for cervical/fornical stimulation because it lacks flexibility and squish to slide behind my cervix in a meaningful way.

The shape and firmness do however, excel at perineal sponge stimulation– facing the curve against the back wall during vaginal penetration, indirectly pressing against the anus through the vagina. Straighter, more flexible toys don’t do as much in that department. Drastically curved or bulbous toys when used that way vaguely feel like I have to poo. The shallow curve and lack of give with the Tantus Splash is just right for my perineal sponge, and that’s not something I can say for the other toys in my collection.

In the future, I’d love to see Tantus release more high-relief toys with wider spacing, rounded contours, and more smooth space on the bottom of the shaft. Currently, the significantly smaller version, the Tantus Splish, is still available in peacock blue and duotone purple and white, but I don’t consider the two comparable. There are a few full-sized Splashes on Amazon, but it would be much harder to find one in an online shop that I would recommend.


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