Womanizer Classic review: clitoral suction and pressure wave stimulator

The Womanizer's unique pul­sa­tions have forcibly extract­ed orgasms from the many who have used it.

Womanizer Classic review: clitoral suction and pressure wave stimulator 1

Instead of vibrat­ing, the Womanizer applies pres­sure by encir­cling the user's cli­toris and rapid­ly alter­nat­ing between suck­ing and blow­ing. Basically, it makes air in the enclosed space vibrate. And it does this job so well that sex blog­gers lost their minds when the orig­i­nal came out.

As a sex toy review­er, I bal­ance the tightrope of prais­ing a thought­ful­ly designed toy, while still acknowl­edg­ing that no toy is per­fect for everyone.

For me, the Womanizer falls into this cat­e­go­ry: sex toys that count­less oth­ers seem to love, and I can see why.

Womanizer Classic Review

UPDATE: There's now a Womanizer Classic 2, Premium 2, and Starlet 3. Get the scoop in my mega-​guide to cli­toral air pulse toys. Also bear in mind that this review was orig­i­nal­ly writ­ten years ago, and my tastes have changed very much. It took some time to get acquaint­ed with the inten­si­ty, but I am very much head-​over-​heels now!

What I love about the Womanizer

Let's first get this fact out-​of-​the-​way: cli­toral suc­tion toys have nev­er failed to give me an orgasm. And on paper, the Womanizer Classic sounds per­fect for me. The cli­toral stim­u­la­tion is VERY tar­get­ed, its pres­sure waves are thuddier/​rumblier than the cheap­er Satisfyers, and there's plen­ty of speed range among the 8 settings.

Womanizer Classic review

About half of the times I've used the Womanizer, it gives me a sat­is­fy­ing, long orgasm where I can stay on the plateau and peak repeat­ed­ly. A quar­ter of the time, it veers into the "mild­ly uncom­fort­able and fun for forced orgasm tor­ture" ter­ri­to­ry. That's still a pret­ty good track record!

The downside of pressure wave stimulators

The remain­ing quar­ter of ses­sions, it's painful. And not a good painful— an orgasm-​ruining painful, which I'm not into. The prob­lem is that, even though the Womanizer Classic has "increase" and "decrease" but­tons, its inten­si­ty feels very all-or-nothing.

Yes! The Womanizer Classic has an "increase" and "decrease" button! plus an on/off

The Womanizer relies on form­ing a seal around the cli­toris, so to lift it slight­ly means to stop stim­u­la­tion entire­ly. Immediately after peak­ing, it's not fun choos­ing among over­stim­u­la­tion, bump­ing the stim­u­la­tion way down with the "decrease" but­ton, and no stim­u­la­tion at all.

With a tra­di­tion­al vibra­tor, I can decrease pres­sure or move it to the side of my clit. Even with the super-​intense Zumio or Exposed Nocturnal, at least I can turn the vibe and use a broad­er, more dif­fuse sur­face. You don't get that sub­tle­ty with a cli­toral suc­tion toy.

Overall impression of the Womanizer Classic

There's no deny­ing that the Womanizer is very effi­cient at con­jur­ing orgasms. It has a place in my toy box for when I'm bored with cli­toral vibra­tions and want some­thing else, but don't feel like wash­ing a dildo.

If my review sam­ple broke after the 2‑year war­ran­ty expired, I'd prob­a­bly go for a month before buy­ing a new one.

In oth­er words, it isn't per­fect for me, nor essen­tial to my col­lec­tion. However, I'd miss the Womanizer's unique sen­sa­tion more every day. My heart would grow fonder and, after enough times of think­ing "gosh, I miss that toy," I'd read­i­ly admit that it is the lux­u­ry price tag's worth of hap­pi­ness for me.

Womanizer Classic sex toy in flowers

What about more affordable alternatives?

But maybe you don't think it'd be worth that for you, and I under­stand. It is a lot for a sex toy. Here are some alter­na­tives to the Womanizer Classic to consider.

UPDATE: I've com­piled a guide to the best cli­toral air pulse toys, com­par­ing the new Womanizer mod­els to oth­er brands and ranked them, based on fac­tors such as

  • How pow­er­ful they are
  • Which are best for pair­ing with penetration
  • How wide the mouths are
  • Which one is the best deal for the price

Check out the full guide now and see how the afford­able options mea­sure up to the Womanizer Classic!

The Womanizer Classic next to the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

Who would I not recommend the Womanizer to?

First and fore­most, your clit has to fit inside the noz­zle to be stim­u­lat­ed. The noz­zle open­ing is about the size of an unshelled pis­ta­chio. If your clit is that big or larg­er, the tips that came with my Womanizer are a no-​go. It's worth not­ing that my clit is small and total­ly cov­ered by the hood, but the hood is eas­i­ly pulled back and not a hindrance.

As well, if you want or need vig­or­ous pen­e­tra­tion while using a clit toy, a dil­do can occa­sion­al­ly knock the Womanizer out-​of-​place. If you break the seal that the noz­zle forms, stim­u­la­tion ceas­es abrupt­ly. It works bet­ter if you thrust light­ly or don't use an insertable toy at the same time.

Who would I recommend the Womanizer to?

The Womanizer Classic's tar­get­ed stim­u­la­tion best fits those who like pin­point vibra­tors. If you're a broad stim­u­la­tion baron(ness) or diehard Magic Wand lover, you'll prob­a­bly find that pres­sure wave stim­u­la­tors are too local to a small area to do much for you.

But for me, some­one who:

  • loves the most pin­point of the pinpoint
  • enjoys mas­tur­bat­ing with a fingernail's sharp pres­sure over her clit hood
  • finds a slight­ly uncom­fort­able orgasm enjoyable
The Womanizer Classic's head is oval-shaped for a more ergonomic fit along the clitoris.

…I keep com­ing back to air pulse toys. Yes, with all of the Womanizer Classic's imper­fec­tions. And yes, even know­ing that there are cheap­er options on the mar­ket, I think it's worth it to pay more for a qual­i­ty prod­uct if you can afford it.

UPDATE: The Womanizer Classic and Premium have been revamped! Find out why the Womanizer Premium 2 is the cur­rent gold stan­dard for pres­sure wave stim­u­la­tors in my guide to the best cli­toral air pulse toys.

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  1. EJ says:

    Totally! That makes sense to me. Thanks so much for your sug­ges­tion, I’ll def­i­nite­ly check out that toy!

  2. EJ says:

    I received a Womanizer Starlet as part of my we-​vibe kit that I ordered a few weeks ago. I LOVE it; it’s so unique and feels amaz­ing. Though it does take me awhile to actu­al­ly reach orgasm, this is the first toy to ever make me squirt. So crazy. One thing you men­tion does ring true for me though — I do enjoy a bit of a broad­er stim­u­la­tion in gen­er­al; I am find­ing that the local­ized stim­u­la­tion makes it take longer for me to reach orgasm, at the moment. I’m won­der­ing if there is a sim­i­lar “pressure”/air stim toy that is a bit broad­er and cov­ers the whole vul­va area? I’m so curi­ous to try the Classic too.. hav­ing more options/​up-​down but­tons would be life chang­ing. Thanks for your review! <3

  3. Shelby Di Martino says:

    I've been curi­ous about these suc­tion toys for a while. This review was very thor­ough and well thought out and I super appre­ci­ate that. Also, so hon­est. I love reviews that actu­al­ly include crit­i­cisms and let you know exact­ly how they work. This is great.

  1. November 14, 2019

    […] Guide (as she includes many oth­er mod­els) and reviews for new­er Womanizer toys such as the Classic, Premium, Starlet, Duo, and Liberty. The sex toy world is con­stant­ly evolv­ing and I certainly […]

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