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Nalone Pure X2 inflatable silicone rabbit vibrator review

Yes, a body-safe, inflatable rabbit vibrator befitting of size royalty! Not many toys carry the Nalone Pure X2's combination of features: Pumps up to diameters bigger than my wrist Body-safe, ...
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Review: We-Vibe Nova 2 rabbit vibrator with rumbly clit stimulator

Oh, my — the Nova has changed, but is it for the better? Let's compare the We-Vibe Nova 2 to the original. How I felt about the We-Vibe Nova before ...
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FemmeFunn Cadenza self-thrusting dildo pulsator review

If jackhammering your G-spot sounds appealing to you, then you can't miss this review of the FemmeFunn Cadenza. It's another handheld fucking machine, made by the same people who brought ...
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SVAKOM Coco slim beginner G-spot vibrator review

Even though I review a lot of BIG toys here, I can still appreciate going back to basics. A petite and budget-friendly G-spot vibrator has mass appeal, especially for those ...
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Review: Blush Lush Gia wand & Juna pinpoint mini-vibe

Do you ever imagine a better version of a toy and — POP! — the universe grants your wish? That's how I feel about the Lush Gia rechargeable/cordless wand by ...
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Naughty Bits Ombré Hombre galactic vibrating dildo review!

An old friend told me that he used to think, when women talked about having ombré (gradient) hair color done, they meant "hombre." And he wondered why they spoke so ...
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Biird Obii review: clitoral air pulse toy

Sex toy or [overpriced] lamp? You decide. Obii by Biird is a clitoral suction vibrator that's both ADORABLE AF and award-winning! I can see why design geeks would love Obii's ...
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Bestvibe Triple-Motor G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator Review

"It looks like Squidward, with an erection, beckoning you to fight him," said a friend upon his first impression of this toy. Later on, he compared it to a bunched-up ...
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What Makes a Bullet Vibrator Rumbly — a Look at 6 Motors!

Buzzy is skin-deep. Rumbly is to the bone (sometimes). "Rumbly" and "buzzy" are two descriptors that sex bloggers use to describe vibration quality. The former is deep and often low-pitched, ...

Some of the best vibrators I’ve tried & reviewed:

External massagers

Doxy Die Cast

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Fun Factory Volta

Fun Factory Volta review thumbnail

Zumio S Caress

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More rechargeable wands!

Best rechargeable and cordless wand massager round-up thumbnail

Insertable vibrators & thrusters

Velvet Thruster Teddy & Jackie

Velvet Thruster Teddy vs. Jackie comparison review thumbnail

Fun Factory Stronic Surf

Fun Factory Stronic Surf review thumbnail

We-Vibe Nova

We-Vibe Nova review thumbnail

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