Lovense Gemini vs. OhMiBod Sphinx Bluetooth Nipple Clamps

Is this the future our Y2K selves imagined?

You can con­trol these nip­ple clamps’ vibra­tions from around the world via Bluetooth!

OhMiBod Sphinx vs. Lovense Gemini comparison

There’s some­thing nos­tal­gic about both the OhMiBod Sphinx and Lovense Gemini:

  • Sphinx’s del­i­cate chain and hot pink tex­tures scream, “’00s Carrie Bradshaw gal pal brunch!”
  • Gemini looks like a cousin of a pink Sony Walkman Bean 128 MB mp3 play­er that would play the “wah-​wah-​wah-​WEEEEEE-​ooooouuu” from Goodies by Ciara.

Let’s bring these Bluetooth remote con­trol nip­ple clamps head to head.

Differences between the OhMiBod Sphinx and Lovense Gemini include:

  • The OhMiBod Sphinx’s vibra­tions are way stronger.
  • Gemini’s clamp­ing pres­sure is adjustable — and Sphinx’s isn’t.
  • Sphinx has a neck­lace chain; Gemini can also be worn that way or clipped onto clothing.
  • Lovense’s apps offer more versatility.
OhMibod Sphinx and Lovense Gemini Bluetooth remote control nipple clamps with long-range play function

Which one is bet­ter? It’s a close call, but the OhMiBod Sphinx does way more for me!

OhMiBod Sphinx vs. Lovense Gemini Vibration Quality

OhMiBod’s Sphinx clamps bring the zing — essen­tial­ly buzzy bul­lets with bite.

OhMiBod Sphinx textured vibrating nipple clamps with smartphone and smartwatch app control

In all fair­ness, both the Sphinx and Gemini are buzzy, with small motors that rely on speed rather than thud­dy weight — but that’s to be expect­ed when bal­anc­ing dis­cre­tion and com­pact size with strength.

Both options can be hid­den under clothes, with­in reason.

Both vibra­tion tim­bres are high-​pitched, rang­ing between 180 and 250 Hz.

Thankfully, the OhMiBod Sphinx nip­ple clamps trans­fer the motion bet­ter, mak­ing more waves and even splash­ing a bit when dipped in water. Gemini’s rip­ples are rel­a­tive­ly small and spaced apart, with no splash.

In use? The most impor­tant fac­tor for me is that the OhMiBod Sphinx can make me cum via my sen­si­tive nip­ples; Gemini can’t.

Your mileage may vary, though. For many users, I’d still sug­gest tem­per­ing your expec­ta­tions and assum­ing they’ll be a tease. OhMiBod's Sphinx vibrat­ing clamps are best for mak­ing all day into fore­play. Jolt your part­ner to remind them of the main event about to come.

OhMIBod Sphinx nipple clamps with necklace chain

The Little Details: Sphinx vs. Gemini Nipple Clamps

Lovense paid a bit more atten­tion to func­tion­al details:

There are more ways to wear the Lovense Gemini. Its cen­tral hub has a loop for thread­ing a cord through for wear­ing like a neck­lace and a clip for fas­ten­ing to a col­lar or bra band.

Gemini’s vibrat­ing nip­ple clamps have screws for more pre­cise tight­ness adjust­ments. Loosen them up by enough to put on the clit or turn an intense BDSM scene way up. The max­i­mum clamp­ing is no joke!!!

Lovense Gemini adjustable pressure nipple clamp screws

Sphinx's bul­let bod­ies are longer, mean­ing you won’t have as much con­trol, but you have some choice in how tight­ly you want them to grip. Wear them clos­er to the hinge for a tighter pinch or toward the tips for less pressure.

Bluetooth App Capability: OhMiBod vs. Lovense

Both OhMiBod and Lovense are indus­try lead­ers with remote con­trol sex tech, but Lovense’s Bluetooth fea­tures are more comprehensive:

In addi­tion to smart­phone remote con­trol, Lovense also sells a Bluetooth adapter that you can plug into your com­put­er to con­trol vibra­tions and strokes from your desktop.

Lovense Gemini nipple clamp close-up

Generally, a casu­al user will focus on Lovense Remote, which includes:

  • Slider con­trol to increase intensity
  • Short-​range and long-​range play
  • Recording pat­tern loops
  • Ambient sound sen­sor with sen­si­tiv­i­ty adjustment
  • Speed mode sens­ing acceleration
  • Music mode con­nect­ing to Apple Music, Youtube Music, Amazon Music, and Lark Player. 
    • Plus, pre-​sync to select music videos on YouTube
  • Alarm mode (solo set and part­ner down­load options available)

Which Bluetooth Vibrator Control App Should You Use?

Both are great!

OhMiBod’s Bluetooth app is also full of fea­tures and ways to play:

  • Control of vibra­tion inten­si­ty and thrum­ming speed
  • Short-​range and long-​range play
  • Recording pat­tern loops and increas­ing or decreas­ing intensity
  • Ambient sound sen­sor with sen­si­tiv­i­ty adjustment
  • Music mode con­nects to Spotify Premium
Lovense Gemini adjustable Bluetooth vibration remote control nipple clamps

Overall, you can do more with Lovense remote con­trol vibra­tors, whether you’re:

  • Seeking spicy chats with strangers
  • Syncing to solo smut
  • Getting teased while out and about with a partner
  • Both using toys together!

However, if you don’t care about the web­cam or AI porn sync capa­bil­i­ties, OhMiBod does plen­ty for:

  • Solo users want­i­ng tight controls
  • Long-​distance video chat with an estab­lished partner
  • Going out to the club with music-​synced vibrations
  • Couples explor­ing kinky pub­lic play
Wearing the OhMiBod Sphinx

Closing Thoughts on the Gemini and Sphinx

Yup, even after see­ing eeeeev­ery­thing that the Lovense Gemini can do, I still enjoy the OhMiBod Sphinx nip­ple clamps far more because, sim­ply, its motors are more intense.

Buzzy and itty-​bitty? Yes, but they pack enough punch, con­cen­trat­ed in a small and sen­si­tive area for me.

Sphinx’s vibra­tions can make me cum.

Gemini’s can’t — their vibra­tions hard­ly reg­is­ter when over­shad­owed by the nip­ple pinch­ing itself. At that point, get “ana­log” adjustable nip­ple clamps with­out the bells and whistles.

On paper, the Gemini’s fea­tures are flashy as fuck, but in prac­tice, I get a big­ger kick out of the OhMiBod Sphinx’s zing.

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