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The Pink B.O.B. silicone vibrator is $20. But is it really silicone?

Pink BOB Silicone Vibrating Dildo Review: body-safe sex toy under $20

UPDATE: I wish I hadn't written this review. This product isn't even worth the amount of time I spent writing about it. It's cheap, it's terrible, it's whatever. But it didn't ...
Eroscillator vs. Hitachi

5 Reasons Why I Like the Eroscillator More Than the Hitachi Magic Wand

Sometimes, it feels like everyone loves the Hitachi Magic Wand Original except me. "May I introduce you to the Hitachi?" "You NEED a Hitachi!" "It's the Cadillac of Vibrators!" "It ...
California Exotics Marvelous Flicker side view

California Exotics Marvelous Flicker Review: flickering tongue-shaped vibrator

The Marvelous Flicker is part of California Exotics' Mini Marvels line of rechargeable silicone mini-vibes. This toy is the most notable of the line for its tongue-shaped body, pointy tip, ...
The girthy, voluptuous Sinclair Inspire vibrator comes in a gorgeous cyan blue

Sinclair Inspire review: big, budget-friendly, silicone vibrator for size queens

It's not hard to find an affordable and non-porous vibrator, but your options dwindle when you add "big" or "girthy" to the list of qualifiers. Big insertable vibrators usually have ...
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Bswish Bwild Deluxe Bunny review: why I don’t like rabbit vibrators

Every time I hear the question, "Have you tried The Rabbit Vibrator?" a tiny part of me eyerolls. A bigger part of me thinks, "Hey, be nice. Just explain why it's ...
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Review: Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion pulsator

The Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion is the only Stronic pulsator I've tried whose shape works for me.  It's one of four Stronic pulsators: self-thrusting toys that feature a linear back-and-forth ...
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BMS Factory Swan Wand Classic Review: big, rechargeable vibrator

I often suggest the BMS Factory Swan Wand when asked for recommendations for a powerful rechargeable vibrator. It not only boasts Hitachi-level earthquake power, but also two different sized ends with an ...
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Je Joue Uma review: rumbly mid-sized vibrator

The Je Joue Uma has many hallmarks of a versatile toy. It has a bulging, gentle curve that can hit internal erogenous zones but won't snag on my pubic bone ...
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15 Best Sex Toys on a Budget

Finding an effective sex toy on a budget (for purposes of this article, under $50) is possible, but it's hard to meet the crossroads between a toy that suits a lot ...

Some of the best vibrators I’ve tried & reviewed:

External massagers

Doxy Die Cast

Doxy Die Cast review thumbnail

Fun Factory Volta

Fun Factory Volta review thumbnail

Zumio S Caress

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More rechargeable wands!

Best rechargeable and cordless wand massager round-up thumbnail

Insertable vibrators & thrusters

Velvet Thruster Teddy & Jackie

Velvet Thruster Teddy vs. Jackie comparison review thumbnail

Fun Factory Stronic Surf

Fun Factory Stronic Surf review thumbnail

We-Vibe Nova

We-Vibe Nova review thumbnail

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