Uberrime A-Spot Avenger dildo giveaway!

Uberrime A-Spot Avenger dildo giveaway! 1

This month, I'm giving away one of my cervix's favorite silicone dildos: the Uberrime A‑Spot Avenger!

It's a beau­ti­ful­ly mar­bled (AND GLITTERY) SheVibe exclu­sive, inspired by super­heroes you might know and love.

What else makes it unique? The Uberrime A‑Spot Avenger is a vagina-centric depth play toy with super length, a soft and cervix-friendly head, and ridges on the bot­tom half of the shaft.

If you're not famil­iar with the won­ders of deep vagi­nal pen­e­tra­tion, con­sid­er read­ing my A‑Spot Exploration Guide and BS-Free Guide to Cervical Orgasms.

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Key features of the Uberrime A-Spot Avenger:

Uberrime A-Spot Avenger dildo giveaway! 2

  • 2.07" max­i­mum diameter
  • 1.67″ shaft diameter
  • Triple-crowned head
  • Tapered for slid­ing behind the cervix
  • Three more bumps on the shaft
  • Squishy 5A den­si­ty silicone

To recap my Uberrime A-Spot Avenger review:

There’s no such thing as a bad Uberrime dildo. There are only some that fit my body more amazingly than others.

Marvel at the maker’s metal­lic mar­bling. Let the (Captain America-inspired) Patriot span­gle you until you see stars. Marco Uberrime’s lat­est cre­ation, the A‑Spot Avenger, strik­ing­ly resem­bles the Aqua-King, which I named #5 on my best sex toys of 2019 list.

There’s much to love about this new cre­ation — some of it inher­it­ed from the Aqua-King, some not.

Read my full review of the Uberrime A‑Spot Avenger.

The winner will get to choose from three gorgeous color schemes:

Giveaway terms and conditions:

Must be 18+ (I can't do any­thing ille­gal!) and in the USA to enter.

Giveaway ends June 17th, 2020 at 11:59PM Eastern.

Once I email the win­ner, they have 48 hours to claim their prize and send me their mail­ing address so that I can for­ward it to Marco Uberrime.

I hope this makes your quar­an­tine a lit­tle bit more excit­ing. Best of luck to everyone!

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Uberrime A‑Spot Avenger Giveaway!

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