Super Cy's Summer Wet Dream Giveaway: win one of 11 sexy prizes!

Summer Sex Toy Giveaway at Super Smash Cache!Free sex toys and give­away prizes made it pos­si­ble for me to start review­ing! It's been years since I post­ed my first review, but 2018 was when I real­ly start­ed turn­ing my blog­ging into a busi­ness.

In the past six months, I've:

…and now, in my very first give­away, I'm team­ing up with a few of my favorite peeps from the sex toy indus­try to give back to my read­ers! In addi­tion to sex toys, there will also be a prize even near­er and dear­er to my vagi­na: a life cast of my vulva!

To enter this sex toy give­away, read through the prize list and pick up to three prizes you would like to win. Then scroll back up here and type them in as your first entry in the giveaway.

Terms & conditions

This give­away ends July 6th. Each win­ner has 48 hours to respond to me via e‑mail. If you're inter­na­tion­al, you are respon­si­ble for any cus­toms charges and VAT tax­es. Also, I can't do any­thing ille­gal. That means you must be 18 years or old­er, and we can't ship to coun­tries where sex toys are banned.

Enter here. Good luck!

Super Cy's Summer Wet Dream 2018

Now on to the sexy prizes!

  • Prizes I'm personally shipping (U.S. only)
    • Life cast of my vulva
    • LuzArte Jollet + We-Vibe Tango
    • Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration
  • Spectrum Boutique (International)
    • $75 Spectrum Boutique gift card
    • Vixen Creations Randy
  • Peepshow Toys (International)
    • $50 Peepshow Toys gift card
    • Pillow Talk Sassy
    • Jopen Lust L2
  • Blush Novelties (U.S. only)
    • Avant D3 + Gaia Eco
    • Real Nude Suko
    • Luxe Candy Rimmer plug set

Prizes I'll be shipping

Super Cy's Summer Wet Dream Giveaway: win one of 11 sexy prizes! 1The prizes in this sec­tion are open to U.S. entrants only, unless you're down for pay­ing inter­na­tion­al ship­ping and cus­toms fees.

1 A gilded life cast of yours truly's vulva

Cast in plas­ter, gild­ed, and framed on satin, this sculp­ture is per­fect­ly imper­fect… just like my labia. :p But seri­ous­ly. It's the first gen­i­tal life cast I have ever made, and more or less an experiment.

This give­away prize is a not-so-subtle nudge-nudge to let you know that I'll be post­ing more art­work soon! I hope you'll stick around on my jour­ney as I start prac­tic­ing and incor­po­rat­ing erot­ic art into my blog.

2 Luzarte Jollet + We-Vibe Tango + toy cleaner

The Luzarte (for­mer­ly Jollies and Chavezdezignz) Jollet is one of my favorite dil­dos in the his­to­ry of ever. Its design is sim­ple: a tapered tip, a girthy G‑spot bump, a scal­loped base for easy grip, and a cav­i­ty for insert­ing a bul­let vibe. Everyone says not to thrust it. Except me. I love thrust­ing it behind my cervix.

And what bet­ter mini-vibe to put in the Luzarte Jollet than a supa-rumbly blue We-Vibe Tango (donat­ed by Spectrum Boutique)?

3 Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration ThumbnailIf you like hav­ing your clit sucked, this is for you. The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration rapid­ly alter­nates between gen­tly suck­ing and blow­ing to cre­ate waves of air pres­sure. It has 11 inten­si­ty set­tings, rang­ing from a gen­tle warm-up to full-on, uncon­trol­lable, forced orgasm tor­ture. The Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples sucks (in a bad way), but the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is awesome.

Update: I now have a full review of the Womanizer Classic (anoth­er clit suc­tion toy)! It includes a brief com­par­i­son to the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration.

Spectrum Boutique (international)

4 $75 Spectrum Boutique gift card

Ahhh, the free­dom to choose from a selec­tion you know is all body-safe and high-quality. Feast your eyes: Spectrum Boutique's web­site is vibrant, sleek, and on fleek. Everything about them makes me proud to say that I'm from Detroit.

5 Vixen Creations Randy


The Vixen Creations Randy is girthy AF bliss. At 2.2" wide, it's per­fect prep for fist­ing, or just using it by itself. Either way, if you're of size roy­al­ty, the Randy is a must-have. It's my toy of choice for forced orgasm tor­ture— I pret­ty much can't stop com­ing when­ev­er it's inside me.

Peepshow Toys (international)

6 $50 Peepshow Toys gift card

Peepshow Toys puts so much care into curat­ing their sales and col­lec­tions. They've been around since 2013 and col­lab­o­rat­ed with so many of the sex blog­gers and edu­ca­tors you know and love. In fact, their review pro­gram was the first one I ever reached out to.

Through the years, the core mis­sion is going strong: edu­cate the con­sumers and stir up an inclu­sive sex­u­al rev­o­lu­tion in uncer­tain times.

Pillow Talk Sassy teal side view7 Pillow Talk Sassy

I fell in love with the Pillow Talk Sassy at first touch. The ridicu­lous­ly good motor starts off at a deep, low purr, ramps up so much that at first I seri­ous­ly won­dered how high it was going to go. The speed range is just so, so per­fect for me.

8 Jopen Lust L2

Jopen Lust L2 bullet purple side viewThe Jopen Lust L2's motor is made by the same com­pa­ny that made the Pillow Talk Sassy. You get all the perks of the Pillow Talk Sassy in a more dis­creet, petite pack­age (about the size of a lip balm tube).

Blush Novelties

These prizes are avail­able to U.S. entrants only.

9 Avant D3 + green Gaia Eco

I cred­it that pro­nounced coro­nal ridge for awak­en­ing my A‑spot. It's so girthy and boxy that, when I insert the dil­do almost all the way in, there's nowhere else for the ridge to go but against my A‑spot. And if I insert behind my cervix to mas­sage it, the bumps down the shaft mas­sage my G‑spot too.

To com­plete the fun, sum­mery col­or scheme and add clit stim, I'm throw­ing in a Green Gaia Eco. It's pret­ty much the best vibra­tor you could get for $10 and plen­ty rumbly for how inex­pen­sive it is.

10 Real Nude Suko

Blush Novelties Real Nude Suko Thumbnail

So you think the Avant D3 or D4 would be too intense for you? I gotchu fam. The Real Nude Suko is the dual-density ver­sion, mean­ing that the core is firm but the out­er lay­er is squishy. You won't get the striped col­or scheme with this dil­do, but it does come in a pret­ty indi­go. Or you can get the fuch­sia. The choice is yours.

11 Luxe Candy Rimmer plug set

blush candy rimmer butt plugA match­ing set of 3 sil­i­cone butt plugs, in 3 dif­fer­ent sizes! They mea­sure 1" wide, 1.25" wide, and 1.5" wide, a good range for get­ting com­fort­able with anal play. Indigo or fuchsia.


Ready to pick your top 3 prizes? Scroll back up and enter!


A huge thank-you to those who made this giveaway possible!

That means you, dear read­er! And the fol­low­ing shops and toy makers:

Super Cy's Summer Wet Dream Giveaway: win one of 11 sexy prizes! 2

Super Cy's Summer Wet Dream Giveaway: win one of 11 sexy prizes! 3

Super Cy's Summer Wet Dream Giveaway: win one of 11 sexy prizes! 4Super Cy's Summer Wet Dream Giveaway: win one of 11 sexy prizes! 5Super Cy's Summer Wet Dream Giveaway: win one of 11 sexy prizes! 6

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