A Smashing Revival Reverie Giveaway: 11 sexy prizes

You are invited to a Smashing Revival Reverie Giveaway!

I must be dream­ing; my com­mis­sions this past month were enough to pay for a future month of liv­ing costs?! So I HAD to host a give­away and give some­thing back to my loy­al read­ers. Thank you for mak­ing this possible!

And that hap­pened with­in just a year of tak­ing my blog from "for fun" to seri­ous side hus­tle. So this give­away is cel­e­brat­ing two things:

  1. The anniver­sary of my blog's revival
  2. "Oh shit, this could become my JOB job."

You might remem­ber my first ever give­away, back in June and July this year. I've cho­sen the prizes a lit­tle dif­fer­ent­ly this time because of my blog's empha­sis on deep pen­e­tra­tion. That means more dil­dos! Eight dil­dos, to be pre­cise, plus two vibra­tors and one butt plug.

If you don't feel like read­ing the prod­uct descrip­tions, click to jump straight to the rules & entry options. The prizes will be list­ed in the give­away entry widget.

On to the sex toy giveaway prizes!

Donated by Uberrime Dildos

Marco Uberrime pre-​made these dil­dos just for the give­away, so what you see is what you get color-​wise. Also, these prizes are open to inter­na­tion­al entries! Thank you, Marco!

1 Uberrime Night King

Uberrime Night King photo

Unfffff, the Night King feels like it was made just for me. It's an artisan-​marbled fan­ta­sy dil­do that's long (8.5" insertable) but not over­ly thick (by my stan­dards) at 1.75" wide. The defined wib­bles and wob­bles along the shaft are high­ly stim­u­lat­ing when thrust or twist­ed. And that sub­tle curve is noth­ing short of heav­en for mas­sag­ing my cervix.

If you love tex­tures and deep pen­e­tra­tion, this medium-​firm dil­do is a hard­core must-​have. It's cer­tain­ly in my top four favorite dil­dos ever. Read my full review of the Uberrime Night King here or go straight to the prod­uct page at Peepshow Toys.

2 Uberrime Splendid

Uberrime Splendid photo. Colors shown: pearl white and purple gradient.

If you're look­ing for a dual-​density dil­do in strik­ing, non-​representational col­ors, look no fur­ther. The Uberrime Splendid is 5.5" long and 1.67" max width (the aver­age width is 1.6")— a lit­tle thick­er than the aver­age human penis, but about the same length.

And that's enough for most users to pull the pro­nounced head against their G‑spot or prostate. Its dual-​density sil­i­cone means you get the best of both worlds: a firm core for thrust­ing, and a squishy out­er lay­er that soft­ens the ample veins and feels lux­u­ri­ous to squish around.

The par­tic­u­lar one Marco Uberrime made for me is a gra­di­ent from pearly white to pur­ple, and because it's hand­made, there's some sub­tle pig­ment swirling in the squishy head. Find out more at the Splendid's prod­uct page at Peepshow Toys.

3 Uberrime Element 4

Uberrime Element 4 photo. Colors shown: luster black marbled with a pearly purple.

This ele­gant G‑spot dil­do is a lit­tle dain­tier than the oth­ers Uberrime has donat­ed. But only a lit­tle— its head is a fair­ly aver­age 1.43" wide, its neck dips down to 1.2", and the mid-​shaft bulges to 1.59" wide. Overall, its 5" of insertable length is rel­a­tive­ly smooth, mak­ing the Uberrime Element 4 an unin­tim­i­dat­ing G‑spot toy for beginners.

In Marco's own words, the shaft fea­tures a "lobed bulge in the cen­ter sculpt­ed to resem­ble fin­gers." It reminds me of the ver­ti­cal bumps at the bot­tom of the Avant D3/​D4 (which, by the way, is also a prize in this give­away). And you know how much I love twist­ing ver­ti­cal textures.

The par­tic­u­lar Uberrime Element 4 dil­do in this give­away fea­tures a spark­ly lus­ter black and pearl purple.

Donated by Peepshow Toys

These prizes are open for inter­na­tion­al entries! Thank you, Peepshow Toys!

Uberrime Night King thumbnail

4 Uberrime Night King

Yes, there will be TWO Night Kings in this give­away. Enough said about how much I love this dil­do! Because the Uberrime dil­dos that Peepshow stocks are made in batch­es, the swirls won't be the same as in the pic­ture. But they will be just as sexy.

5 BMS Factory Pillow Talk Sassy

The Pillow Talk Sassy by BMS Factory is one of the best G‑spot vibra­tors I have ever tried. The rum­ble out­per­forms even the often-​lauded LELO Mona 2— yes, I record­ed video of the vibra­tions in water to back myself up!

BMS Factory Pillow Talk Sassy teal thumbnail

For $48.60 (with code SUPERSMASHCACHE at Peepshow Toys), the Sassy doesn't have any pat­terns, and its unin­tu­itive one-​button con­trol won't help it win any rewards. But the low­est set­ting is usu­al­ly plen­ty to get me off, and it's the toy I reach for when I want a long cli­toral orgasm. I'm always in the mood for a few orgasms with the Sassy, even when the Mona 2's buzz gets a lit­tle irri­tat­ing. And that's say­ing something.

The win­ner gets their choice of vibe col­or between teal or pink. Read my Pillow Talk Sassy review or go straight to the prod­uct page.

6 Femmefunn Ultra Bullet

Femmefunn Ultra Bullet teal thumbnail

Don't be fooled by this vibrator's eye-​scaldingly play­ful exte­ri­or. Its motor means busi­ness! Reviewers often com­pare its pow­er to the We-​Vibe Tango, the gold stan­dard of rumbly bul­lets. The Ultra Bullet's above-​average 1" thick­ness means you can't neat­ly put it in dil­dos' bul­let cav­i­ties. But you could use its flex­i­ble sil­i­cone for shal­low penetration.

And for $49 at Peepshow Toys, the Femmefunn Ultra Bullet's pow­er makes it an absolute steal. Choose your col­or: teal, pink, or purple.

Donated by Vixen Creations

This prize is U.S.-only. Thank you, Vixen Creations!

7 Midnight Pearl VixSkin Johnny

Vixen Creations VixSkin Johnny midnight pearl blue and black thumbnail

The dual-​density VixSkin Johnny is the toy that got me to start explor­ing big dil­dos. At a meaty 1.75" wide, the Johnny is big­ger than the aver­age penis, but its squishy out­er lay­er makes it a nat­ur­al next step if you're look­ing to lev­el up. Its 7 inch­es of insertable length has that gen­tle, cervix-​loving curve I crave. The VixSkin Johnny is also a flex­i­ble but fill­ing G‑spotter with its defined head.

Whether I'm crav­ing deep pen­e­tra­tion or tip drilling, the Johnny is high­ly ver­sa­tile. And it's designed after an uncut dick— the fore­skin tex­ture is a plus in my book. Read my VixSkin Johnny review or get a vanil­la, caramel, choco­late, or tie-​bright Johnny from SheVibe.

Because these dil­dos are made in batch­es, the actu­al prize's pat­tern will vary a lit­tle from the pic­ture. Its gen­er­al col­or scheme, how­ev­er, will be the same. Midnight Pearl wasn't even an option when I got my Johnny. Lucky you!

Donated by Blush Novelties

These prizes are U.S.-only. Thank you, Blush Novelties!

8 Ruse 18" long x 1.5" thick double dildo

Blush Novelties Ruse 1.5" slim silicone double dildo

Body-​safe dou­ble dongs aren't exact­ly easy to find, but I'm ecsta­t­ic to announce that Blush has recent­ly come out with one!

One of my first sex toys was a cheap, double-​ended jel­ly dil­do with pack­ag­ing that said, "phthalate-​free." The dildo's show­er cur­tain smell, though, said oth­er­wise— it most cer­tain­ly wasn't body-​safe, and there's no reg­u­la­tion or require­ment for the man­u­fac­tur­er to label the tox­ic sex toy accurately.

Blush's Ruse dou­ble dil­do gives con­sumers a safe and non-​porous alter­na­tive. Choose your col­or: pur­ple or hot pink.

9 Avant D3 or D4 striped dildo

Avant D3 Summer Fling dildo thumbnail. Features stripes of purple, orange, and pink.

This duo of dil­dos is intense AF! They're super firm with a big, boxy, and pro­nounced G‑spotting head and two bulges along the shaft. If you like ver­ti­cal tex­tures, you're going to love the bottom-​most bump's lobe.

Everything about the Avant D3/​D4 turns me into a pud­dle of heart-​eyes emo­jis, but it may be a bit too intense for every­day use if you're not used to unyield­ing girth. If the shape appeals to you, but you want some­thing with more squish, check out the Real Nude Suko instead.

Winner gets to choose one dil­do in an Avant D3 or D4 col­or scheme. The Avant D3 is a Summer Fling-​themed com­bo of pink, orange, and pur­ple, while the D4 is Pretty In Pink.

10 Avant Pride P1 rainbow-​striped dildo

Avant Pride P1 slender rainbow-striped dildo

On the oppo­site side of the inten­si­ty spec­trum is the Avant Pride P1. Let me repeat the head­er: this is a dil­do with rain­bow stripes! Despite the visu­al awe­some­ness, the Avant Pride P1 is not for every­one. It's on the slim side and very bendy. However, this dil­do might be a good fit for you if you:

  • want a basic begin­ner dil­do to clench around
  • enjoy stim­u­la­tion at the vagi­nal or anal opening
  • have a shal­low cervix and want to explore cervix stimulation

You won't find any firm or frilly forms among the rest of the Avant Pride line, but they're all sim­ple and body-​safe basics at afford­able prices. I've reviewed the Avant Pride P1 and fea­tured it on my list of dis­creet sex toys that fit in a sun­glass­es case.

Donated by Tantus

I'll ship this prize per­son­al­ly to a win­ner in the U.S. or Canada only. Thank you, Tantus!

11 Tantus Neo tapered silicone butt plug

Black Tantus Neo butt plug thumbnail

I was orig­i­nal­ly going to give away this plug as part of my Anal August guide to butt stuff, but that post nev­er hap­pened. Butt stuff hard­ly appeals to me at all any­more, so I didn't feel that I was in the right men­tal space to write a guide about it. I respect that it's a core part of many people's sex lives, though.

The Tantus Neo has a pointy tip and tapered bulb for easy inser­tion. So even if you can't insert this plug all the way, you can use just the tip to build up your com­fort lev­el with pen­e­tra­tion. The Neo's base is also T‑shaped to com­fort­ably fit between the cheeks (to hell with round bases).

I only have this plug in sol­id black, and I'll be send­ing it in my own, small­er pack­ag­ing. This plug has nev­er been in any ori­fice. I only took it out of its orig­i­nal (bulky AF) pack­ag­ing to save space and keep my belong­ings dis­creet when tem­porar­i­ly stay­ing at my par­ents' house. So yeah, be aware of that before you enter.

Clock icon

Rules & shipping regulations

The give­away goes live December 8th at mid­night and ends January 5th at 11:59. Once I've emailed the win­ners, they have 48 hours to claim the prizes.  If I don't get a response with­in that time win­dow, I'll pick some­one else.

Also, I know it might say ten prizes on the wid­get in some places. That's because the free ver­sion of Gleam lim­its me, but I will be pick­ing all 11 win­ners randomly.

Globe icon

A quick summary of who's willing to ship to where:
  • Uberrime Dildos ships internationally.
  • Peepshow Toys ships internationally.
  • Vixen Creations ships with­in the U.S. only.
  • Blush Novelties ships with­in the U.S. only.
  • I'll ship to a win­ner in the U.S. or Canada only.

International prize win­ners are respon­si­ble for any cus­toms or tax­es. Also, I can't do any­thing ille­gal, like send­ing sex toys to peo­ple under 18 or to places that ban import­ing them.

Enter the giveaway!

Super Smash Cache's Revival Reverie Giveaway

Thanks again to everyone who donated: Uberrime Dildos, Peepshow Toys, Vixen Creations, Blush Novelties, and Tantus.

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