Review: Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion pulsator

The Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion is was one of the orig­i­nal four Stronic pul­sators: self-thrusting toys that fea­ture a lin­ear back-and-forth mag­net­ic weight to sim­u­late in-and-out pen­e­tra­tion, almost hands-free. Rest it against a pil­low or on your hand, and it's a self-contained mini fuck­ing machine. The pul­sators fea­ture dif­fer­ent styles of thrust­ing, with set­tings rang­ing from slow and smooth to fast and thuddy.

[Image: holding the Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion pulsator in my hand]

Comparison with other OG Fun Factory Stronic pulsators

Review: Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion pulsator 1

UPDATE: Fun Factory's Stronic Eins, Zwei, and Drei, are now dis­con­tin­ued and have been replaced with more light­weight mod­els. However, I think it's impor­tant to talk about the OG models!

The Stronic Eins' shape, 80% of the time, didn't do any­thing for my G‑spot. To get G‑spot stim­u­la­tion, I would have to thrust man­u­al­ly with­out the pul­sa­tion like a dil­do. Doing that, of course, defeat­ed the pur­pose of drop­ping $190 on a sex toy with a fan­cy motor. I was in cog­ni­tive dis­so­nance about it not work­ing for me.

I tried the Stronic Drei, which did more for my G‑spot due to its stronger curve, but at a cost. The tex­tured surface's increased fric­tion sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduced the thrust­ing motion, which again, defeat­ed the pur­pose. While the tex­ture was ini­tial­ly plea­sur­able, it didn't take long before my vagi­na start­ed reg­is­ter­ing it as irri­ta­tion. Last but not least of the orig­i­nal Stronics, while the cur­rent me would prob­a­bly like the now-discontinued Stronic Zwei, it was a no-go at the time (2014) because it was too girthy for me to even think about trying.

Review: Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion pulsator 2

Upgrades: Bi Stronic Fusion, Stronic G, and beyond

UPDATE: I've made a mega-comparison list and guide to the best Fun Factory sex toys! Find out which Fun Factory pul­sators made the cut and which didn't.

The insertable part of the Bi Stronic Fusion is what the Stronic Eins should have been: effort­less G‑spotting. It just puz­zles me that the design­ers invest­ed into adding a use­less clit arm. As a pen­e­tra­tion toy alone, it would have been per­fect! The clit arm does noth­ing but raise the price tag to $220.

Review: Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion pulsator 3

I used to rec­om­mend the Bi Stronic Fusion as an inter­nal toy for those who could afford it. However, some­time after this review was ini­tial­ly post­ed, Fun Factory made a self-thrusting G‑spot toy with­out the cli­toral arm. The Fun Factory Stronic G is thin­ner, and its shape sim­i­lar to the Bi Stronic Fusion, but with even more of a dip to reach into the G‑spot.

The Stronic G works many review­ers, but not me. I much pre­fer the Stronic Real and Stronic Surf.

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Shown here: Fun Factory Stronic G vs. Stronic Surf

The Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion's penetration sensation

Review: Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion pulsator 5

The Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion just works for my G‑spot. There's a learn­ing curve in angling it cor­rect­ly, but once it's set up, it's all smooth sail­ing. The tip strokes my G‑spot with effort­less con­sis­ten­cy. It has a fat­ter, more dis­cernible G‑spot bend than the Stronic Eins, mak­ing the thrusts more pre­cise and intense.

Also, because it's stiff, gen­tly curved, and easy to aim, it some­times (depend­ing on my men­stru­al phase) also works for my cervix and A‑spot despite the insertable length being only 4.5". My clit also enjoys the smoother, less thud­dy set­tings slid­ing against it, which sim­u­late a partner's fin­ger rub­bing. Think of it as a hand that strokes with per­fect rhythm and nev­er gets tired.

What's up with the external stimulation arm?

Review: Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion pulsator 6

The thrust­ing motion and the shaft are well worth $220 for me, but the cli­toral arm and extra cost are down­right unnecessary.

This toy has a 1.75" gap between the inter­nal prong and the exter­nal prong. Since I have a rel­a­tive­ly aver­age clit-vag gap of 1 inch, the cli­toral arm is waaaay too far from my vagi­na to do any­thing for me or the major­i­ty of users. Sure, the cli­toral arm is flex­i­ble, but that means noth­ing if plac­ing pres­sure on it to adjust it means damp­en­ing the pulsation.

The cli­toral vibra­tions are also utter­ly use­less because they're so buzzy and have hard­ly any depth at all. If you're look­ing for a dual stim­u­la­tion sex toy, don't both­er with the Bi Stronic Fusion.


This toy was sent to me in exchange for a review. All views expressed are my own.

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  1. Slink says:

    Woah super thor­ough review on the whole Stronic line! Wonder how Fun Factory will con­tin­ue the line!

  2. Trix says:

    This is the first real­ly pos­i­tive review of the Bi Stronic Fusion I've seen, intriguing!

    • The thing is, the clit arm sucks, but I don't mind just using it for the inter­nal por­tion. At the time I post­ed the review, it had the best tip and shaft of all the Stronics. That's changed now that the Stronic G and Stronic Real have come out though!

  3. Kalliopeia says:

    I have heard noth­ing but bad things about the clit arm of this one, and that does seem like a pret­ty unnec­es­sary addi­tion to a thrust­ing toy. I guess it does make it anal-safe, though.

  4. B R says:

    While on the sub­ject of toys that do a lot of the "work" for you, I do wish you'd have the chance to do a head to head review of the Sybian vs Motorbunny vs Tremor.

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