Review: Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion pulsator

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  1. Slink says:

    Woah super thorough review on the whole Stronic line! Wonder how Fun Factory will continue the line!

  2. Trix says:

    This is the first really positive review of the Bi Stronic Fusion I’ve seen, intriguing!

    • The thing is, the clit arm sucks, but I don’t mind just using it for the internal portion. At the time I posted the review, it had the best tip and shaft of all the Stronics. That’s changed now that the Stronic G and Stronic Real have come out though!

  3. Kalliopeia says:

    I have heard nothing but bad things about the clit arm of this one, and that does seem like a pretty unnecessary addition to a thrusting toy. I guess it does make it anal-safe, though.

  4. B R says:

    While on the subject of toys that do a lot of the “work” for you, I do wish you’d have the chance to do a head to head review of the Sybian vs Motorbunny vs Tremor.

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