What happens after I place my order?

After you order, I'll for­ward your ship­ping info to the sup­pli­er, who will then print the item. On aver­age, it takes about 3 busi­ness days to actu­al­ly make the item, after which they'll ship it.

Why am I taken to a different website to checkout?

This is because all pay­ments are han­dled by exter­nal, PCI-compliant pay­ment proces­sors. Super Smash Cache does not have any access to card pay­ment information.

I placed an order but didn't receive a confirmation email.

Check your spam, clut­ter, or pro­mo­tions fold­ers. Sometimes, e‑commerce emails get trapped in the spam filters. 

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is includ­ed in the price shown.

What shipping service(s) does the supplier use?

Tees and hats are shipped using USPS. For the dress­es and wind­break­ers, they'll use DHL and FedEx. For harder-to-reach loca­tions like Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or an APO address, the ship­ping car­ri­er will be USPS.

How long will shipping take?

After the pro­cess­ing and print­ing (usu­al­ly 3 days), it takes anoth­er 3–7 busi­ness days for most prod­ucts. Exception: the long-sleeve all-over print dress­es, which take about 20 days.

Keep in mind that these times are esti­mates and not promised. It takes even longer (upwards of 30 days) if you're in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or at an APO address. 

Where do they ship?

For now, the order form is open only to cus­tomers with US address­es. If you're inter­na­tion­al and you'd like to order, email me and we can work some­thing out via Venmo, PayPal, Cashapp, etc.

Where are the warehouses located?

  • Tees are print­ed in Charlotte, North Carolina, or Los Angeles, California.
  • Hats are embroi­dered in the USA as well.
  • Off-shoulder dress­es and wind­break­ers are print­ed in Quanzhou, China.
  • All-over print long-sleeve dress­es are print­ed in Latvia.

From there, the print­ing facil­i­ties will ship to you.

Do I have to sign the packages upon delivery?

USPS doesn't by default require sig­na­tures. For DHL and FedEx, you can vis­it the car­ri­er web­site to adjust your deliv­ery options. Alternatives to sign­ing can include con­tact­less deliv­ery or hold­ing the item at the car­ri­er facility.

Real talk, though: once it's in the postal sys­tem, that's out of my hands, and you'll have to con­tact the ship­ping car­ri­er. Not me.

What happens if the package is undeliverable?

Two deliv­ery attempts are made from ship­ping car­ri­ers. After two attempts have been made, the pack­age will remain at a local facil­i­ty for 7 days before send­ing it back to the ship­per, or you may risk hav­ing it destroyed. If you miss the sec­ond attempt, please con­tact the car­ri­er to con­firm which local facil­i­ty the pack­age is locat­ed for pickup.

What's your returns policy?

If a prod­uct is defec­tive or dam­aged, please email me a pic­ture of the issue with­in 7 days of deliv­ery. My email address is super­s­mash­cache [at] gmail [dot] com

After I receive your request, the sup­pli­er will inves­ti­gate the issue and approve or reject the claim. For the return to qual­i­fy, pack­ag­ing and tags must be intact. Once a des­ig­nat­ed ship­ping label is issued, you have 7 days to ship it back to the supplier.

Dirty, worn, or washed gar­ments with miss­ing tags, bags, and labels are not eli­gi­ble for return. I also won't be doing refunds due to siz­ing issues. Please review the siz­ing charts and prod­uct descrip­tions before plac­ing your order.