Clitoris Print Dresses & Apparel

Find the cutest cli­toris pat­tern print dress­es for your inner pin­up mod­el. Inspired by late 40s/​early 50s Americana. Clitoris tees are also avail­able and go up to size 5XL. Are you up for boost­ing the American Cliteracy Rate?

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What does that lil icon represent?

It's a dia­gram of the cli­toris! The pea-​sized struc­ture that peo­ple think of as being the cli­toris is actu­al­ly just the tip of the ice­berg; most of it is on the inside.

And it's made of the same tis­sues as the penis. The exter­nal cli­toris is like the head of the penis, while the inter­nal por­tion is like the shaft. And when you under­stand that they're the same build­ing blocks in dif­fer­ent shapes, you can ful­ly appre­ci­ate that male and female sex­u­al anato­my aren't that dif­fer­ent.

From there, we can make female orgasms dur­ing part­ner play more of a standard.

Red white and blue clitoris print dress inspired by the American flag. Close-up with leather jacket.

Why did you start this shop?

Because I want­ed cute cli­toris print dress­es to exist. Dresses with cli­toris designs are dis­tinct enough to be cheeky with­out being super super out there. Likewise for cli­toris t‑shirts. If you know, you know.

Some peo­ple rec­og­nize that it's the cli­toris struc­ture, some think it's an upside-​down flower, and some ask what it is. And that's a great grass­roots sex edu­ca­tion oppor­tu­ni­ty to teach about the impor­tance of the inter­nal clitoris.

Are you up for boost­ing the American clit­er­a­cy rate? Join the Cliteracy Understanding Movement (C.U.M.)

Off-shoulder clitoris dress print detailing and close-up.

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Go read them now if you have ques­tions. I hope some clitoris-​themed appar­el makes its way to you ASAP. Happy shop­ping! <3