5 Top Online Dating Platforms: what my friends & I think of them

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  1. Erica S says:

    So I’m a non-binary folk who’s 28 and single, and who currently lives in semi-rural Vermont, who typically looks for either a meaningful relationship (poly or monog), or friendships, and I‘ve had varying results with different dating platforms. I’ve been using Bumble and Tinder for 4 yrs, mostly in suburban NYS, and started using Hinge in late Fall 2019 when I moved to VT as a friend had recommended it.

    Platforms I’ve used: Bumble, Tinder, and Hinge, most often.


    Positives: So I find Bumble’s algorithm to be pretty accurate. I enjoy the folks I meet on Bumble (both men, women, and NB folks), and tend to have good conversation. I can’t recall ever meeting a super weirdo or “bad person” through the app.

    Downsides: Not as great a selection in rural areas, I get tired of having to answer folks first within a short time frame (which I know is a critical part of Bumble’s features!), and along those lines, Bumble has a really weird, strict gender identity form that makes you choose “male”, “female”, or “other” and doesn’t let you switch back and forth regularly once you choose (at least last time I checked).


    Positives: Easy to use, wider selection of people to match with in more rural areas.

    Negatives: More as*holes and BS, tbh haha, for instance people (mostly cis men) acting more jerky and less respectful. More folks looking for hook-ups (no judgement), and less for meaningful conversation/relationships (what I tend to be drawn more towards).


    Positives: Really meaningful conversations I‘ve had, and really kind nice folks I’ve chatted with and met. I think folks on Hinge TYPICALLY are looking to engage in respectful interactions, and the demographic appears to be slightly more mature than other platforms. There’s also this neat feature that allows you to filter your preferences for things like whether you want your matches to drink or smoke (or not), religious and political views, education level, and other similar demographics.

    Negatives: Pretty terrible algorithms (my matches don’t align with my interests or attractions), less great in rural areas but still decent. I find there are more cis men using the app than lesbians or NB folks. Weird platform that has taken me awhile to figure out (has a slightly diff outline than the “swipe left” features of Tinder/Bumble that I’m used to).

    All in all I’ve always looked for meaningful connection, whether that be sexually/intimately, or via friendships. I’d say I’ve had about 60% success but, I’m still single, so who knows. 🙂 Onward..!

  2. D. Dyer says:

    As a blind person and as a person who is generally looking less for hook ups and more for longer term relationships I have found OkCupid to be the most accessible and fruitful of these options. Tinder I have found difficult to use and I simply haven’t tried the others, not on Facebook which limits options.

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