Review: Fun Factory Bi-Stronic Fusion


This toy was sent to me complimentary, courtesy of the Castle Sex Toys Megastore  in exchange for a review. The Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion is the only Stronic pulsator I’ve tried whose shape works for me. Let’s backtrack to 2014, when Fun Factory released the Stronic line. (Or clickity here if you want to skip straight to the actual Bi Stronic review).
Processed with VSCO with a5 presetStanding out from other companies trying too damn hard to hype up their “innovations,” Fun Factory truly innovated with its self-thrusting toys, which they called “pulsators”. The Stronics feature a linear back-and-forth magnetic weight to simulate thuddy thrusting motions without your arm getting tired.

My younger self had quite different priorities and didn’t hesitate to drop $200 on the Stronic Eins… and I was in cognitive dissonance about it not working for me, especially with my less-experienced standards at the time. Countless sex toy reviewers gave it rave reviews, so I should find a way to like it, right?

The shape, 80% of the time, didn’t do diddly squat for my G-spot unless I was thrusting manually without the pulsation, and the increasing diameter towards the base (1.6″) was too much for former me to take. I find it cringeworthy that I ever recommended a $200 toy for the fantastic 20% of the time it did work.

I tried the Stronic Drei, the heavily ridged one. It did MORE for my G-spot due to its stronger curve, but at a cost: the increased friction greatly reduced the thrusting motion, and while the texture was initially pleasurable, it didn’t take long before I started registering it as irritation. And the Stronic Zwei was a no-go because it was even fatter than the base of the Eins.

The Bi Stronic, though? It solves many of these problems.


It just works. There’s a learning curve as far as angling it right goes, but once it’s set up, it’s all smooth sailing and strokes my G-spot with effortless consistency. It’s smooth. It has a fatter, more discernible G-spot bump without being irritating. The shaft works the way God I MEAN the designers intended for it to work: lazy-ass, hands-free bliss.

And because it’s so stiff and easy to aim, it sometimes (depending on my menstrual phase) also works for my cervix and A-spot despite the insertable length being only 4.5″. It also has some smoother, faster, less thuddy settings that can be used on my clit to simulate a partner’s finger rubbing it.

It’s versatile. The thrusting motion and the shaft are well worth the $220 for me, but the clitoral arm and increased cost to me seem downright unnecessary.

This toy is meant for a vulva with a 1.75″ gap between the clitoris and vagina, meaning the clit arm is too far away from my vag to do squat for my 1″ C-V gap. It does have some flexibility, meaning you can turn the pulsation off and use it as a regular dual-stim vibe if you hold the ear while thrusting. Also, if your clit-vag gap is a big bigger than 1.75″, you might have some leeway.

In my experience, though, pushing down the arm to accommodate my shorter gap dampens the pulsation, and people pushing it up may have the same problem. If I use it for dual stim, it’s more to have something to clench around than to actually stimulate anything by thrusting, because the vibrations are on the high-pitched side of buzzy, so I have to hold it firmly in place.

Don’t get me wrong: overall, I’d recommend the insertable portion of the Bi-Stronic Fusion to those who can afford it. It’s well worth the $220, but I understand that it’s not in everybody’s budget, and I still don’t like recommending dual stimulators because they’re so specifically anatomy-oriented. The Bi-Stronic Fusion is available in petal pink, red, and purple.


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