Mini-Review Round-Up: JimmyJane Intro 1 & other gentle vibes that rock

It’s true that a lot of sex bloggers’ clitorises like rumble and power, but I wanted to give my $0.02 from the other side: reasons why more power isn’t necessarily better, and recommendations for others who are built like me. Click here to jump straight to the recommendations.

Huh?! Didn’t you say you liked your powerful toys? Why would someone want patterns and less power?

Processed with VSCOI initially lukewarm-sorta-liked some of those rumbly toys and I really wanted to continue liking them, but as time went on, my clit just wasn’t having it. In my reviews of the JeJoue Uma and BMS Factory Swan Wand, I mentioned having a hard time getting off with it on my clit, and turning it up and up and up until I was basically numbed out (temporarily with no long-term effect), clenching my entire lower body, thinking of some really freaky fantasy, aaaand eventually had a crappy orgasm.

That’s pretty much what’s been going on with the Bodywand (and its rechargeable counterpart, the Mighty Wand), the Swan Wand, and the Uma alike (except on pattern settings), and I don’t have my Tango anymore but I don’t quite miss it. I recognize these toys’ merits as quality pleasers for power queens, but after all this time trying to like them, I can’t pretend that I personally prefer or have much use for them.

Gentle vibes, though? They’re more efficient, and it’s not just about whether a clitoral vibrator is strong enough to make me orgasm. It’s also about whether it can be gentle enough to hit a happy medium where I continue to plateau and peak, having multiple orgasms back to back.

This is enhanced with certain pattern settings because they effortlessly mimic the way I’d slow down my finger’s rubbing at the peak of an orgasm and speed it up again as I’m coming down, repeatedly. That’s what it comes down to: options for low power settings, easy access, and patterns that resonate with my own rhythms.


On to the vibes I do like on my clit, from most basic to most fancy:

JimmyJane Intro 1, $25

Intro-1-PurpleI won this watch battery minivibe from a kegel weightlifting contest, and I did not expect to like it as much as I do. There are three speeds and three functions: steady, waves, and a slow pulse. It’s a little rumblier than other watch battery toys I’ve tried, the speed settings are enough for me to maintain a plateau, and the waves make it even better because the power increases are perfectly timed with my peaks coming down. The texture and shape is just enough to make my G-spot happy, and I can’t complain. It’s at the affordable end of JimmyJane’s options. I’d recommend it if you want something discreet and know you don’t need much power.

Tl;dr solid, convenient, and I use this bby every day because it’s within easier reach. (Also available in pink and blue.)

Picobong Zizo, $60

A00073-allYou get 6 speed settings, 12 patterns, and a rumblier, lower vibration pitch, with enough range at the lower end to make it count for me and enough range at the higher end to make it a safer bet for the average reader (heck, the motor’s enough for Epiphora, and that’s saying something). Pretty much everything else by Picobong that runs on 2 batteries has the same qualifications, including Ako as an external vibe and Moka as a G-spot vibe. However, Zizo’s shape fits my body better, because it’s insertable and gently curved without a severe hook like the Moka.

California Exotics Embrace G Wand, $80

4610-10.jpgI have a full-on review of the Embrace G Wand up, but the tl;dr is that it’s rechargeable a triple motor insertable G-spot vibe, stronger and rumblier than the previous two, with more involved patterns that alternate among the three motors, and the best part is that it’s a little girthier and THE ideal shape and flex for my G-spot.

Mystim, $117

SizzlingSimon_onThe vibrations are so full of “yasssss!” Just yes. I have yet to try any other vibrations that resonate with me better. It’s on the pricey side, but it just blows most of my standards for a vibe out of the water. It doesn’t just maintain a plateau– it’s powerful enough and the pitch quality is enough to give me the most intense plateau that any external toy has given me (if you wanna talk internal intensity, I’m with VixSkin until the day I die), and it’s more reliably fast than the other three. I don’t love the texture of the Simon and really wish I got the Eric or Truman, but do bear in mind that MyStim’s vibes come in a variety of shapes and there’s probably one for you.

So why haven’t I written a rave review about this toy if I love it so much? Because the battery life is so, so shitty, and it’ll lose its juice even when you’re not using it. I love it but I just wish I didn’t have to keep track of when I last charged it.


In closing, I don’t think I’ll be writing much about clit vibes anymore, and if I do, it’s going to be chiefly focused on patterned vibes and catering to my niche instead of trying to like what I think I’m “supposed to” like.


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