Review: Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls

My partner was mildly confused when he saw the box labeled, “Fifty Shades of Grey” in my room. Yes, I know. I had to get past my prejudices about the near-ubiquitous cheesiness of the books and see the product itself for what it is: it’s the heaviest kegel ball set on by a long shot. With the steel balls totaling half a pound (220 grams) on a silicone cord, the weight of the FSoG Inner Goddess balls declares its territory in my awareness. They mean business.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetSee, despite plastic-shelled jiggle balls being so commended by other sex bloggers as “Awmagawd, hory sheet, the sensation when they jiggle makes me want to run around and dance all the damn time,” and a self-proclaimed power queen almost splooshing herself over the LELO Luna Beads, I thought kegel balls were sometimes mildly pleasant, and nothing more. I could sometimes feel the light tapping sensation when the weighted inner balls moved along the larger outer casing, but it hardly registered as pleasure.

The Inner Goddess balls are chrome-coated carbon steel and don’t jiggle, but they’re more than twice the weight of any other kegel ball set I’ve tried: the Jopen Stella III is 95 grams, while the LELO Luna Beads and Fun Factory Duo Smart Balls are roughly 75 grams. Thus, the Inner Goddess Balls have extra momentum inside of me during downward part of each step, jump, whatever my lower body is doing; they give my vagina a little more downward resistance in addition to the stationary weight

I know on a conscious level that they’re not going to fall out, but my lizard brain still gets a dirty thrill from the weight constantly pressing down on my pubic bone, as if it was my little secret and they could pop out at any minute. While running errands. While working out. If I’m walking somewhere or doing something physically active, I’m probably wearing the Inner Goddess balls (barring my period, when there’s a menstrual cup in the way).

It’s worth noting that I chiefly wear these for pleasure purposes, but they also serve the purpose of training one’s pubococcygeal muscles for a stronger pelvic floor. This doesn’t necessarily mean a tighter vagina, but rather more control of tightness (relaxing or tensing as desired), more blood flow to the genitals, and more intense orgasms.

When I first started getting serious about my PCs, I would hold in a glass dildo of about the same weight as these balls while doing my morning routine. While I’ve moved on to heavier objects since, I have enough experience to say that standing with this (or a bulbous item of similar weight) inserted for a couple hours each day will make a difference if you’re not used to having the same amount of resistance. Of course, weights in corded ball form are far more convenient than using a dildo as a weight: you can wear them in public, and your panties can catch them in case they do pop out.

Again, they’re heavy, making them a fantastic choice if you know that the lighter plastic jiggle balls aren’t for you, if you’re moderately experienced with kegels and looking to level up, or if you know you can handle carrying a weighted dildo in your vagina but find it inconvenient. They will also be too heavy for some people.

My one complaint is the big-ass metal tag attached at the end of the retrieval loop shuffling around in my panties, but because it’s removable, this becomes a non-factor. Otherwise, they’re perfect for what they are. They’re weighty enough to have momentum but, at 1.2″ diameter, they’re smaller than many other corded balls and are more challenging to hold in. Cleaning is a breeze because the cord’s “knots” are flush against the balls, and the steel and silicone can both be disinfected via bleach solution or boiling water. On top of the practical aspects, they’re also gorgeously chrome finished and come in a gift-ready box.

But they also remind me of my own sex toy niche: there are toys that other reviewers love and I don’t, just like there are toys I love that others either don’t like, or like for totally different reasons. And while I might not be the best reviewer for jiggle balls, there are surely sex blog readers looking for the same characteristics in toys as me. Maybe I have readers who want opinions on retrievable steel balls and steel plugs used as pelvic floor weights, or ways to further advance one’s PC exercise routine beyond simple squeezing. It’s because my tastes don’t always coincide with the majority that my input has its place.

You can get the FSoG Inner Goddess Balls at Even if you think you might like the toy but you’re not totally sure, keep in mind that LoveHoney has a fantastic 1 year, no questions asked, return policy. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the size, shape or color of your new toy or lingerie when it arrives, or whether you just didn’t enjoy the product like you thought you would.”

I bought the Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Balls because I (rightfully) thought they would add something to my collection. My toy box is ever-expanding as I buy more toys and start receiving toys to review. If you like my reviews and want to see more, please consider clearing your cookies and buying from my affiliate links (any toy store or product link on my blog) each next time you buy sex toys. It brings me commission at no extra cost to you.


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